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I like dipping eggs, toast, sausage, and hashbrowns. French toast is good. I'm not too crazy about pancakes though. Sometimes I like to make a breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, and maybe some sausage or bacon, and some red hot sauce. . Oatmeal is also good...if I do eat cereal I am picky about what kind it is. Life cereal is one of my favorites.
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I am a homemade waffle fan myself, when I was little my grandmother lived with us for several years. Every Sunday morning she would make Homemade Waffles and serve them with sliced berries, peaches or my personal favorite blackberry preserves...
It was her way of getting us all out of bed so we would go to church with her.
My waffles are no where near as good as hers, but I do make them for a treat every once in awhile..
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I really like eggs in the morning!
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I forgot sausage gravy and bisquits. Mmmmm
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In the cafeteria at the hospital where I work, they serve Breakfast Pizza on Mondays. Yummmm....a nice crispy pizza crust, topped with scrambled eggs, cheeses, and crumbled bacon or sausage pieces. That's definitely my favorite breakfast. Every other day of the week it's yogurt and a granola bar for breakfast!

I've got a great recipe for a breakfast casserole...eggs, O'brien potatoes, cheese and sausage, all cooked in a big casserole dish. It's my favorite dish to make for breakfast when I have company. So easy to toss all the ingredients together the night before and just throw in the oven when you get up! It tastes great warmed up in the microwave later, too!
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I normally don't eat a big breakfast during the week, maybe a bowl of oatmeal if I'm hungry when I get up. But I LOVE scrambled eggs and bacon and toast. I'm very picky on my scrambled eggs; they have to be light and fluffy, with no brown spots on them from overcooking. Mmmmmmmm.

I think I know what I'm having for dinner tonight
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Somehow, I don't manage to eat breakfast most mornings (when you're up and start cooking lunch @4 am, you don't want to see breakfast, lol!!) When I do eat, is usually cold cereal or hot steel cut oats.....muchly prefer waffles with bacon and scrambled eggs.....hmmmm now am hungry!
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Omelets are zeee best! Otherwise I can't eat eggs...they won't sit well in my stomach.

Pancakes, French Toast...OMG I can't decide!
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Stuffed french toast.
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I like to have a bowl of cinnamon oatmeal, toast and jam, eggs, and a couple slices of banana.

What I would *really* love to do is sit down and have a giant plate of maple smoked bacon. But I'd gain 5lbs if I even looked in the general direction of bacon
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I almost never eat breakfast...but when I do i love oatmeal (maple and brown sugar my fav) I also like eggs.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Omelets are zeee best! Otherwise I can't eat eggs...they won't sit well in my stomach.

Pancakes, French Toast...OMG I can't decide!
i love omelette's, especially with corned beef in them! what's weird is, i've eaten egg all my life! & suddenly everytime i ate it, i was really sick! it's like i'd become allergic to it. sooo weird, because i left it week's before i had it again, then the same thing happened. not so long ago, i had a cooked breakfast, & decided to eat one of the egg's & i was fine!
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I love to eat breakfast. Mostly during the week I eat cereal and fruit or a poached egg and toast. On the weekends, it is bagel time.
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My normal morning breakfast usually consists of a granola bar with a vitamin water as i'm running out the door to work

My absolute favorite breakfast though is French Toast (with powdered sugar and maple syrup), fried egg whites, and turkey bacon with low acid orange juice and fruit!!! That never happens though

A few times a year though i really get in the mood for homemade beignets, so i will make a batch from scratch, let it rise overnight, and then fry um up and serve them with cafe du monde coffee and powdered sugar Amazing!!! (Those of you who've ever been to Cafe du Monde in New Orleans know what i'm talking about!)
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