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Bye bye to Dave- the last bit of eye candy

I think the producers have definitely sunk to new lows this time around to get ratings. I'm very disappointed It makes me less than gung ho to watch the next season. Last season we had a group of personality-less idiots (just my opinion there ) and now we have a bunch of moral-less ones . *sigh*

So much for one of my favorite shows.....
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I thought they were collectively going to get rid of Matthew because of his Lord of the Flies personna? LOL Then they get rid of Dave because of ice cream, showers and fish?
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You are SO not kidding! I thought Mr. Knife-happy was going to get the axe, too. What happened? Isn't that what they talked about?
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their plan was to get rid of Dave next, then Butch, then Matthew, etc. so i guess they stuck to their original plan.

they got rid of Dave because of his strength -- he was a threat.
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Dave - don't go! I thought he was great! Matthew seriously needs some psychotherapy!
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Yeah, Dave was all right, wasn't he? Now that I'm getting to know the people better, Butch seems nice too. It's hard to root for any of the girls other than Christy, because they were so inconsiderate of her. What was wrong with Deana? She is mature enough to know better. She's smart and capable also, but her alliance is with Rob.

Am I mistaken or was the wise guy in the last Survivor or Big Brother named Rob? It's my favorite man's name, and it's a family name; that's why I'm asking. Even though it's the way the game is played, I hate to see the power hungry people assuming that everyone else is dumb because they take them at their word. I'd lose, for sure!
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In Thailand, Rob was given the boot. He was the bartender with the long dark hair...I think he had a piercing in his bottom lip..but I cannot remember. He was a SMART-ASS..just a COMPLETE ass.

I didn't really like this Rob, either.....he was all about talking sex and girls, etc....BIG turn off. He seemed to have toned it down a tad.

I like Deanna a LOT. She is smart...doesn't fall into any traps...and it just herself. Christy is awesome, too. I think Heidi and Jenna are playing into that sex thing and I hate that crap, too.
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I really can't stand Rob and will be very disappointed if he wins. He is very chauvinistic and just thinks about sex and winning, not necessarily in that order.
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I too am disapointed with all the naked/bikini scenes. What i used to like is when they had regular type people on. Thats what was fun about it. Now it seems a great majority of the players are picked for their looks.
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I miss the good ol' days- like Survivor Australia and Africa when they actually had to survive and the people were 'real'.
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Wasn't it the first show when some of the members ate rats? Everyone lost weight because they really struggled to get something to eat. Now, these people get big dinners on occasion. I wonder if there were complaints that they were expecting too much of the contestants? At any rate, I am not enjoying this Survivor very much. I'm watching it, but I'm disappointed. It is all about skinny girls in bikinis.
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Bye bye Deena. That's what you get for trusing Rob! I think that little slimeball is going to win, but everyone will want to change their vote once they see how manipulative he really was.
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Well, Jenna caught on to her, too. I like Deena...I do, but I think she started to get a little too controlling there. I do believe, however, that if she would've downed that huge nasty bug, Matt would be the one gone...not her. She should've just did it, but that is what happens when you get to be way too sure of yourself!
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It wasn't the bug that did her in, it was her smug I am God complex. If I were her, I would be ashamed to go back to work after showing how she really is. I think out of who is left, my vote goes to Alex. He seems to be doing the least collateral damage.

I do wonder how sick he and Jenna got though? 5 coffees on an almost empty stomach and all those sweets? How many wild dogs did they feed on the way home I wonder?
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Right, but if she would've ate that bug, she would've had immunity which would've boughten her three more days at least!
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I was sorry to see Deana go. I don't know if there's another woman with enough experience to see through Rob's schemes. She may have been confident, but I don't think that's what stopped her from swallowing the bug; I think she had a problem with it. She got that far, so she was trying. I would not have attempted the grasshoppers, and certainly not the larvae!

I hope Butch and Christy get together and vote off the bikini babes and Rob. I don't think Matt is any more dangerous than any of the others. In fact, if I were Matt, I would be tempted to sue the program for allowing the ridiculous suggestions that he is a wierd, would- be murderer to be aired. That might ruin his life. I'm sure each candidate was given psychological tests before being accepted. If he presented any danger, the producer would have him off the show immediately.
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Haven't posted to this for awhile (haven't had time) so I have no idea how you all stand on this, or feel...so I hope I don't step on any toes...but my feelings are:

Deena...glad to see her go...way too cocky. way too sure of herself....

