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What strang things does your cat eat?

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I am so glad to learn that Hopper is not the only strange cat that eats everything - He loves peaches, apples, tomatoes, cantaloupes, honey-dew mellons, and all sorts of mellons. He also LOVES rubber-bands which really worries me - those rubber bands come in with my mail and I have to be really careful with them!

So what other strang things does your cat eat?

(Picture- Baby Hopper)
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Jorin likes broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, pasta, corn...but doesn't care for turkey or chicken (even fresh)... go figure. Tiger doesn't care for veggies, but likes scrambled potatoes & eggs with tabasco sauce. We generally offer a small piece of whatever we're eating for them, but if we leave our breakfast dishes after 'taters'n'eggs, then Tiger will lick the dish clean!
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Moving this to The Cat Lounge so everyone will see it.
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Tigger and Roo like tuna juice, but not tuna. They like to sniff everything and inspect everything I'm about to eat, but not much they will eat. If anything goes on the floor, Tigger will attempt to eat it. But not Roo. hmm, not a very good response for this thread eh?
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Peedoodle likes to eat my chicken nuggets (the kind that I cook at home) - yesterday I cut some up for him and put them on a plate and he wouldnt eat them, only would eat them if I gave them to him personally.
He also loves to eat sugar cookies - he has a real sweet tooth and I have to be careful that I dont leave anything that can be dangerous to him lying around!
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Ed ate a rubber band once. Freaked me out!!! I just found one of his toy balls in his litterbox the other day. Hope it wasn't because he ate THAT!!!
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Ophelia used to be our little piggy. She would eat almost anything put in front of her! She especially liked gravy, any kind. She even ate Chex Mix once when I wasn't looking, just heard a little *crunch cruch*. She's much more picky now, but her favorite thing is alfredo sauce, but she likes regular tomato spaghetti sauce too.
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Silas likes black olives, applesauce, and his favorite is vanilla yogurt! Oh, and he likes my toes too, as you can tell. lol
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Ivo isn't that interested in human food, but she LOVES lettuce, especially the fancy spring mix lettuces.
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Someone posted a pic of their mittens eating peas a while ago... it looked so funny.

Moogie (rip) used to eat tofu, mashed potatoes, chips (french fries), curry sauce and rice.

Boris (a friend's cat) used to eat Marmite on toast. And yes, Marmite is better than Vegemite - more sour, more intense. My apologies to the antipodeans on the site, NOT!
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My mums cat Muggsy used to eat vegemite on toast also. :tounge2:
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My mums cat Muggsy used to eat vegemite on toast also.
Did your mum get fed up of all the crumbs?
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Firstly Marmite is no way better than vegemite so there :tounge2:

Tatyana (my Russian Blue) Eats the following -
Peaches (We just shared one for breakfast)
Grapes (if I peel them)
Yoghurt (vanilla and mango)
Tissues (she pinches them out of the box, shreads and then eats)
Etc Etc Etc

None of my other cats will even look at that stuff!
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Nakita doesn't bother with our 'human' food unless it's potatoe chips or Greens+ (a nutritional powder)

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Other than the occasional bug, the cats don't eat anything strange. Pearl, however, will snag a chunk of charcoal whenever she can get it. She will, also, eat cigarettes.
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MMMMmmmm, cigarettes, yummy! LOL!

We don't give them much people food. But we will try little bits of things just to see if they'll eat it (mean people!)

Sheldon - likes the oats from lucky charms. They both like multi-grain chex. They'll both eat a little tomato and carrot, and Shelly likes apple.

They both LOVE any kind of meat or fish. We haven't experimented on Spooky yet!

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Sally won't eat any treats, she just likes her kibble. She won't even eat canned food. The only other thing she likes is the pink bubblegum flavor antibiotic drops she had for an infection. Licked it right from the dropper. Becky
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Faile tries to eat rubber bands, too. She can sniff them out really well. Sometimes I wonder why she's at a stack of papers, then I realize there's a rubber band. She has also eaten baked potato with sour cream.

Molly likes to chew on paper. Her favorite is the sticky parts of envelopes. I have to keep the bills out of her way, or the envelopes have little holes all over them. I guess I know her opinion on the bills.

