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Eek hurt his leg

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Eek was trying to jump on the counter today, missed and fell and broke his elbow!! Argg!! If that wasn't bad enough he tore the ligaments, they had to put the elbow back into place or whatever (not surgically) and then they decided to splint rather than cast because the cast would be bigger than him! I was like yeah, that sounds good! Well then his paw swelled up huge like and I had to take the splint off and since I was already there twice today, (once for the fixing of the elbow, second time because he needed pain meds) they want to see him back tomarrow morning for the fix! They just want me to keep him calm! Which is easy, since he cant walk.

The poor little guy!!!
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I thought I would put up a pic of his paws.... Those are the front two! The one is at least double the size of the other, and I think thats after it came down a bit!!

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I just read all of the posts on lil Eek. Sending lots of love and hugs for him and you. You have been thru so much with him i feel so bad. He must love you soo much for having such a loving and caring meowmy!!!!!!!
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that little rascal EEK! he needs to live in a padded room for awhile so he can't hurt himself anymore...

poor thing. good thing he has you.
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Hehe I dont even think he needs a padded room right now! He can't seem to move! I even brought him his supper! Which he ate like he hadn't seen for in a week! Just the best little kitty, with the worst luck!!! When spring comes around Im going to go out and search the clover patches until I find a four leaf clover, then Im going to laminate it and put it on his colar! That way he has a good luck charm with him at all times!!

He must be a klutz though, because I just dont understand it!!
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Ouch! I hope he is feeling better this morning.
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Poor little guy! Sending lots of vibes his way!
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Awww Bless his little heart...I hope he's feeling better real soon...
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I hope he feels better.
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Awww poor Eek!! Hope he gets better soon!
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awww poor baby
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How is Eek feeling today Glitch? Hope he is a little better. Give him hugs from me and Squishy!
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Poor little guy. Maybe you'd find a several 4 leaf-clovers, one might not be enough! I hope he is feeling better.
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Just make sure that the vet does not give you oral meta-cam for pain. It is very hard on the kidneys and has been known to cause complete renal failure. I posted a link here the other day. Also the shot version should be given only once.
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The swelling in his paw came down quite a bit! We decided not to cast because he wouldn't be able to move with it on, and after the splint being too tight we thought we'd rather be safe than sorry!

I would think it would be his elbow bothering him but it seems as though its the paw itself. Maybe the splint was left on too long! They must have put it on way too tight though, because that paw was huge! It has come down to almost normal size, but you can still see the bruising even through his fur!

This morning when I woke up he was playing with Hobo, like nothing had happened so Im pretty sure he's going to be just fine. I think it should heal nicely!

As for the Metacam in the oral, its the only thing they have that they can use. They dont carry pill form pain meds anymore! They use the Metacam as a fever reducer too and all my kitties have had it before without any problems! I know some people have had bad luck with it, but mine seem to do fine! They use that stuff for alot of things I guess.
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better watch that one and his silly antics! looks like he's proving to be a handful huh?

btw, I have a clover for you... pm your address, we'll have him his lucky charm in no time!
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Aww...poor little cutie. My Shermie has done some pretty insane crashing into walls, falling off stuff, falling on stuff too. Luckily he hasn't broken anything yet,*knock on wood* though he's probably lost some brain cells.

Best of luck to you and Eek! (P.S. That's a great name!)
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the name sure seems to be a fitting one...
gotta be careful with the those crazy cats.

a year ago my friends kitty Keek crashed into a mirror during one of his spaz attacks and it fell on him and crushed his back leg.
he's okay now but he had to have it amputated...
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He seems to be handling everything really well, he gets to go back to the vet on monday just to make sure the elbow heals okay without the cast or splint! It really looks quite bruised at the moment, but he's still always first in line for supper!! LOL

He has gotten quite a bit cuddlier in his soreness! He sits on your lap and just cuddles! He wont move at all until you do, and then just to reposition himself on the couch! He really is a sweet little thing! I can tell that the pain meds wore off because he stopped being playful. After the splint came off he started to get playful and we figured that was due to the pain meds, but now he's lost the playfullness and thats probably just lack of drugs!

