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Who has a quiet cat?

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I'm starting to think I have the quietest cat! A week or two can go by before I hear anything out of Lexi. The only time she EVER talks is when she wants food and it is loud. Anyone else have a quiet cat?
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I have a quiet cat during the day in the morning when she wants me out of bed -- not so quiet
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Woodward is a VERY quiet cat. He's almost 8 months old and last week was the first time I heard him make a sound and even then it was a tiny little "meep". A few of the others aren't very vocal but still make themselves known on occasion!
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Nope. Rosie can talk for all of us, Jack squeels when he wants loved, and Sophie cries out to be in the conservatory on a daily basis
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Spaz is a very quiet girl.
She's like Silent Bob, she only talks if it's important and she can't get the point across any other way.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
She's like Silent Bob, she only talks if it's important and she can't get the point across any other way.
Reminds me of Arwen Her mews can sound like rushes of air!
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No, when Spaz talks she has a very lady like, but loud meow.
She just doesn't talk much.
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Artemis makes the most plaintive sound I've ever heard when she wants to be pet and I'm not in the same room as her. Both Artemis and Athena purr fairly loudly, and if Artemis doesn't like the play fighting Athena wants to do with her, there will be growling and hissing.

But the meows on the answering machine left by my spouse are really the only meows I hear on a day to day basis. Some cats just don't say much.
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Who has a quiet cat?

Not. Me.
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Swanie is pretty quiet. when he does talk, he has kind of a low, deep mrow.
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Heheh, my Shellbie is the quietest little thing! I don't think I have ever heard her actually meow, but she will let out the tiniest little squeak if you pick her up (she doesn't like being picked up).

Now, Penny, my foster is absolutely unreal.... she talks from morning to night, you can carry on a conversation with her for an hour! She yells at you if you close a door, she doesn't like it if you are in the shower too long, and lets you know it's time to get out.
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Bentley is my only quiet kitty. He commonly does the silent meow thing when he is looking at me. Pretty much the only time I hear him make actual noise is when I am petting him and he is beyond happy to be getting attention from his mama (then he makes little chirping sounds) or when he is purring.
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Gus my feral boy, rarely talks when he does he has the softest mew.you can barely hear him, it balance out with Lucky is always talking and you can hear her even if she's down stairs
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Our kitties were ALL quiet (all feral rescues - their moms teach them not to talk) until Flowerbelle came into the house. We liked it quiet. She of course, can't hear herself meow and so doesn't mind talking a LOT. She usually has the cutest chirps and trills - but she can really belt it out.

Of course now EVERYONE talks - but all in these really spazzy sounding meows - and Tuxedo, our tough alpha boy - has the teeniest girliest meow. "Pet me, brush me, I want treats, I don't know what I want, but I want attention....."

And Ming Loy treats talking like radar. She'll just sit wherever she is and belt out a big MEOW...... now we know we don't need to go rushing to see what the matter is. But it worked pretty well for her at first!

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When it was just Petunia and me, she rarely talked. Before my husband and I got together, he said the same thing about Much. But when we moved in together, some how they found their voices and let us know a lot that they were not pleased with the situation.

Now we have three talkers. Carly is the loudest on average but Lucy can let out this loud merrow that we swear you can hear for miles. Much lets us know when she is displeased.
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Raven is a pretty quiet cat. She meows if I "meow" at her, or when she is coming to me. Other than that hardly a sound.
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me! Java is extremely quiet.. i rarely hear her purr or 'mew' [she doesn't meow, she mews, like a baby kitten ] or hiss.
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I have a couple! I've had Nemesis a year now and I don't think I have EVER heard her meow, not one single time. Electra is like Kelicats' Shellbie, she only squeaks when I pick her up (also in protest ) but I can here her purr across the room

