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How many earring holes do you have?

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Thought this could be an interesting thread. How many earring holes do youhave in your ears?

I have 6 on my right side and I plan to get another one on that side, a tragus. And I have 4 on the left side. Here is a tragus piercing for those unfamiliar with it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tragus_piercing

For a long time I stopped wearing earring except in my cartilage (I think the tech. name is helix) because almost all jewelry caused a reaction except there. But last night I bought some small studs and so far no reactions. If I continue to have no reaction for the next few weeks then I will go get the tragus.
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5 on each ear.
I wear tiny silver rings in the cartilage holes, and weave threader earrings through the other 4.
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3. but i think all the holes are closed now.
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I would like to have more in my left ear but about 1/2 up I have a large section of cartilage missing out of that ear. Some kind of genetic thing. Thats why most of my holes are in my right ear.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
3. but i think all the holes are closed now.
Maybe maybe not. I have not wore rings in my bottom holes in oh 8 years but they were still there when I went to put the rings in.
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I have 4 in the left and 1 in the right

I only wear the first peircings though
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2 in each ear. I rarely, like probably once or twice a year, wear earrings anymore, but my holes never have closed up.
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3 in each ear.
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Two in the left, three in the right. I rarely put earrings in the extra holes, but always wear a pair in the 'normal' holes. When I'm feeling dressy, I'll put diamond studs in the extra holes.
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one in each ear, and that's enough for me.
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I have two pierced holes in each ear, but the upper pair is beginning to close up.
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I am conventional and have just one in each ear. Never wanted to pierce my ears. My first bday after DH and I were married, he gave me pierced earrings. I said that my ears weren't pierced. I wore the non-pierced kind. Told him I would only get my ears pierced if he bought me diamond earrings. Well, he inherited 4 lovely diamonds. Got pierced.
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I only have one in each ear. had on in my upper helix but that's gone now. Maybe some other time I'll get some more.
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I have at least 7 or 8 but I don't really ever wear earrings. About 2 weeks ago, my boyfriend noticed all the holes. I have had them pierced a lot of times in my life. If I wanted to wear earrings, I know one hole is still open but I think the others have closed.
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4 in my right, including my cartlidge & 3 in my right.
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Sorry I don't have pierced ears. The very rare times I would wear earrings they are clip ons!!
Guess I never got into earrings even though there are some nice ones available.
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I have both my ears done 3 times. I also have a stud in my nose. But would love to have my tongue pierced
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I have 8 on one ear and 9 on the other.
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I have 3 in my right ear, and 2 in the left. I had the one in my top right taken out after a few days as it got a bit painful! But I still have my four other holes for studs/hoops.
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Just one in each ear!
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Just one in each ear here. I want another hole in each ear because I have some nice stud earrings I never wear, but I'm rather chicken!
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One time in each ear. I am sure they are closed now.
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I only have one in each ear
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I only have one hole in each ear. I'd love to have more, but I'm allergic to the metal in most earrings, if not all. What's the point if they're only going to itch and bleed?

If I need or want to look nice, I will wear earrings, but I can only wear them for a few hours before they start bothering me. I love earrings; I wish I could wear them more often.

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I have 8 in my right ear (bar at the top through two holes.

And I have 4 in my left ear. I'll be getting my tragus done soon in that ear.
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I have had my ears pierced since I was 7 but I have them gauged at 0. I also have two more piercings in my left ear that I did myself. I took the earrings back out right away but they have never closed completely. I used to have my tragus pierced too but I took it out for some stupid reason. I loved it though, it looks cool. I have two cuffs on each ear too but they are fake of course.
For non ear piercings I have my septum pierced too and I used to have my nipples pierced too which I am going to do again soon!
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I had 2 in each ear lobe. However I haven't worn earrings for about 4 years, so they're probably grown over by now. It doesn't take long for that to happen with me.
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Only one in each but I rarely wear earrings or any jewelery at all. I get rashes from most types of metals include gold and silver. The only thing that I can wear is platinum.
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One in each ear
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Its interesting to read all the responses here. My first lobe piercing was done when I was young. I don't really remember the age. All others I got between age 11 and 14. Most done myself minus the cartilage. Mine look like a J formation in both ears. I don't know if I could even find a picture but I could describe it. Like you have the bottom hole that most people have then right above it close to the jaw bone/ ear opening is another hole. the rest go up the outer edge on my ears.
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