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Trout VS the Vet

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Welp, I had to take Trout in this morning to get her weighed for some Revolution...

She cried all the way there..like "omg, I am about to die"..kind of crying.

When we get there, the vet tech takes her back to weigh her..comes back out and says "wow, she still hates us eh?"

Trout was still tramautized from her extended vet stay last March I think..poor thing

I want to hear your vet stories..are your cats good or bad at the vet? And does your vet tech make you feel bad that your cat is scared? Mine did
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Benson has a flag on his file that he attacks. LoL
Actually I think that vet wasn't experienced.

They all cry going to our regular vet but are quiet once we get there.
Our RB kitty, Buddy, would fight to stay in the carrier. All the other kitties are good. Once they are on the table they are fine.

So how much does Trout weigh?
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Aww poor Trout How much did she weigh Nat?

Everyone is good at the Vet except Joey...he hugs my neck so tight and breathes so heavy...they can't even believe it..and then one time I took Sev with him thinking it would be good for moral support and he peed on Sev in the carrier then he pooped next to him on the examining table

Sev purrs the whole time, to the point where they can't even hear his heart
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Awww Sev purrs the whole time??

Trout doesn't pee or poo or anything..but she is so scared her eyes are like saucers. Actually I'm surprised she doesn't pee with fear.

She weighs 8 lbs
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Mine aren't so bad once they're at the vet, but the trip there is always embarrassing. I have to take the subway to the vets (don't have a car) and the cats meow like if they were dying. With all the echo in the subway station, EVERYBODY can hear it and everyone ends up starring in my direction.
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Mine do well with the vet fortunately. Much has been so many times because of her UTIs. She tends to be shy so it is hard getting her out of her carrier. With Lucy and Carly, the vet doesn't have a problem with us letting them out of the carrier to explore the exam room. Lucy especially does better with this. I think she feels like she has some control. Also, there are bird feeders outside the window so both Lucy and Carly like watching.

But on the way there and back, it is loud and persistent all of the way. Especially when all three go in.
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Boomer is very inqusitive, he checks out everything and watches everything but is generally fairly well behaved

Bumper cries his heart out, looks at me like I am responsible for the downfalls of the whole world and loses a lot of fur and 1/2lb on a vet visit and the following few days so he only goes when completely necessary as it stresses him

Magnum has Devil Cat stickers on his file - he bites, growls, runs away. The vet techs at our new vet can handle him but prefer not to, our old vet would sedate him for anything he needed.

Scully used to cry and poop but since we changed vets is an angel and just sits quietly waiting, on both the drive there and while there. He gives kisses to the vet and vet techs

Autumn was a terror on her spay when at the shelter, but was well behaved when I had her checked by my vet, so unsure on that one
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8-Bit is a monster going to and from, but when he gets there he'll let the vet pick him up and hold him. He LOVES her. He has "trouble maker" written on his chart because of his ability to climb in the sinks at the office and scare everyone by popping up as they walk by.

Scratch Fury just shakes and is terrified the entire time.

Dr Claw cries and gives me the, "You are giving me away aren't you?" look the entire time.
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Everytime we put Snowball in his pet carrier he knows he's going to the vet so he immediately starts clawing and biting at the door trying to get out. He's usually crying when we walk through the door at the vet clinic, and most of the time we can go into the exam room right away. We put the pet carrier on the exam table and open the door, but Snowball just cowers as far back as he can. Then the vet tech comes in and they're usually worried that Snowball might attack, but we explain that he's gentle. Snowball tries to hang on with his claws, but they finally get him out of the carrier and he behaves well throughout the exam and any testing that might be done. When the visit is over everyone is quite impressed with his good behavior and Snowball seems very relieved to be able to go back into his carrier again.
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
Dr Claw cries and gives me the, "You are giving me away aren't you?" look the entire time.
Awww, thats the look Trout gives me..It breaks my heart!
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Lucky is really good, My toy Pom Sophie not so good, you say the word vet she hides under the bed she screams all the way there , then she won't come out of the kennel,
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When I first got Cassy, the vet told me to take her to the shelter!

She went completely wild at that vet, she is my psycho cat. We had to restrain her with a harness so she could get her shots.

Since then, I found another vet for her.

Mittens loves going to the vets, although, she will meow non-stop like someone is killing her on the way to the vets, like she does when I bring her upstairs for a bath, she'll pee on me too!
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Cleo has been to the vet so many times for her CRF that it really doesn't faze her. She'll make a few of those tiny pitiful cries during the ride there, but behaves really well. She likes to have the door of her carrier open, so I can scratch her head. She is so docile. She never struggles for her blood draws. I actually hold her for them. She's very well behaved.