I will keep everyone posted on how the healing is going! Im hoping that she'll let me scan the xray into my computer so I can put it up, but you never know what they're allowed to do or not!!
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they should let you have the xray once they are done with it, same with any you have done yourself at the doctors.
they belong to you.
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I thought I would give a quick update on Eek! He is doing really well, has his check up tomarrow and even though I really dont think he'll do too well with a cast, I think they'll probably put one on there! He can walk and run, but it looks really funny when he does! He obviously favors it, but the cast will weigh as much as he does and I just dont know if he'll be able to walk at all with it on there. I really dont want them to give him any more of the pain killer that he had because it was Metacam, and they seem to use that alot, and I prefer to save that kind of stuff until its absolutely necessary! I liked it better when they had the pills I could just give them! But they Knocked poor BooBoo on his tooshy so they probably weren't much better for them! I think those ones were like toradol or something but the vet doesn't carry them anymore!
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Good luck tomorrow with Eek, keeping my fingers crossed for him!!!!
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Here's lots of healing vibes for Eek and a big for you. How is he today? Did the vet put him in a cast?
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mk eek, your clover's going out in the mail today...
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Originally Posted by saya View Post
mk eek, your clover's going out in the mail today...
Thats so sweet!

They didn't cast him! They said he would have a hard time walking.... (like he doesn't now already??)

He's jumping and playing like normal, he just has a gimpy leg to go with it now! He's started to perk up a little bit and not be such a couch potato though, which is good! I havn't given him anymore of the Metacam, the vet said it would be fine if he needed, but that since he can manipulate it, it should be okay! The x-ray really didn't look too bad... At least I didn't think so, Ive seen worse breaks, but since its right at the elbow I think we'll have to see how he does... I think they should at least cast the elbow area if not the whole leg, but since Im not a vet who am I to say! It was a different vet today, the one I had today was the one who took care of Glitch the most, he's a nice got, I just think he's a little wet behind the ears yet!
Still a good vet none the less, and you gotta love their patience with my million and two questions for them! Most vets would blow me off and mark me as annoying, instead they amuse me and answer my questions, and keep everything in a health record that I have on hand so I dont get confused! I get to take him back next week for one more x-ray to make sure its still healing. I am so over paranoid I know, but now Im sitting here worried that he might get arthritis some odd years down the line! Isn't that dumb??? It hasn't happened yet so I shouldn't worry about it, but Poor BooBoo can tell me when bad weather is coming! He's a trooper though!!

I love you guys... You're so great to put up with me!
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Glad Eek is doing fairly well! Sometimes docs don't cast broken bones...I had a broken pelvis, and I didn't, thank God. They just probably assume that you won't put weight on something that hurts and that will protect it. Hugs to you and Eek.
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o good!

I forgot MLK day so out in tomorrows mail I guess
at any rate you should have it soon although it's probably gonna be a little big for him yet
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Well today Eek is being a big baby! He's not acting like he's in any pain, but he found my nap blanket that I got for christmas from Bath & Body works, and has taken to nursing on it! he didn't use to nurse on things, at least not the way I wanted him to! I use to love to watch Glitch nurse on his blanket, so its kind of weird seeing Eek do it, because I wanted him to but he never would! Im hoping he just really likes the blanket and its nothing bad!

It almost seems like Glitch has possessed his body today! All the things that Glitch use to do he is now doing! He let me pick him up and he hugged me today, which was soo sweet! Its like falling in love all over again!!

I know the nursing is a comfort thing, so Im not sure what to think about that, but he's still eating and drinking and peeing and pooping so I probably shouldn't worry about it! Its so sweet to watch!!
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I'm sure his paw is just bothering him and lying around alot can't feel too good either... just probably lookin' for a little comfort.
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So glad Eek is feeling better, and I am sure he is just returning all the love you have given him since he has been hurt... He feels better so he is thanking you.
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