others, like Circe, Pandora and Demeter are the opposite end of the spectrum
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Skyler is a quiet little guy-he only meows when I first start to pet him. He lets out a creaky meow or two, but is usually quiet any other time. My other two are alot more vocal, depending on the situation.
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Both of mine are quiet. Monica meows for treats & toys.
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Originally Posted by Duchess15 View Post
I'm starting to think I have the quietest cat! A week or two can go by before I hear anything out of Lexi. The only time she EVER talks is when she wants food and it is loud. Anyone else have a quiet cat?
The only time I ever hear anything out of any of mine is if they are really frustrated (like, bath time for Martha Mae...she's the loudest, Or when Brazil can't catch our interactive toys...it's barely a meow...more like a little 'uuuhh! i can't get it!', or when Faith is hungry...hers is merely a 'squeak'!!! I call her 'squeaker' because of it....you can barely hear it too, unless you are really listening; and she only does it when I am in their 'food pantry'!Hahaha!)

In short...Mine are really quiet...They do go bump in the night though, so I know they are 'normal'!
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I had one quiet cat - my RB cat Sphinx. I have only heard him meow once in the two years I had him and the only other noise he made was the frustrated chatter at the birds outside the window. The current quietest one is our other boy Luvbug - he only meows going to the vet and wanting his food.
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Lena and Larry have not uttered a sound since I got them 4 weeks ago. I'm so curious what kinds of voices they have. But, they were street cats, so the thing Laurie mentioned about their mothers teaching them not to make a sound makes total sense.

I'm so used to cats being vocal. My first cat, Torfinn, was part Siamese, so he talked all the time - regular conversations. Little Gudrun had that sort of chirp/meow - very ladylike and shy.

I have a feeling Lena sounds like that. I'll have to wait and see.
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My mother's cat Coco has conversations with you. But Blossom, who I've had since 3 w/o was a loud purrer when she 1st came home. Now 1.5 y/o the only times I've heard her meow, is waiting to see the vet, a very soft double meow only. Recently she spent the night at the vet & the next day she meowed softly at the door to be let into the bathroom where her litter box is. Then yesterday she was at the back door & gave another very soft meow. Also, when she purrs you can only hear it when you put your ear to her chest.
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Elsa, a former feral, rarely meows, and when she does it's very soft. She also purrs at a volume that is undetectable to the human ear!

Smudge, typical of a Ragdoll, is very quiet as well. In two years I think he's meowed maybe 10 times.
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Quiet? No, mine are not quiet they are loud, very loud.
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Twitch....haven't hardly heard a peep outta her in her entire life. She's only purred once. She meows when drinking from the faucet & sometimes playing, but only once or twice. If one can't hear, how does one know if they are meowing?

Ophelia.....she has got a CROW to her! She's just screams, yodels, yells.....whatever you want to say. Screams bloody murder at the top of her lungs is a good comparison. I think if she yells loud enough she must be able to feel it, cuz she can't hear it?

Molly, Lily, both Bobs, Dorian, Punky, Cow, & Squishy all talk a lot. Can't hardly touch Goat-Head, Tabitha, or Slinky to even know if they meow. Fafeena's quiet, but when she does speak one must listen or she'll bite ya. PJ is pretty quiet, unless you've got food then he's annoying.

Did I miss anyone?
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Memphis used to be a quiet cat. When he wanted food or anything he'd let out a little squeak. When Tobi passed, (Tobi was very loud) it was almost like he wasn't there to do the talking anymore, so Memphis started talking all the time!
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Radar is a very quiet cat, vocally at least. He used to make more noise but got very sick last spring and had a very inflamed throat, we think it permanently damaged his larynx because he's barely made a sound since, when he tries it's like a broken squeak.

I wouldn't call him quiet though, although he hardly vocalises at all, we can always tell where he is by the sounds of destruction that follow in his wake
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nope, no quiet cats in my house either. milo is the king of the hmmmm? noise, shinobi has a sweet little chirrup and tabitha moans at the kittens frequently!
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