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My goodness, have you all missed one of the greatest instantaneous miracles ever on TV? Poor, Shawna, weak and physically and emotionally shattered, was healed, and there were MEN there to witness this! I'm amazed, completely amazed. I hope CNN plans a special report on this....
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LOL Jeanie!
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:LOL: Jeanie that's so true..
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It’s raining men Hallelujah..... it's rainging men!
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My pick to win is still Christy. I like how the new tribe is making her feel more comfortable.
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Me too! I think Christy Smith is a great Survivor -- she has outdoorsy skills, works hard and doesn't play any games. I was sooo happy that the new tribe made the effort to communicate with her. They didn't even seem to think it was a big deal to include her, unlike her old tribe of hers Go Christy! You can do it!
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just to remind you guys, Survivor is on tonight instead of Thursday night.

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Thanks for the reminder- I wasn't even aware of that!
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ohh thanks blue! what time?
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It is?! I had no idea. How will I watch American Idol AND Survivor?? LOL!

I missed last week's show so I haven't even seen the new teams yet!
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it's on at 8:00, same time as American Idol, i'll have to tape one.
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My vote is for Christy also, my mom and dad are deaf, so I had a soft spot for her from the start. She has a good attitude, and is a team player. I just hope that she can hang in when things start getting more "cut throat".
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lakeriedog - really? im deaf
where are your parents at?
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I am pleased to watch that the tribe had discussion about how amazing Christy is to bring them to be a stroung group. Also they said that they do not consider her as a disability at all. I think that's so sweet. OOps, I am not sure which name that the elder guy hugged her etc.. He is the one who brought it up about it. I ve noticed that Heidi starts to be nice to her and pat on Christy too. I think Heide realizes that Christy is really asset to the tribe.
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I think it was nice of Butch to make sure Kristy knows how important she is to the tribe - she won them the reward challenge. I was not disappointed to see Shawna go - after her pathetic performance and miraculas recovery, I felt she was a prima donna.
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i couldnt figure out which man she liked - matthew or alex??????
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Shawna is so helpless but working so hard her ass off on matthew or alex. :ugh: I am not disappointed that shawna had to go, either..
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So much for slinging your female wiles around to get what you want. That one tribe that is starving for food- if someone had a brain, they could prick their finger and drop blood into the river, and when the piranha swarm they could catch them easily enough, though not bare-handed!
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:LOL: Hissy!
thats a good way of getting food.
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Kiwi I will answer your question by private message, if that is ok with you.
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looks like it's on next Wednesday, as well
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i think its cos of the NCAA basketball tournament.
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Ok so who saw the disrobing for chocolate and peanut butter last night? And did you think Rodger was the one who needed to go? I was hoping smug Deena might have gotten her dues last night!
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I haven't been watching this season very much. I think it's based on sex and who's better looking that who. I was shocked to see that they would actually air the girls stripping for chocolate & PB...and for them to make the comment about a "threesome". I just didn't think it was appropriate especially since kids probably are watching this with their parents. JMO...but this one just isn't a good as the others.
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I agree with you, Michelle. The show is about skills, social and survivor skills, not Bikinis and naked women! The same kind of thing happened on the last Big Brother, but not to the same extent. I don't think it's necessary. Maybe they're trying to attract more male viewers. The only person I care about is Christy.
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It's just a rating gimmick Shell. A let's see if we can get the younger crowd to watch this with their friends kind of thing, and it isn't even sweeps week!
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I know...I understand that it is all about the ratings, but after a while it becomes rather dull and boring. I'm just shocked that more people aren't complaining about how shady this is becoming. Whats next? Is it going to be a requirement for them to be butt naked the entire season? I can see it now...You need to hunt for all your food, search for your own water, build your own shelter and make your own clothing out of sticks & leaves! LOL!
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The 3 people I like the best will all be out soon I think unless they win individual immunity. I really like Christy, Dave the rocket scientist and Butch the principal. The stripper have got to go.
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OK I have to confess to being very curious about tonight's episode. Anyone seen the trailer to it where they show Matthew sharpening a knife and members talking about someone trying to kill them? Are their ratings now that low that they are trying to come up with new shock factors?
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I thought the stripping episode last week was tasteless. I mean, c'mon. They've been out there for what, 2 weeks, and they are that desperate for a bite of peanut butter? They make it seem like its been years since they haven't eaten, when in all reality they just had a 'feast' when they merged tribes!

Its all about the ratings! How many young men can they lure in to see naked girls, talk of threesomes, and bikinis galore!!
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