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Damita injured her paw!

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Damita's paw is bent at a nasty angle. She won't use it, obviously bites me if I try to touch it.

I was asleep until just now....she's got a vet appt for 2 hours.

With all this kitty has been through in her life.....this isn't fair!

I'm going to assume she got stepped on, she doesn't get out of the way since she can't exactly see you coming....it was probably one of the dogs. Either that....or she got her paw slammed in a door.

I touched her paw, it is bent funny & I can't get it to straighten out. I didn't try too hard, though....as it obviously hurts.

Can Damita get some ?
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Oh, no! Poor Damita! Sending you lots of good thoughts.
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Sending lots of vibes for Damita!
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Lots of for Damita...bless her heart!
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Oh no Nat!! Poor Damita!! Lots of vibes
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Oh that poor girl

Lots of for her. I hope the vet can give her something for the pain.
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aww poor sweetie. for Damita
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Sending lots of good vibes; I hope she will be O.K. soon!
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best wishes for a good vet visit and a speedy recovery - poor little girl!
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Oh no, poor little girl!!!

Many many for Damita and her poor little paw!!!!

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lots of vibes for Damita's little paw

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Aww I hope Damitas paw is going to feel better
Sending tons of For Damitas paw & for her to be okay...
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Poor Damita. Hope all goes well at the vet
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for Damita. Hope she gets better soon!
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Poor Miss Damita! Let's hope it's just a little sprain and a quick recovery.
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Aw, poor baby. I'll be waiting impatiently to hear some good news after the vet visit.
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poor Damita!! Heres lots of healing for her!!!
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Oh Natalie Im so sorry poor little girl .........sending mega vibes your way
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Oh, poor Damita!!
for a quick recovery!!
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We're about to leave for the vet. Wrangling her should be easy....since she can't hardly move. I'm extremely concerned about her doing further damage to the paw on the car ride.
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Gosh, that sounds painful

Hope she feels better soon and that it isn`t too difficult to treat.

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Awww, poor girl. Sending lots of vibes her way.
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Oh my! Sending many pain free vibes to her!
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Poor thing. I hope she feels better soon. Broken bones hurt so much.

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Awwww Nat....poor Damita Bless her heart Many vibes
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Oh, that poor little girl!! I hope everthing goes well at the vet!
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Poor baby! Hope she is feeling better soon!
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adding more vibes for little Damita
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Correction....no broken bones.

Rather, nerve damage. She has no feeling/control in her paw, further up on her leg she does.

She got stabbed in the bum with....oh I forgot. Hopefully she'll have function within 3 days. If not, back for x-rays & such. She may never have use of her paw/leg again.

She also bit the vet & vet tech, scratched the tar outta them...she now has a note in her file.

She peed on my coat & in her carrier.....so hopefully it's just nerve damage in her paw....and not everywhere. It's unusual for her to pee all over. Watching her to see if she has any issues with bladder/bowel control, will call the vet with an update tomorrow.

Hopefully, my lil girl is up & walking by tonight!
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