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Please Send Mega Vibes For My S/O - He's In the Hospital

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He woke up last night around 3 AM, throwing up blood. I called 911, and they took him to the hospital. They had to transfer him to another hospital with better equipment so they could take more tests. He's in ICU, but in stable condition. But they don't know what's wrong with him yet..

Please spare some extra vibes for him. peeps! I'm worried for him..


P.S. What works well to get blood out of carpeting??
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oh no Tiff!! Lots of vibes coming your way I hope it's nothing too serious
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Oh how scary for both of you Many vibes it's nothing serious
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to your SO!

Peroxide gets blood out of most things. Believe me, being a nurse, I know.
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Good Health vibes for S/O and a big for you
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Sending many vibes!!!
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Mega vibes and prayers for you and your husband.
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How scary! I'm sending many prayers to you both!
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*huggies for both of you*
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Im sending and good luck to you!! Hopfully its nothing too serious!! Have they gotten results of any of the test yet??
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Sending lots of vibes for you both!
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Your S/O is in my prayers!
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I'm keeping you both in my prayers!
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Major vibes for you both! I hope he gets better soon!
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Oh no! We hope your S.O. is going to be okay
We hope, pray, & wish that its not anything serious...
Heres unlimited For him to be all better!!!
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Sending you and your SO lots of vibes that the diagnosis is good.
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Many prayer and vibes for him and you!!
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Thanks. peeps, for all your concern & well wishes. It means a lot to me..

The hospital still hasn't called w/ any results: I suppose it will take some time. If I don't hear anything pretty soon, I'm gonna call myself...

I don't have any peroxide on hand to use to clean up the blood. I think I'll just have to use Pine Sol & bleach. I know the bleach will fade the carpeting, but I need to get the blood out, and bleach is a good germ killer. I'll worry about the carpeting later...

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Prayers for you and your SO.
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My prayers and vibes for you and your SO. Please keep us posted.
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OH goodness that sounds terrible - mega MEGA coming your way for both of you
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Oh my, how scary. I hope everthing will be ok. Lots of
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Many vibes heading that way!!!! (i second the peroxide - we use it at the shelter i work at post op on the animals to clean up around the incision site and we also use it on fresh blood stained towels before washing them -it gets blood out very well.)

Have you had a chance to see your SO yet? I hope he improves soon and that it is nothing too major!
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I just called the hospital, but they won't let me talk to him b/c he's in ICU and they don't allow phone calls to patients. I did speak w/ his nurse, however, and she told me he's in stable condition, and that they would be running the tests tomorrow. So I won't know anything till then.. But at least it sounds like it isn't anything critical: all I can do is pray & wait..

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Holy moly! Mega vibes for you and your SO! Hope by now you've heard something... Mega get well fast vibes for him!
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How scary!! Sending lots of get well vibes!
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Oh my goodness, how scary I am sending many vibes for him and calming vibes for you too

Please keep us updated on his condition
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How scary!!!! Sounds like a bad ulcer. My dad had two when I was growing up and threw up blood both times

for his safe and quick return.
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Oh no!! That sounds scary!!!

Many prayers and (((vibes))) to you and your s/o!!!
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I hope things calm down for you both soon, and that he is ok.
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