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answer the last question, ask the next. - Page 133  

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No way.

Ever ridden on a motorcycle? Driving or as a passenger?
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Yes, as a passenger. It was fun!

Are you afraid of flying?
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but my fiancee is an airline pilot so...
now it's not so bad...

Oysters or caviar?
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Oysters, with a little tabasco sause and a glass of bubbly!!!

Jimmy Stewart or Cary Grant?
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Jimmy Stewart, I am a sucker for "It's a Wonderful Life"!

Do you wash your own car, have it done, or go through the drive through?
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Oh, I just LLLOOOOVVVEEEE It´s a wonderful life!!!

My s/o washes the car. Before we met I think the car washed itself, at least I didn´t do it...

Do you collect any tv series?
I collect Friends, I have it all on video (most of it which I taped, some bought though), but now I´m upgrating to dvd.
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No, but my son has collections of the Simpsons and the Sopranos...

What is your favorite place to relax at home? (mine is the backyard)
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Our bedroom. I wish we had a backyard.

What's your favorite computer game?
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pogo games like video poker are my fav.

have you ever been to las vegas?
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I have had stopovers there a few times, but I have never been out of the airport.

Where would you like to go if money were no problem?
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I have visited alot of places while I served in the Navy, but never had a lot of time to see places (nor much money to spend while there),so it would have to be a very long trip A month in Australia, and another in Africa, a month or two in India with a side trip to Sri Lanka. I would spend at least three months in Europe with particular attention to Germany, Italy, Greece,Poland and Russia. Great Britain, Ireland and Scotland, the Shetland Islands, Iceland, would probably require another few months. I would need to visit Sweden and Denmark maybe a month for the two of them, and then I have friends in the United Arab Emirates so I would like a month there as well. Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and the Phillapines I have seen, but would probably revisit for the shopping. I guess that South America and Canada should be included along with a two week Alaskan cruise. My trip would extend over two years, so I would have to bring my kitties with me, Oh I don't think that they would enjoy it so I guess I'll have to settle for the one and two week vacations

I am such a dreamer! Are YOU?
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YES! I'm a dreamer, idealist, etc. Alex is a realist . . . so we go well together, I keep him optimistic and hopeful for the future and he keeps me grounded.

Are you a realist or an idealist?
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A little bit of both. I tend to believe that the worst is going to happen, but that people are generally good. I would say more realist, though.

Do you have a DVD player?
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No, BUT I have alot of DVD videos!!!

Have u heard about that 'new scented toilet paper'?
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yes I am using it right now,I like it.
You use it?
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No, prefer Cottonelle.

Do you exercise?
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I take a lot of walks now after I became a mum, but other than that...no I´m alway on my way, but never seem to have time or chance.

Do you?
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yes. sometimes

do you like to be alone?
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Yes I really like to be by myself, but to much of it makes me sometimes sad.

Do you?
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yes... but only if my cats are there too.

comedy or drama?
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Fave Month?
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December, because I LOVE Christmas!

Brownies from a mix or from scratch?
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I really like Betty Crocker Brownies, but I bake a lot and like to try different recipies, so I make them from scratch (it´s also so much cheaper and doesn´t take much longer, just a bit more washing up to do..)

Do you often use cakemix?

(I envie you US people the variety is humongous! Here we have about 3 brands and about 3-4 kinds from each, devils food, brownie, carrot cake and sometimes muffins or waffles.)
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I bake from scratch about fifty percent of the time....to save time. I don't bake as much as I'd like.

Do you play any musical instruments?
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I used to play the piano, but I don´t think I remember any of it now (which is kindof sad)

Do you play any?
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Played the piano for 25 years and the flute for 17. I've lost my tone on the flute, but I can pick up the piano again with a little practise.

What's your other favorite animal (other than cats)?
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I love horses!

Do you believe in unicorns & dragons?
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I don't believe, but I love to watch movies about them or read about them....I use to love the intelevision game dungeons and dragons game...that was my favorite!!!

Did you have atari when you were growing up?
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I don´t know!

What is an atari?
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Atari is the 1st video game console and had games like Pong and Breakout.

How many hours are you online each week?
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