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My Cat is Missing

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I am posting this because I need all of you to pray for the safe return of my cat Andy. He has been missing since Monday morning. I live on a four acre back lot and I feel pretty certain he did not go in the road. He is only a year and a half and is a very friendly cat. I am asking for all of your prayers because I know how much everyone on this site are very caring people. I have checked everywhere for him and I just don't know what to do besides pray for his safe return. It is killing me. I can not stop crying because I am so afraid something has happened. This is Andy's first spring outside. I did not want to let him be an indoor/outdoor kitty but he wanted to go outside so bad and I thought he would be safe. I know feel so guilty for letting him out. Please Andy find your way home to me.
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I am so sorry to hear about your baby! Our Mishu got outside on Sunday afternoon (Mother's Day) and we didn't find him until Tuesday morning! I was terrified something had happened to him because he always came home by late afternoon when he got out of the house, but I got a lot of really good advice from the members of this forum! I will have your Andy in my thoughts until he comes home! If you read some of the posts I got when our cat was missing (Our Kitty Got Outside), you will find a lot of helpful advice. I am sure that the other members will pray for Andy as well! Please let us know when he comes home!
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It is Spring and the end of breeding season, if Andy is not neutered, he is more than likely in search of that scent he caught on the wind. I can repeat what I have found works with lost cats. I rescue them so I have a lot of them almost all the time.

Take an old sweatshirt or tee shirt you really don't care about to much. Throw it on and do a full workout in it, make it really sweaty with your scent almost dripping with it. Then put the shirt outside at the boundary of your property where he can scent it. In a protected area near the shirt, take a cardboard box, cut a hole in it big enough so he can get inside, invert it and weight it down so the wind won't knock it over. Put food and water nearby, add his favorite toys. Males are prone to wandering, and when he comes back he will hungry, thirsty and need protection.

My friends laugh at me, but I have a very loud kitty call to call my group in to eat. One time when Muse wandered away, I recorded my call on cassette and I put the tape recorder out and played the tape over and over. My neighbors wanted to shoot me, but Muse came home! LOL Also call every vet in your area, stop by and drop off a picture of Andy to them, same with the humane society and animal rescues leagues. You can make up flyers and go house to house letting people know if they see this cat that he is loved and wanted back.

Good luck, I am praying that the God who watches over all will lead him back to your door.
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Thanks for the advice. I will try anything I can to bring him home. He is neutered. I just hope he didn't go too far and can't find his way home. I will do all of the things you suggested. I have been calling his name day and night and I think my neighbors are sick of hearing me too! Thank you you for you thoughts!
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I will definitly be praying for Andys safe return! maybe he's just exploring his new environment. I'm sure he's going to be back very soon.
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I hope that he is safe and just doing what boys do: Play and explore. Hopefully he will come home soon. Have you attempted a search party to go into the woods around your home or (heaven forbid) walked along both sides of the roadway?

My prayers are that you will find him safe and sound soon!
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I have checked the road and myself and my husband have both checked the woods. I have also checked up trees thinking maybe he got spooked climbed a tree and could not get down. This actually happened to one of my other cats. I have not found any sign of him. It is so hard just not knowing what happened. I just want so much to go home and find him waiting on my fronts steps.
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I know how you feel, hopefully your little boy didn't go far. Keep us posted. I have a cat, Twitch, who up until recently was a stray. She will sit by the door, wait until someone opens it, and dart out, often headbutting us. When she does get out her favorite thing to do is climb up a tree. (although the recent claw clipping has made it a bit more difficult.) Then she waits to watch me try to get her when she is just out of my reach, then I turn around and she starts to climb down. When I try to grab her, she darts up the tree again. I will sit under that tree for hours, and then she nonchalantly walks down the tree, onto my lap, and gives me a "mommy, I'm ready to go inside now" meow.
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I will be thinking about you and your baby and praying for his return. Our Mishmish often goes away for a couple of days (we also live away from any road) and then returns and meows real hard for hugs and attention. I will be waiting for your update post!
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It sounds like your baby got spring fever. You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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I hope and pray that you guys are right and it is only "Spring Fever" nothing will make me happier than to think he is just enjoying himself somewhere exploring. I just wish he knew what I was going through and just show me that he is okay and then he can go off and finish exploring. I just need to know he is okay. My cats are my babies and they mean more to me than words could ever say.
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WHAT!! Michele....why didnt you tell me?? I am sure he is fine. He is probably just exploring and seeing what's out there. Andy will come home, I just know it.
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I didn't mention anything when I talked to you because he really was only gone that day and I was sure he was going to come home. I made 100 fliers and Jerry and I are going to put them in everyone's mailboxes tonight after the party.
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I too will pray for little Andy to come home safely. Have you asked a few closest neighbors if maybe he's goten locked into one of their sheds?
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Oh Sweetie,

I only know too well that hallow feeling in my tummy! Please know that we are here for you in prayer that Andy returns safely. I'm sure he's investigating. Be patient and put your trust in the Lord.

