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Every day!!
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All the time. Sho looks a little uninterested/uncomfortable. Tomas loves it - he's a mamma's boy. I know he really thinks I'm grooming him and he loves to have his face groomed. He tries to get Sho to groom his face all the time and will gladly return the favor.

I just made kissy noises at him and said "come here" - he ran over, hopped in my lap and wanted kisses.
DH will kiss the kitties, too. Tomas doesn't like it as much when he does it though.

I have an extremely insecure semi feral boy outside who will occasionally give me head butts - I have to be careful with that as he may decide to claw me one day instead.
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on the nose daily. She is super affectionate and doesn't mind.
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Originally Posted by Crt View Post
Yes! Top of the head for me.
Top of the head for my girls too...

And yesterday morning, when Dusty knew I was awake, she came up and started licking/kissing me on my cheek!
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Yeah. I usually pick them up and squish 'em and give 'em a kiss :p
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only my boy kitty will let me kiss him

he is such a snuggle bug!
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Oh of course!!!! I kiss them all over all the time!! I cannot resist those cute faces!!!
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