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Just one for me. It has to be a good soft one though or else I can't sleep and get a headache.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I love pillows and love to sleep with it as cold as possible all snuggled into pillows. I sleep with 6-8 pillows.
Whew! I was beginning to think I was a freak! I have 6 pillows that I sleep with. Four memory foam pillows, one feather pillow and one latex foam pillow. I hate going anywhere overnight because it's a pain in the butt to haul all of my pillows with me!
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I sleep on two pillows when I'm at home, three when I'm at a hotel. Why? I have no idea!
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I sleep with 3-

Body pillow and 2 other pillows
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I sleep with two. But one is for me, and one's for Namine. She used to take up my whole pillow, and I'd wake up and have no room for my ahead. So I put another pillow on the bed for her, and that's what she sleeps on at night.
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I sleep with one for my head, and it has to be soft and darn near flat, and then one at my side for whichever of the babies decides they need to sleep next to me! (Normally Eek sleeps on the pillow)
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Two - depending on my back. And I need to replace mine, too. They are only 17 years old.
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One for me, one for Seb
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2 pillows... well 1 1/2 because I share one with Sundae...
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I sleep on one but have another behind it.
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2! Could use more though....
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One, but for the longest time I didn't use a pillow at all!!! Even now I barely sleep on my pillow, just the corner.
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DH and I each have 2 pillows
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I have 2 pillows, however I only use both if I'm sleeping on my sides. Usually if I'm sleeping on my back I'll use one or on my belly I'll put the pillows in a t shape and lay one under my chest and belly
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two - wait 3 with Tiger on my head. it would be 4 if Miagi would sleep on my head. now that would be one heavy pillow. Tiger doesn't weigh much but Miagi is like 13-15 lbs.
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I sleep with six pillows! I love pillows. I'd have more but then there wouldn't be room for my husband.
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I sleep with one pillow- but i also sleep with a stuffed giraffe and i kind of prop him under my head at night to get really comfortable I don't really sleep on my pillow though- i sleep right under it and put my stuffed giraffe under my head I'm weird
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just one for me. it's a memory foam one, so very comfy! i don't like having lot's of pillow's, as i like to sleep quite flat
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One.... or two... it depends on how many it takes for me to make a "nest" When I sleep, all you can see is the top of my head. I roll myself up in the duvet like a caterpillar gone mad, tuck the end under my feet and screw myself up in a ball so that pretty much only my nose sticks out so that I can breathe. I can't sleep unless I*m warm and somewhere soft. I'm a cat at heart.
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