Love &
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Oh Michele,

I'm so sorry! When I first read your post I didn't realize it was you!!! I wish there was something I could do. Do you want me to come over tomorrow night after work (Friday, I'm working days) and help you spread flyers and look for him? I'll stay at your house just in case he comes home if you're still going to NJ. If there is anything and I do mean ANYTHING please call me at work 1-800-524-4242 ext 6748 or at home. I really mean that. I don't know what I'd do if any one of my cats got out.
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I know how you feel. Our oldest cat got out last year & I was worried sick. I walked the allie, peoples yard calling & calling. Thank God he came home safe (when He felt like it), but ever since he has given us no peace trying to get back out & it's been almost a year! I will keep you in my prayers. Loosing your kitty is like loosing a member of the family.
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i'm sorry to hear about this. i know what it's like to not know whether
or not to let your cats outside, it's a hard decision in my opinion.

i'll pray that your cat finds his way back to you, or that you find him.

my thoughts are with you.
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I am praying too!!! I hope you find Andy real soon, because it feels so crappy when he's lost.
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I just wanted to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my Andy. Your kind words mean so much to me. They have given me hope that Andy will return. I have not given up and I am still praying he will come back to me.

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Question - do you know all of your neighbors? I only ask because earlier this week when OUR cat was missing and we finally heard him outside, when we called to him, he came running to us from a neighbor's patio. We are fairly certain that he was coerced inside their apartment by food. Those neighbors had been eyeing our Mishu ever since he was in the neighborhood and that was partly why I was keeping him indoors. He is a beautiful, long, lean regal-looking all black cat (he's got a bit of siamese in him, so you can imagine what a pretty-boy he is) and he's EXTREMELY sociable with humans. He knows (and responds to) his name and as I'm certain our neighbors have heard us call out to him before we decided to make him indoors only, they too know his name. I'm not saying that they did so with malice, but he is a hard cat to resist. I would most definitely go to all of your neighbors and stress that he is not only very loved, but very missed by his mommy and daddy.

I was frantic when we couldn't find Mishu and only too relieved when we got him back. Such terrible thoughts ran through my head and hubby tried in vain to reassure me. Stay positive. Cats have great survival instincts. But I wouldn't rule out neighbors. Sometimes someone else's cat is so sweet and adorable that others can't help but want to take them in. But in most cases if they see that you are so distraught, it may make them realize that they already have a loving home and even though they may not personally hand him over, he may suddenly and mysteriously "reappear" at home soon after!

Still praying for your little guy and I'm sure he will return home soon - boys are notorious for galavanting this time of year and stressing out their mommies! Naughty things!

Remember to keep food and water out there for him and something with your scent all over it!
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Hang in there Michele. You know I'm here for you.

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Dearest Michele,

Opie was gone for 3 days once and I lost my mind...I know how it feels...please hang in there...we're all praying for you. :angel2:
Love &
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I actually thought that. Andy is beautiful. He is white with blue eyes and extremely friendly. I know if he showed up on my door step I would feed him and want to take care of him. I am hoping that is what happend. I don't know all of my neighbors but I hope with the flyers that someone will realized that he is loved and missed and will call me.

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Well your Andy sounds like a cutie-pie! I'll wager that he'll reappear soon after your fliers are noticed!

Keep the faith! We're all with you in spirit and Andy's in our prayers!
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Michele; I am praying that the news of Andy is Good News today. Like the others, I have had neighbors, from time to time who have coveted a particular cat of mine. Do you live in the city or rural surroundings? I ask this because you need to be very thorough and go up to garages or sheds and call out to Andy and then listen very carefully for the faintest of replies. My calico, Quilt, once got trapped in a locked shed,(she had run in when it was opened and then the owners locked it again),I could barely hear her cries, but I KNEW it was her! It took several hours to locate the owner to come unlock the shed, but I did find him and got my girl back! I had been searching for 4 days. She was hungry and thirsty but happy to see me!!!!
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I live in a very rural area. It is very wooded and not too many houses on my street. Everyone here is just giving me so much hope that I will get Andy back. To hear everyone's own stories makes me believe that he is safe somewhere. I just hope everyone knows how much I appreciate the support. It is a very hard time for me.
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that's because we all know how you feel! many of us at one time or another have been in your situation! try not to worry - just keep hoping, searching and sending good thoughts to Andy. i know that cats are very intuitive and connected to their human parents. he will find his way home!


Those are cyber-hugs for you both! Hang in there! we you!
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You guys are making me cry. You don't even know me and you all are showing so much caring and compassion for me and Andy. I have never been at a site with so many caring people. Again Thanks to all of you for your thoughts, suggestions and prayers. I know I keep thanking everyone but it just means so much to me. I just can't express it.

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The big Mommy cat is us and this is you
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