Rob....can't stand him...can't wait to see him go...

Heidi..liked her alot the first two shows, until she started showing her true colors and now I can't wait to see her go...what a little 'sl*t puppy'

Jenna.....The puppy's sister...need I say more

Alex and Matt I'm not sure about....I do like Matt more than Alex though....

I really want either Christy or Butch to win this..... They are my favorites.
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I agree with you all, I dont like Deena, she was way too controlling, Heidi and Jenna are anorexic sl*t puppies like you say, Debby
I like Butch and Christy too - I hope they are the last 2 in the end.
Did you see how p*ssed off Dave looked when he came in last show? ooOOoooo
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I am so glad that Alex is gone - he was sooooo conceited!

I have taken to calling Rob a equal opportunity back stabber and serial turn coat. How many more people can he get angry at him. Even if he makes it to the final 2 he can't win because he will have so many people against him.

It is now looking better and better for Kristy or Butch to win - either one of them would be an excellent choice!

I am even growing to like Matt - he is strange, but at least he is honest!

Can you say Bye bye Heidi and Jenna. If they don't win immunity they will be the next to go!
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I think Heidi and Jenna are creepy. How they hug on each other and sleep together- pleeeze! Even if my best friend and I were on Survivor together, I respect her to much to turn her into my love and cuddle-bug! Mike calls them the Anorexic Twins! And how they attacked Kristy because they thought she bid for the letters so Jenna couldn't hear from her mom? They are so selfish they don't see how lonely Kristy is and how much they out her because she is hearing impaired. What creepy girls they are! Kristy needed that love more than Jenna did.
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I agree with you Hissy - Jenna is the most conceited girl I have seen and kudos to Matt for making that comment about Christy desrving the letters - after all she didnt win any food!
I have had to deal with girls like Heidi and Jenna all my life at school like Christy did and the best thing to do was ignore them and go on with my life. After all "beauty" is skin deep and they wont look like that for long I really hope that it is Matt, Butch and Christy as the final 3. I think the two skinny bimbos days are numbered.
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I think we're all on the same page. If looks could kill, Christy would be in heaven right now. Those two made her cry, and she had nothing-except the letter. Kellye, that type of girl made all the girls who were not in their high school cliques feel terrible. Well, at least they tried. They're like cardboard cakes. They look good on the surface, but there's no substance, no quality inside! I was so furious with those shallow toothpicks!
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So, who do you think is out tonight? It has to be one of the barbie girls IMO, although Rob is really making people angry. He will never get the votes to win the $1,000,000 now. It is looking better all the time for Butch and Christy!
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I missed the past 3 weeks because of what was going on w/ my grandfather. I can't wait to get to watch tonight, I'm popping open a beer and chomping on some chips w/ salsa!

Anything I should know about what I've missed? The last episode I saw was when Rocket Scientist Man got booted I think.
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Adrienne, I don't have a clue. I think it will be one of the three you mentioned, though. At least I hope so. It would do the Twiggy Twins justice to have no support, and KNOW it, just as they made Christy feel. I'm sure they're not used to feeling isolated. I'm anxious for the show tonight! There's something satisfying about seeing arrogance brought down. I shouldn't feel that way, but it's hard not to!
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The important thing to note is that Rob has been switches sides back and forth! He is a big time back stabber!
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if they are smart rob will be off soon. they way he goes back and forth no one should trust him. And then again its time for the lazy twins to go, maybe they will now that all their boyfriends are gone
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I am SOOOOO P!$$ed off that Christy was voted off last night - she was the wild card and because she wouldnt commit to voting a certain person off.....that Rob is a devious one.....
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Jenna and Heidi must have believed Rob! I can't believe it. Did you notice all of the snake symbolism while he was working his devious deeds? I'm sure everyone did; it was so obvious! I wish Christy had been quiet and just acted confused or something. I'm so upset that she's gone and the snobs and the snake are still there! Grrrrrr
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i was shocked through and through to see that Christy got booted off. What happened???

i was hoping it would be Heidi, as Jenna managed to obtain ammunity.

i feel that Jenna and Heidi use their s** appeal to come this far. i will be really upset if either of these two gals win.

Very upset indeed!
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