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If looked at pure breed rescue centers. Sadly the only one with a Burmese was four states away. And I just want a little companion and you don't need a purebred for that .
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That is so true. They all bring their love in their own way. Good luck tomorrow.
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Well we havent gone yet but they sent us the profiles of all the cats this is the one we are seriusly considering
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Sounds like a velcro kitty

Just remember that they are not necessarily themselves in a shelter. If they are caged they are usually so happy to get out that they don't want to be held for a few minutes and just want to run around. Ask if you can sit with the ones you like for a few minutes to see what they are really like!
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I knowBut I dont wanna sound mean I really need a velcro kitty im alone all day and i need a snugle buddy.
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I am sure the shelter has plenty

I always fall in love with the ones with problems and turn them into velcro kitties

You could also ask if they need any help, I know when I started working at our humane society they really needed someone to come in and take photos and just sit with the cats so they had human company.
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Hmmmm I'm not even to leave my neighborhood half the time..... But I wish I could do that.
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Aw, a shoulder rider! That means he likes to be high up... but also very close to humans. We've had that kind of cat come into the shelter. Just be aware that as they grow up, they dont give it up and they can get heavy!!

I am sure that whichever cat you pick, he/she will be one lucky feline!

Good luck!
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I'm so hoping you find just the right friend for you. It's true the kitties are often a bit different in the shelter than they are at home, so just be patient. But, I've noticed my male is much more a snuggle buddy than my female. I love them both, but he's my lap cat, and the one who will snuggle up to me, especially when it's nippy outside.

And bless you for finding a home for the puppy - your family seems to have such warm hearts, I'm sure the right kitty will adopt you!
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awww he is so pretty! My neice, who is 13, volunteers as part of her schooling with the local humane society. She goes once a week. The HS has the young people work with the older animals who don't get as much attention as the babies. Its good for the people and the cats and dogs just love it

Do you have a camera? I have found I love taking pictures of my kits Sending lots of happy adoption vibes!
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Now that i think of it............................. I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS

how much alone time should he get(hopefully none)
Are there ways to make him more dependent on humans
are there ways to make him want to sleep with you
what are tricks to make him like a scratching post
if he sleeps with you how far away should the litter box be
i thought it would be smart to ask these before i have him hopin around the house
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some one please respond
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I've always had good luck with them wanting to be around me because I always pick mine up and hold them a LOT. I guess they just get used to being around me and so when they're older they do it on their own. I get Pepper to sleep with me by putting her on the pillow next to me at bed time. She watches me read, then when I turn out the light I pet her real softly as I go to sleep. As far as the litterbox, mine is in the bathroom. When we first got her I just showed her where it was and she started using it immediately.

Good luck!! Keep us posted!
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I have 2 cats (both from the humane society)..one sleeps with me and one doesn't. I guess it just depends on what they did before they went to the shelter.
I'm sure once your pet gets used to you he/she will climb into bed with you.. just watch you don't roll over on them. My boyfriend rolled over on my little girl a couple times and she bites him. I find it funny...
I keep the litterbox in the basement and they are trained pretty good. Haven't had one accident yet and I have a 2 storey house. The bedroom is on the 2nd floor.

as for scratching posts? try rubbing some catnip on it. thats what I did..worked for the little boy. my little girl likes a cardboard box...
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THX for the tipsand i guess there is no better motivation than catnipim gonna have to buy alot of catnip huhplus ill make sure not to roll over on the little guy
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you might just feel some teeth..if you roll over on him.
luckily I haven't rolled over on her yet.
My little boy did stay on the bed for one night..but I think my little girl is the boss though...lol because he hasn't been on the bed since that one night..other then to jump up and meow at me occasionally
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Now im nervous about this.............
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re: catnip. Be aware that kittens, if they are sensitive to nip, don't form that sensitivity until they are at least six months old. Some cats don't have the gene to react to nip.

So maybe someone has other suggestions on cat attractant -- praise and positive reinforcement works well, too. But that means you have to be around. Try a mix of corrugated cardboard scratchers and sisal wrapped posts = either rope or fabric. See what you kitty or kitties seem to like and encourage it.
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http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/...?petid=6917634 he is like two years old is that still a kitten?
edit-here is good link http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/...?petid=6917634
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nah no need to be nervous. although sometimes my little girl tends to sleep ON me...
rather then beside me...
I let her lie on my for a little while but then its not so comfy for me..
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As long as he is comfy and i am warm i dont care
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Then you should be fine :-)
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I used to have a cat that looked JUST like that one, except where the black is, he was grey. His name was Jake and I miss him dearly... I think you've picked a good cat
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I bought Cats for Dummies the week before I brought my kitty home, I was so scared - and I was 52 years old! And, you're nervous because you're going to be a great kitty parent! There are a lot of books you can get or borrow from the library that will help you learn about cat behavior, this site has a lot of articles, and people will help you with your questions. And, I bet the shelter people will help you out as well.

A two year old is a young cat, not a kitten any more - there can be a lot of advantages. You'll know what size he is, the coat length, and a bit more about his personality. And, so many people only want kittens, I think there's an extra special bit of good karma for those of us who take the little bit older kitties. Mine were 4 years old when I got them (picked up as strays by Animal Control). They're both so loving in their own ways, it's hard to believe I didn't have them all their lives.

Just let him come to you in his own time. Sometimes they're a little afraid in a new home, and they don't know it's going to be their forever home. They just know they're in a new, strange place. With my boy, he hid a little bit, and I just sat in the same room and read Harry Potter out loud. Dante came out, inch by inch and checked me over, and then every day we got more and more used to each other.

You can't make a cat do anything, but they will pick up quickly that you love them, and they'll come round, especially one like this boy, who sounds like a lap kitty already. Especially if he knows you're the one who feeds him, you're the one who will play with him, and if you take really good care of his litter box so everything is nice and clean for him.

I was just thinking...and I bet you already have done this...but your mom sounds like a great person to take on a new member of your family. Maybe let her know how much you appreciate her for being willing to open your home to the new kitty (especially with Valentine's Day around the corner). Can't hurt - especially when you hit the pet store for some toys and all sorts of cat things.

Oh, check with your vet if they have a 'new kitty' check-up policy. Mine did - you could bring your kitty (or dog) in right from the shelter if you wanted, and they did a check-up, etc. The exam was free, and you only paid for any shots that were needed. I liked it as a base line to know how my kitty was when I brought her home, and also to establish a relationship with the vet. Keep all the papers the shelter will give you in a little file for your kitty, and all the papers from every check up down the road.

I really wish you the best of luck - I know you're going to be giving a lucky kitty a great home!
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Thank you all so much for the info and support.
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I think around 2 years is a great age to adopt a cat! Loki was 2 and Possum was 1 1/2 when I adopted them. They both like to play and wrestle with each other, and both are very affectionate, but in different ways. I think it's better adopting them older than as kittens.

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All right my mom has officially decided we are getting from a Burmese breeder. There is no more persuading her. She is at the end of her rope, I mention the shelter one more time and no kitty.
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Does anyone have any idea of a way to convince her? I really want to rescue a kitty
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Aside from cost and the research necessary to find a reputable breeder? If she doesn't find a good qualified breeder she'll basically be paying hundreds of dollars for a cat that is from a BYB and possibly inbreed and most likely not really papered.

Do you have any idea why she's so set on a purebreed?
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She thinks shelter animals do not like there owners.
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