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Archie has been home now since last Thursday and is doing well. He still has a slight temperature so is on antibiotics. He has a vet appointment on Friday, I have to take a urine sample with me, hopefully all will be fine. He is on Royal canin s/o but he's not eating the wet stuff much, I think he's bored with it already which is abit of a nuisance, he loves the dry food though. I used to feed him fresh chicken as a treat and was wondering if it would be ok to give him alittle (or should I ask my vet first), as he is desperate to eat something else,he has even tried to steal off my plate.
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I think fresh chicken would be fine as a supplement, it is very important for cats to eat adequately. They don't do well without a day or two of food. It affects their liver and could cause irreparable damage. Meat is good for them.
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]My vet phoned this morning and said that now that the crystals have cleared the problem is probably pyscological. Does anyone have any tips on how to help my cat overcome this. He is quite a nervous cat and often sits and stares at the catflap cause sometimes we get unwelcome visitors who come in to eat all my cats food. I think this might be contributing to his stress and was wondering if it would be a good idea to block the flap off completely. Also, does anyone know of any natural remedies to relieve stress in cats?[/i]
My cat Bailey has had similar problems as your cat. He also is a nervous cat. He had bladder stones at 1 yr, prescription food did not decrease his crystals. He is now 3 and had his penis removed in November because the crystals scarred his urethra so badly, he could no longer urinate. After a recent bout of cystitis, my vet put him on Amitriptyline, because she thinks his bladder woes are caused by allergies and not bacteria. He does not show any other signs of allergies. His fur is great and his eyes are clear. I recommend that you check out onlynaturalpet.com for some natural remedies for his nerves. I have found several supplements there and they aren't too expensive. Also, Feliway Comfort zone plug-ins are supposed to be a great stess reliever.
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Chicken will be fine, it is fish that needs to be avoided in cats with urinary issues, and a diet of mainly wet food will help more than dry. Good luck for the vet visit
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Thankyou. I'm so glad it's ok to give him chicken, he will be really pleased to have something different to eat.
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