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have there been alien abductions going on at TCS? - Page 2

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Thats WHY!!!!!!

no i shall never trust peedoodle or kahu ever again!
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Did you see that picture of Nakita???? Cats from earth DON'T dress up like doctors!!!!!!
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youre scaring me now! kahu was more friendly and loving than usual this morning. i think hes got a plan!!!!
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Could this new feral I took in be more than just a pregnant feral mom? Why is her belly moving like that????????? Look at the litter pan action this morning!

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That feral mother is going to have a litter of cute kittens just so you'll be distracted. Get out of there NOW!!!!!!
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Milk cartons? Missing people? Litter pan action? Oh my....I have definately been missing alot of action here!!!!

*breathing a sigh of relief that 2 have been located though!*

Ahem....if you guys need my help, just holler! (ok....so I may be a little late but I'm still willing to help!)

How's the search party going for Shell????

Very impressive Milk cartons........
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thanks for the intel. i will be watching my cats' litterboxes more closely.

i am constantly reminded that coco acts suspiciously. her intense stares at us in the middle of the night and while she is giving us our tummy massages indicate she is reading our minds. i will have to wear my foil hat more often.

and as for her love of sitting near the heat vents, i believe she has created an underground world and is guarding the entrances.

you guys should really join the cia internet forces. all you have to do is go to the ALIAS website at abc.com and there is a series of questions the handler will put you through before sending you out on missions. however, ther has not been a new mission for over 2 months. i believe the aliens have weiss.
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Snowball spends a lot of time sitting in front of a heat vent too. There must be another entrance at my house and he's guarding it very carefully.
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Now I'm getting really worried about Shell. She's still missing!!! Do you think our cats are cooperating with other aliens????????
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Well, my supervisor said this week he is from outer space (and the sad thing is I think he believes it). Trust me - if he is what is in outer space I am very happy here on earth!
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OMG!!! I thought Lazlo was crying to be let into the cabinets in the bathroom - he's probably communicating with the Aliens!!! AND there's a heat vent in the bathroom too. AAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

And yes, Shell is still missing. I sent her a PM AND an e-mail. I checked the message tracking and she hasn't been on-line since the 23rd!

....I wonder.... if she's trapped in the underground world, maybe it's harder to get back up top here....

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Maybe, she's buried in a litterbox, somewhere.
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Actually, I remember Shell mentioning awhile ago that she was taking holidays at the end of February.

I could be mistaken though, those aliens can be pretty tricky and they could have made her say that to cover their plans!

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very true, kass. if shell has not been wearing her foil helmet, the aliens could easily retrieve her passwords from her brain and log in and write things to cover their actions.

waaaaaaaaaaaait a minute. how do i know any of you are really who you say you are? THAT would explain kass' third nostril!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! run! run for your very lives!
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Originally posted by Anne in the Sunday DT
My internet connection is giving me some trouble so I'm mainly working on the course... No rest for the wicked, internet connection or none
Oh no!!! Now the aliens are in Israel too!!!!!

At least I think it was Anne who typed that message. Maybe it wasn't, maybe an alien typed it. HELP!!!!!!
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As you can see....I'M BACK!!!I'm really sorry for worrying everyone so much!

As for the Aliens...they didn't bother me any...they crashed my computer!! LOL!
Jan..I love the milk carton! That was so hilarious!! I'm definitely saving that pic!!
Thank you all for cracking me up so much today!!!
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