Maggie is so terrified that she just lays in the carrier and shakes. She's too scared to cry. She drops fur like she's been shaved. I take her as infrequently as possible because she's so traumatized by it. I think she's only been there a couple of times. The vet tech had to hold her for her last blood draw, because she kept trying to get back into the carrier when I held her like I do for Cleo.

Lola cries and carries on like she's beeing killed. She yowls continually the entire way there and the entire way back....I'm surprised her vocal cords don't hurt when it's all over! Thank God the vet is only about a half a mile away! she behaves pretty well when she's there though. They took her in the back for all of her cystocentesis, and they never mentioned any problems.

I have a digital baby scale at home to keep a close eye on their weights. They actually seem to enjoy getting weighed. Must be something about the treats when it's over....
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Anna and Boo are no trouble whatsoever. Boo loves checking out the exam rooms and the vet always brags at what a curious friendly kitty she is. But now Lil Bit is totally opposite. The minute she's in the carrier she starts crying the most pitiful cry you ever heard! She's ok once she's in the exam room and out of her carrier. It breaks my heart to take her!! We adopted her from a rescue shelter and I'm sure she thinks she's going back there. Funny thing is that she doesn't say a thing on the way back home! That's what makes me think she's worried about going back to rescue. After she sees it's the vet, she's ok!
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My cats have always been ok at the vets. The vet techs never made me feel bad but I've had vets actually make me feel bad for other reasons before. When Jake first got sick a few years ago, the vet I took him to treated me like I was some kind of negectful kitty mom. Then we got some of the tests back and knew something bad was going on. She came in and Jake got up on his hind legs on the exam table and put his front paws around my neck and hugged me and licked my tears and she softened. But it still made me mad how she treated me.
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post

Magnum has Devil Cat stickers on his file - he bites, growls, runs away. The vet techs at our new vet can handle him but prefer not to, our old vet would sedate him for anything he needed.
Harley is marked as a naughty cat on his file too He will hiss at the vet/vet tech and he'll burry his head into my chest while he's on the table, it breaks my heart everytime But we only go in when he's really sick and needs meds. I stopped with the yearly visits, its too awful to put him (& the vets thru).

Bayley loves everyone I suppose with being at the shelter & around pepole all the time he doesn't mind. He'll love up on anyone

They both cry in their kennel tho, they don't like being in the car.
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All of our cats cry on the way to the vet. By the time we get there, they are quiet and pretty much well behaved. We have never had issues with them going to the bathroom in the carrier.

Duchess was always a very well behaved cat. She was as royal and obedient as her name.

Tedi cowers in my arms when we are in the exam room and tries to hide. Lexi does the same. She had never been to the vet until I took her in.

Luna is very quiet and May is very talkative. But, both purr when they get on the exam table and will just lay there.

We have been going to our vet for about 8 years or more. I really like them. I know all the vet techs and the receptionists and they have never made me feel bad about any of our cats. I just hope that it stays that way and that they will be fortunate with their health.
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Jamie is known as the "Cat from Hell", which I suppose says it all. He has to be pried out of his carrier, and bites, scratches, and sprays out of his anal glands. His aim is very good, unfortunately.
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
sprays out of his anal glands. His aim is very good, unfortunately.
Egads! I didn't know they could do that!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Harley is marked as a naughty cat on his file too He will hiss at the vet/vet tech
Noooooo, not Harley
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My boys are night and day!

Possum is very scared, but is beginning to try to explore the room more each visit. He does try to get back into his carrier to hide, so we have to keep it shut (we have to "dump" him out, gently, to get him out.) A lot of the time he will curl up in my arms or on the table and push his face (hard) into the crook of my elbow. Fortunately, he doesn't try to bite or scratch or excessively try to get away when he has to get his temperature taken or get a shot.

When we get home he'll hide from me for a few hours, but warms up to me again quickly. He'll be a little more skittish than usual. The trip to and from are okay enough, but he doesn't like being in the carrier; I have to scoop him up calmly and quickly and put him in it. There can be no mistakes, because if there is, I probably won't get him in. He doesn't like being picked up in the first place.

The funniest thing is that the entire pitch of his voice completely changes! Normally he has a very high pitched voice, but when he gets into that carrier, his voice gets very low, and definitely not happy sounding. Seriously, he sounds like a completely different cat!

