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Yeah, I figured he was just lovin me up a little! How I love it when they nurse on stuff though! Right now he's not doing any of that though, he has found a twist tie! LOL He's majorly whoopin up on it too! LOL
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I thought Id put a pic of him up here since he's getting big now

Aren't they beautiful!!
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o he is getting big...

precious sweetie
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so glad he is getting better. they look so beautiful!
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I know Saya! He is just getting huge! I think Im going to have a monster of a cat with him! Its so crazy too, at just a half pound when I got him, he has just gotten enormous! I like big kitties, and all mine seem to end up pretty big when they grow up so I think he's going to be a big Tom Cat! (without the bits n pieces, he loses them on the 31st! )

So my baby is growing up!! I guess growing up is better than the alternative, and just look how beautiful he is! He seems to get more handsome everyday!

Hey look! No more Katkwiz for me anymore! This is my 1200 post!!
Darnnit, they should have a Katkwiz for people over 1200 posts! (because after two hours the question is normally answered already!)
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Im gonna piggy back on my own thread here for a minute....

What organ can you feel right just below the ribs on the left side of a cat?? (if any)
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the colon and intestines are there but I don't know if you can feel them
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Eek looks great!!! Looks like he is quite happy and comfortable now...
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yeah, he's doing pretty well actually! He still gimps on it, but I dont think its too bad!! He actually fell down again today and my DH was kind of disapointed! I guess it happens though! he's very clumsy!!

I just got Saya's gift in the mail of a four leaf clover for Eek!! Its so cute!!!

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oh you're welcome!

I hope it's not too big for him...
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Im Gonna cut it down to size for him, But Im gonna make it so none of the clover gets cut off so it might be a little big for a little while but I have good faith that he will grow into it!! Its so cute too!! I have never seen a real four leaf clover!! Eek was excited to get mail too! It was really funny!
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haha, that's right! I almost forgot I addressed it to him and wrote him a little note
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Originally Posted by saya View Post
haha, that's right! I almost forgot I addressed it to him and wrote him a little note

The note was so sweet and so funny!! My DH laughed his butt off while I was reading it to Eek!! It was just the more thoughtfull thing anyone has ever done for me and my family!! We've had such a run of bad luck recently that we are excited to have the good luck charm!! Im going to turn it into a collar actually! Its going to take a little creativity, but thats my goal! Im going to cut it down to size, get one of the metal tags that you normally put on callars, and somehow get it to stay on there, I had found a collar that had a metal ring and clear insides so you could put a pic in it, but I would have to make sure that the good luck charm couldn't get out! So, Im going to have a little arts and crafts project and dont worry, Ill put pics up when Im done!! Im not going to cut any of the four leaf clover away though, I dont want to kill any of the good luck!
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glad I could brighten up your home a little
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You most certainly did that!! I tried to PM you back but your box is full!
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haha, just saw that.

all clean now.
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Saya your so sweet, Eek truly deserves a clover. Its even sweeter that you sent it in the mail to Eek that is cool! Glitch I cant wait to see the pics of Eek with the clover charm.... He will look adorable and maybe it will ease DH nerves a bit. I want to get squishy a real gold charm for her collar that has her birthstone in it. She wears a pink collar and the june birthstone is alexandrite and it is a color changing stone depending on the lighting... switches from red to green to even blue. I am a tattooist of 13 years and an artist of 30 years and color is very beautiful to me and so is squishy so i think it will fit her well....
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I think Squishy deserves a gold charm with her birthstone on it!! I bet it will be beautiful!!
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i will post a pic of her with it when i get it. I already told hammy i was gonna buy her one. he said ok so it is done! I just got to get my first full week paycheck next friday.
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hammy, squishy is just so freakin' adorable...

you need to set up a kitty page for squishy so Bea and her can be friends
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I know, Squishy is the cutest!! Just a doll! I can't wait to see her new tags when she gets them! I bet its going to be beautiful!
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i have a myspace page that has pics of all our pets including the fish. Hammy just recently found my picture cds they have more pics of squishy i just have to work on gettin them on the desktop computer i already had them on my laptop but my charger took a cr*p so i cant use it now! I will work on it this weekend.
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