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i am in shock...

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Today I let the dogs out for a normal potty break and carmella got outside...I yelled at dh to help me catch her he went one way and I went the other and we live in front of a highwayshe was scared and running from us when we would get close to her. She walked into the road there were no cars coming at first so I went to get her( I had a can of tuna) and she ran into the other lane and was hit right in front of me I keep thinking if I had of tried to get her some other way or something anything I could have saved heri dont know what to do i feel so awful i cant stop crying...i just feel like it was all my fault...She was such a beautiful cat!
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That must of been horrible. I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace, Carmella.
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Oh hunny, I am so so so sorry How terrifying to see that

May your sweetheart rest in peace
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP Carmella.
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I'm so sorry you lost your beautiful cat so suddenly. I'm praying for you.
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Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry for your loss
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Oh my goodness Sweetie ....... what an absolute tragic loss...... I am so deeply sorry that you are going through this.

Just know that she is now safe and everything is fine with her. Try to concentrate on the beautiful memories you have with her. It was just her time to go, no one can stop that. I will keep you so close in my thoughts and prayers.

Many hugs to you.

Rest In Peace Sweet baby.
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Oh Bless your heart I know you are blaming yourself, but your sweet girl does not want you to do that, she doesn't blame you...not for a minute.

RIP Carmella, you beautiful sweet angel
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Oh...I'm so very sorry. How heartwrenching and devastating that must have been! Rest in peace little one.
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I'm so very sorry for your tragic loss. When something like this happens we all tend to 2nd guess ourselves and wonder if I had of done this or done that maybe it wouldn't not of happened. Don't beat yourself up you did at the time what you felt was best and it was a accident. R.I.P and hugs for you..
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How horrible for you, I'm so sorry. You are not to blame. RIP Carmella.
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*HUG* How terrible.

Please forgive yourself. I'm am sure there was nothing more you could have done or not done to have changed it.
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Oh good grief how awful! I'm so sorry you had to experience that

Carmella's safe and sound at the bridge now don't you worry

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Oh I'm so sorry about Carmella. And especially that you had to witness it. Please don't feel like it is your fault though. You were trying to do your best to catch her and keep her safe. She just had other ideas. It's so sad but I don't see this as your fault. Bless your heart.
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Oh My, I'm so sorry for your loss, and so sorry that you had to wittness that. My Ziggy went the same way. You're in my thoughts
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
That must of been horrible. I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace, Carmella.
how terrible & sad for you!
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Oh no Soooo very sorry to hear that Rest in Peace Beautiful Carmella Sorry you had to go like that...
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I'm soo very very sorry.. Don't blame yourself... You'll go crazy doing that.. Just think of all the great times you had. I'm sooo sorry..
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As everyone has said, don't blame yourself; I lost my Moo Moo in May; we believe she was hit by car. I could not save her, I know she is with God and all my other pets at the bridge. waiting and playing, no longer in pain.
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Oh, how horrible! I'm so very sorry for your loss; I can't imagine losing one of mine that way. I wish I had better words to help you thru this. (((BIG HUGS))) to you and your family.
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So sorry for your tragic loss, but dont blame yourself for it. When our Amber was hit by a car the other week I thought to myself, if only we hadnt told her off for annoying Minnie she would have stayed indoors that much longer and the chain of events that followed would never have happened, but life does not run on what if`s. You tried your best to resolve a difficult situation and get your loved one away from danger.
RIP Carmella.
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I'm so sorry about your loss but please don't blame yourself. Rest in Peace Carmella.
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Condolences on such a horrific loss. Carmella is truly a very beautiful cat - she's playing happily over RB now. I am sending you healing vibes that recalling those special times with Carmella can erase that last terrible memory of what happened to her. such a great tragedy - reading your post brought tears to my eyes.
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I'm so very sorry

Sometimes, things just happen and you are not to blame. Your sweet Carmella will be waiting for you at the bridge.

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Oh hun....I am so terribly sorry!

May your Carmella rest in peace
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OMG, OMG I'm so, so sorry. LISTEN TO ME!!! It is NOT your fault. Don't blame yourself for this horrible accident. RIP Carmella.
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Oh my gosh, that is so horrible! I can't believe you had to see something like that, that's one of my biggest fears I hope you can some how find peace through all of this terror. I'm very sorry for you and your family.

It's NOT your fault! It's no one's fault! Please don't think it was anything you did.
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*hugs* This is one of the worst ways to have a loved one go... Im so sorry you had to see it, you did your best, she knew you loved her and she is playing happily over the bridge right now, probably worried sick that you're sad and she cant be there to help you! There was nothing at all that could have been done, if you'd of ran after her you could have been hit too... Im so sorry, I can't tell you how sorry I am, she was BEAUTIFUL!!
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