Loki on the other hand is much easier in everything. He also doesn't like being in the carrier, but you can just pop him in with very little trouble. He cries in the carrier like I'm giving him away, but once I let him out he's fine. He comes right out, doesn't try to hide in the carrier. He's completely at ease, friendly, and very inquisitive.

At the most recent trip to the vet, he acted like the room was the same as our home. He looked around, jumped from one place to another. At one point he even flopped down and laid on the floor. He doesn't bite or scratch, but you do have to hold him so he doesn't get away when the vet takes his temperature. However, he's fine with getting shots.

Loki was really funny with the vet, too. He was rubbing on him a lot, nuzzling him, and just purring the enitire time! It was really cute. He's okay when we get home, too, for the most part, though he does seem slightly wary.

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The current vet is nice, but the place I went some 20 years ago were horrible! I don't even want to talk about it

Chynna is a social butterfly and just loves people, regardless of who they are. She never cries in the cat carrier and is very co-operative and loving with the vet. Even gives them kisses on the nose and purrs. They love when she comes to see them, lol

Abby? She's a very social cat, but only with me and a select few people that she deems worthy. She is terrified of the cat carrier and if I don't get her in on the first try, she's gone and hiding behind the water bed or in some other place that I can't get to her. So she doesn't do too well at the vets.
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Well all mine are pretty good, Cammie doesn't like it much she's been there way to many times she just sticks her butt up in the air every time someone talks to her Now Mickey poops in the carrier as soon as you get him in the car And that is very pleasant when your driving at all
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
He sprays out of his anal glands. His aim is very good, unfortunately.

Oh, that's horrible! I also didn't know they could do that. <shudder>

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Awwwwww, she forgives me already..she is on my lap
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Awwww Trout!

Mine are usually ok?. Rosie i used to think would be one to hiss at the vet because she hisses at me if i try and make her do something like going in her carrier, but she just stays hidden in her carrier or curls up on the table but the vet said she's scared because she was a stranger to her.

Sophie purrs and rolls on her back on the vets table.

And Jack purrs, and just like Sev they can hardly hear his heartbeat because he's got a really loud purr on him when he gets going
Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
I took Sev with him thinking it would be good for moral support and he peed on Sev in the carrier then he pooped next to him on the examining table
Oh poor Sev
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We used to have one of those big pet taxis. Both kitties knew exactly what it was for, and would RUN when they saw me taking it out We have since gotten one of the soft sided carriers. Neither of them knew what it was for. Sneaky Pie got into the carrier by herself, and purred in it. Mistoflees doesn't care about it either.

I say this b/c I thought that maybe changing the carrier would change how the cats saw the vet. Nope. Sneaky was purring in the carrier- until I put it in the car. Meowing started, and she carried on all the way to the vet. The only time she ever tried to bite the vet, was when she hurt her leg, and they tried to give her an x-ray. She'll try to run if you aren't watching her.

Poor Mistoflees. All he does is shake the whole time we're there. Then he wants to hide in the carrier. Since this one is soft on the bottom, he dug his claws into it when we got there, so I had to try to pry him off of it.
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Originally Posted by Green Bunny View Post
Oh, that's horrible! I also didn't know they could do that. <shudder>

Originally Posted by catcaregiver View Post
Egads! I didn't know they could do that!
Oh, they can! I used to think it was an involuntary reaction due to fear, but Jamie always manages to hit a vet or vet tech in the face, and there's a Persian mix at our shelter who hits anybody holding a comb or brush right on the hand and lower arm, so I'm pretty sure it's deliberate. Why else would they have such good aim?
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Wow, I guess I didn't think of half your cats being that horrible! They seem so sweet online!

I'm fortunate that no one gives the vets or vet techs any problems. Whitey loves the doctors chair and just getting attention. Patches and Beauty are easy going...actually Patches is so raked with fear that she just has that "Do whatever you want. just get it over with as fast as possible" stance.

Luna can be a little uncooperative, but at least she's small...so the vets win every time.

The trips to and from the vet are different stories though. Heck I'm pretty much done with car rides and cats for a while
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Oh yes I have those.
Oreo has stamped all over her file: Beware: requires sedation! She goes berserk at the vets. I know this is because she had a horrible experience with the vet when she first was adopted by us. She was taken off the streets at about 9 months old and they had her fixed...well the shelter did not take the stitches out and let them sit. So we took her into the vet after adopting her and the stitches had crusted over!!! They had to dig them out. Anyway, she now turns into devil cat when at the vets.
Tosh is fine for the vets (he just lets me know his unhappiness by pooping and such in his carrier )
Snickers and Jazz do very well. Snickers is the type that just lays there and submits to whatever.
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