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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 134  

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too many I can't say...just too many...

what isp do you use?
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Do you like walking around barefoot?
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all the time!

what is your favorite board game?
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I love my Catopoly game and Trivial pursuit.

How do you like to relax?
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lay in bed and watch my lifetime movies by myself.. this is the only me time I get each night and I really enjoy it, but if dh isnt here, I am on the computer right here at this spot!!

do you collect beanie babies?
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Nope - I only collect Eeyore, unicorns, dragons and books.

Who is your fav author?
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I don't read much so I really don't know any out there specifically...

are you a harry Potter fan?
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of course!

Who is your fav Harry Potter Character?
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No, refuse to read it because I tend not to like the popular stuff.

Do you like cat mystery books?
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Lord of the rings 1
Lord of the rings 2?
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Neither, that's another popular thing I refuse to do. (although I loved the books when I was younger)

Anybody like the Chronicle of Narnia?
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NEVER heard of it

Do you get head aches regaurly?
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Never never had a headache

Do you know what Vegemite is?
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OF COURSE,I live on the stuff

Coke or Pepsi?
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Coke...... of course!!

What is a Matilda?
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I have no idea

how are you staying cool this summer?
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It is never hot here, just comfortably warm, if we are lucky! To be able to walk outside on a t-shirt is heaven! It is such a day now. I´m going outside to enjoy! I guess I´ll drive to the summerhouse to enjoy by the lake.

Do you have a summerhouse to relax in and enjoy the piece and quiet?
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what other pets do you have other than your cat/cats?
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A Siamese Fighting fish up on a very high shelf away from the cats!

What are your plans for the weekend?
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I bought a bunch of new DVD's today, so I'm gonna stay home and watch movies.

Do you like your job?
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I love my job! I work at the center for indigenous enviromental resorces in Winnipeg!

How long is your hair?
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very short (for the summer)

whats the last book you read?
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What is your favorite kind of music?
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waist length.

How old is your oldest cat?

*too slow!* oh, well...I've got dialup!
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My oldest cat is: 17 years old.

What is your favorite desert?
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Lemon Merignue Pie

Whats your fave type of popcorn?
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Caramel! mmmmmm....

If you were to get a purebred cat, what kind would you choose?
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A bengal, or an Egyptian Mau, they're so exotic.

No offense to my sweet DSH tuxedokitties!

How about dogs?
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Boston terrier
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