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If that situation came about, I'd choose any album by Björk Guðmundsdóttir.

Qestion: What would you rather be, a bridge tender or a lighthouse keeper?

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*lol* Bridge keeper makes me think of trolls. I would definitely be a lighthouse keeper.

Yet again I will wait fo someone else to answer. I have some good questions, but they can wait.
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Illusion; Because you are such a "Cute" Personality I'm gonna listen to some Nine Inch Nails (I've always been intrigued by their name. . . . )
Maybe I'll become a FAN
If some of you Youngsters can bridge the generations and listen to groups that were thought to be Outlandish when I was your age; then, I guess the pendulum can swing both ways. . . . . . . . .:jarswim:

Those of you who have been here awhile know that my favorite album is MEATLOAF "Bat Out of Hell" (1 & 2)

I will not ask a new question. I invite some of you new members to answer this one and ask those new questions. Don't worry for fear they have been asked before; 'cause some of us "OLD CODGERS" can't remember anyway!
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OK, are we still on the bridge tender or lighthouse keeper or can we still talk about Meatloaf?! I love Bat out of Hell!!! 1 and 2! Any way, I would be a lighthouse keeper I love the water!:jarswim:
I can't think of a good question right now, so I guess I too will leave this one open
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Meatloaf is good. I would pick just about ANY Pink Floyd album of the groups that I grew up on. As far as a newer group: I have really gotten into Portishead lately. She's got a great voice and they are fun. Dummy is the album by them.
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I would like to do both! Here are my reasons!
1. Bridge tender so I may welcome everyone and wish them a save journy!
2. Lighthouse Keeper so I can protect our people at sea from harm!

Now about Meatloaf I still like them but I also like Nine Inch Nails! I have a very large variety in the music I listen to!
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what is the best book you've read lately?
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Billy Joel's Greatest Hits, Volume 1 & 2

Same question
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Cat-Dependent No More by Jeff Reid.

But it didn't work. :disturbed
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the best books I've read in forever was 'Roses are Red' by James Patterson and 'The empty chair' by Jeffrey Deaver

I highly recommend both of them if you like these authors other works

next question-

what is your favorite thing about summer?
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Oh Mr. Cat....how did you get my picture?? LOL I WISH!!!!!

I want to answer a couple of these questions before asking a new one....

If I could only listen to one CD for a month....It would be my CD "The Best Of KC and the Sunshine Band" because it is one of my favorites and has such a great, uplifting beat!!!!!

I also love meatloaf!! ( the group AND the food... )

The best book Ive read recently would have to be "Hannibal"

And my favorite thing about summer is just being able to go outside and enjoy the sun and spend time with all my cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: What would you consider a romantic evening?
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okay, i think i'll answer a few of these, as there's so many good questions here

If you could listen to only ONE c.d., album, tape, 8 track *G* (insert age telling title here) for a month...what would it be?

hmm... it would either be Paul Simon - Concert in The Park or
anything by Ani Difranco (and) Tori Amos - i can never decide on one

(Those of you who have been here awhile know that my favorite album is MEATLOAF "Bat Out of Hell" (1 & 2)

Darlene - i grew up listening & dancing to that because my parents love
it so much, my favourites by him are : "for crying out loud" "two out of three aint bad" and of course "paradise by the...."

Question: What would you rather be, a bridge tender or a lighthouse keeper?

a lighthouse keeper.

what is the best book you've read lately?

hmm... the book i am still reading which is called
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genuis by Dave Eggers

i'm really enjoying it, i am just putting off finishing it...

Cat-Dependent No More by Jeff Reid

alexnell, is this a real book, and what is it about? is it satirical, humourous?

what is your favorite thing about summer?

hmmm... the smell of the air, the saturday markets, basketball & night swimming, old friends in town, weekend sangria & margaritas
walking along the beach, and fires at night.

Q: What would you consider a romantic evening?

having my entire body massaged, aromatherapy bath, great movies to watch,
good meal, glass of red wine, good conversation, a nice dusk walk through
the neighbourhood... basically the things i am honoured to have with my dearest friends Cameron & Arron already
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Originally posted by threeleggedkat

Illusion; Because you are such a "Cute" Personality I'm gonna listen to some Nine Inch Nails (I've always been intrigued by their name. . . . )
TLK, you're so sweet

Tee hee, I hope you enjoy NIN. I would recommend starting out with some of the songs that don't have as much profanity. Try...."We're in This Together" It's one of the songs off the latest (1999) album.

My personal faves usually have the F-word in them a lot *lol*
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Q: what is your favorite thing about summer?

The longer daylight hours. And a break from school!

Q: What would you consider a romantic evening?

Eww romance. I am not a cushy romantic type of person. I guess having a guy take me on a spontaneous trip up the coast for dinner, even if it's at some burger stand.

OK my turn: Last time you looked at the sky, what did you see in the clouds? If you don't remember then step outside and take a look!

I always see devils and angels. The clouds always looks like cherubim, or angels with trumpets or demons, ALWAYS.
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blue--Cat-dependent... is a real book, but it's definitely a satire. Other cat-themed self-help book parodies I'd recommend are: Petted By the Light (parody of Embraced By the Light) and Listening to Catnip (parody of Listening To Prozac).
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What did I see in the clouds...

A: I think I too saw an angel!!

Q: What one item in your kitchen would you miss the most if it weren't there?
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Kitchen item I'd miss the most:

Capresso Model 401 coffee maker, made in Portugal.

