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It's been two hours since DillPickles last posted. What's going on? I'm going nuts over here!
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I KNOW!!!! I hope I won the bet and thats why she's not here giving us updates!

But I'm sure thats not it
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Sorry guys I was doing my homework.......Didnt mean to get you all excited....No kittens yet, not contractions either that I know of but the kittens feel like KNOTS in her belly....and there has been more phantom poo's
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maybe labour started but im not sure. its hard to tell whats going on if u cant see the cat for yourself.
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I hope this is the begining of her labor....Sophie is starting and everyone thought Sophie and Dill would deliver same day lets HOPE they were right........
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I bet Dill thinks it is hilarious how many meowmys she has in a tizzy! Quit teasing, Dill! I am going to bed, so here are some labor vibes....I expect kittens in the morning!

You can do it, Dill!
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Come on Dill, let's see those babies!
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Come on Dill! Now you have me waiting. LoL
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How's she doing now? Any more signs?
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Hey maybe Dill can get in the Guiness Book for carrying kittens the longest.
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STILL no babbies Dill? I think you just like driving people all over the world crazy

Dillpickles... what you going to do with her?

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She started a new might be time!!!
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Thanks for letting all us instant subscribers know!!!!!
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