I'll pass on asking a new question, as Debby's deserves more input.

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Think I'll just say the coffee machine.

And Mr. Cat, this is my first look at your new avatar. I love it!
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Thank you very much for your compliment regarding my avatar! Actually, I got tired of the blinking-eye avatar and the male-symbol avatar was meant as a temporary measure until I found one I really liked. But, now that you've said you like it. . . .

Oh, and I'm attaching one for the ladies. Feel free to rip it off!

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i'd have to say my Bodum - currently my coffee pot is in a thousand pieces in the garbage can,
put there with regards from my cat Kenya who knocked it off the counter not too long ago

...and my tea kettle

my question is:

what is your favourtie baby name? i'm still thinking on that, will get
back to you though
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A. Wow, there are so many baby names out there that I like. We don't have kids yet, but I kind of like Angela for a girl, or anything pretty like that. For a boy....... not to sure!

Q. What was the last movie you saw and did you like it? (I know..... I am original!) We saw Pearl Harbor.
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. . . .was Johnny Stecchino [Johnny Toothpick], directed by Roberto Benigni and released in 1992. (I seldom go to the cinema, so my film-viewing takes place at home and is fueled by selections from the public library.)

This film is a send-up of the Sicilian Mafia, with Benigni playing two roles: a tough Mafioso (Johnny Toothpick) who's in hiding after naming names to a reform commission; and an innocent nice-guy type (Dante) who happens to look like the bad guy. Toothpick's wife Maria (Nicoletta Braschi, Benigni's wife) ropes Dante into a scenario wherein he's mistaken for Toothpick, in hopes the enraged Mafiosi will kill Dante and thus free her and Toothpick to live anonymously abroad.

As you might expect, things don't quite work out that way! If you want some good laughs, check out Johnny Stecchino.

I'll pass, as usual, on asking a new question so that others can answer Tigger's.


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Mr. Cat you crack me up with your cheese shots! I'd post my own but my film hasn't come back yet

Seeing as I have short term memory problems from all the
I did as a kid, I'll try to answer the ones I remember.

Hmmm...let's see,

Romantic evening? Well, I haven't had a date since 1993 so I can't comment on something I can't remember.

My favorite TV shows are ER, Providence and Guiding Light!! Although I don't watch tv at night because I work, I try to tape them on occasion.

I would prefer to be the keeper of a lighthouse as I love the ocean (the sounds and smell) and would like to live by the sea.

Favorite CD - ENYA!!!! Air Princess knows that! Hurry back AP!

Last movie I saw was Meet the Parents. Peed my pants!!

The one thing in my kitchen I'd miss the most is definitely my coffee machine. Gotta have caffeine!

Haven't looked at the clouds lately. If I did it now I'd get water in my eyes (it's pouring out!)

The last book I read was about cats (what else???)

That's it. My mind is on overload. I just got finished writing a story for the paper and my brain is frozen.

BTW Mr. Cat - I liked your blinking eye. Want to share it?

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By all means, feel free to use the blinking-eye avatar! (I've attached it below.) Be sure you've some Visine handy.


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The very last movie I watched was a couple nights ago..."Girl Interupted" with Wynona Ryder....I LOVED it!

Q: If you had to give up every TV show except ONE....what would that one tv show be????
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I think that would have to be any of the Star Trek shows.

As to movies, I saw Shrek the other night. It was "cute", but I'm not quite sure where they got those 4 star reviewers from.......maybe a group of 10 year olds? My kids really liked it.

My next question will be posted as a poll.
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i wont let this thread sink !

the last film i saw was 'Finding Forrester' GO RENT IT, RIGHT NOW !!!!

it was beautiful, i loved it very much, plus it has Sean Connery in it, always a plus

Question : have you ever lost someone special, and tried to make amends ?
if so, are you willing to share that experience with us ?

the reason this is my question is because i am about to try to make amends
with a woman i once knew, and loved - a long time ago now.

i am afraid to impose in her life, afraid of how she will react, but, it's important
to me to do this.

we had a falling out so many moons ago, i wasnt ready for her in my life,
i am ready now.
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Yes, I've lost a few special people over the years. Sadly, I was never able to make amends.

In 1994, I lost the friendship of a dear young woman. She simply severed all contact, without any explanation. I tried, for several years, to re-establish contact. But, it was all in vain. I've now given up; and I've chalked it up to life experience. I think she suffered from a personality disorder, which caused her to flee from problem-solving situations. Over the years, she's left numerous people in her wake — all having been good friends one day and then totally cut off the next.

I'm told the late princess, Diana Spencer, was such a person. Well, in the case of my former friend there were mitigating circumstances. She'd been severely traumatized by media ridicule to the point of suicide ideation; and, so she's told others, she decided to sever all contact with the past — no matter the cost to those who still cared about her. While that's all well and good for her in the short run, it the long run it means she'll acquire a list of negative baggage as long as her arm.

There are some folks who just can't comprehend the necessity of fence-mending. They'd rather bad-mouth people and hold grudges the rest of their lives than face the music and resolve the original problem. Oh, well!

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Yes, Blue, I lost the love of my life. After 6 years, a relationship with the guy I thought was "the one" ended, and badly too. I had a lot of anger about it for more than a year. I was pretty depressed about it too. Now, a year and a half later, we are the best and closest of friends. Things didn't turn out exactly as I might have hoped or planned, but I am thankful for the friendship that exists between us.
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