Tara (now at the Bridge) used to eat Italian salad dressing and she also liked spaghetti sauce.
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Here's what my cats like!

Twinkles- Oysters, Sardines and Vanilla Yogurt.

Peppurr- Leather(he chews it), Macarroni and Cheese, ice cream, butter, toilet paper and tea.

Vader- Doesn't really like anything but cat food and sliced meat.

Mimi- All vegetables, ranch chip dip, shortbread cookies and ice cream.

Majesty- Anything that looks like meat!

Hercules- Pop, potato chips, coffee, ice cream and nachos.

Mischief- Life Savers, cookies, licorice, peanut butter toast, green vegetables and beef jerky.

Rascal- Anything that he can eat(except chocolate)!

Felix- Frozen peas, stew and apple pie.

Xena- Broccoli, cranberries and squash.
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Oh I am glad it's not just Corky who is obsessed with elastic bands, although she doesn't try to eat them she just hunts them. She is also very considerate and lets me know (loudly) when she's managed to find one

As for food she loves chips / fries, we have had to start putting her in the kitchen if we have them now as she starts to steal them from our plates. She also likes yoghurt and will pretty much try anything we offer her. Jinxy is less greedy, she normally sniffs everything, chews a bit on it and then if thats ok she will then eat it - she even does this with her normal treats the strange kitty.

When we had Cleo she really was greedy, she ate for the sake of it and would attempt to eat anything you had, or anything that smelled like food
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I thought a bag of potato chips was safe next to Stripe... but when I looked over, he would reach in with his paw, pull one out and eat it!
Shadow is too scared to anything unuasl, and oreo has some sense, but Stripe will eat anything, especially if I eat it first!
He's been known to eat pasta, peas, cookies, rice, chocolates, ice cream, cheezits, and any crumb he can find

-Sarah of Borg
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I am soooo glad to read that other kitties enjoy peaches.
Draco loves peaches and he's the first cat I've had who does, so here I was thinking it was very odd!
Orion will give anything a try really. Draco's not quite so game yet but he's getting a little more adventurous as he gets older.
Orion loves sharing toast & vegemite with us in the morning :tounge2:
His most favourite thing to eat is a treat made by Whiskas called "Cravers". He is absolutely NUTS about cravers and will bolt from anywhere in the house at the sound of the packet.
Draco's not really interested in trying them yet.
Here's a picture of Orion concentrating very hard on getting a craver off the coffee table...LOL...
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Auxana loves ice cream, carrots, spagetti,and every one loves cheese!
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Tatyana eating peach!
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Fred will eat almost anything. He particularly likes strawberry and cherry pop tarts.
Pearl loves bread. When my sister and her friend got them from some weird people in front of Wal-Mart, they asked what they ate. All the people said was "they like bread." She will still eat all she can get.
Georgia will eat anything she can steal. If you give it to her, she may not eat it, no matter what it is.
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Maggie loves cooked oatmeal. That is just about the only people food she will eat (she doesn't even like tuna!)

Prepare to be digusted...before I learned how dangerous rubberbands can be to a cat, I never paid too much attention to my cats eating them. But, one day I saw my cat running madly from the litter box. I then saw a piece of poop dangling on the end of a rubberband which was hanging out of her bottom. I had to catch her and gently pull the rubber band the rest of the way out. Now, just imagine how rubberbands stretch and then snap once they are released, and then think of the fact that I was holding on the the other end of the rubber band with the ball of poop attached. Eeeeeeew!

The moral to that story is that rubberbands are bad for kitties!
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Pearl got a "treat" tonight. She and Rowdy were having one of their romps and turned over Bill's beer. Some of it foamed up on the carpet and Pearl lapped up every bit and licked the carpet clean. I hope she doesn't expect that on a regular basis. I'm NOT taking a dog to AA meetings!
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Now that I read all of your reponses to strange things your cats eat I dont feel so bad about mine. My cat D.C. LOVES potatoe chips, he likes the crunchy noise, he likes yogurt, he likes ice cream, he likes to smell everything we eat. Cleo my snotty brat like to sniff but she will only eat her Tuna and soft cat food. Holly isnt picky she just likes food.
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My cats eat hair off the floor. That's about as weird as it gets. They also like Cheese-Its, Cheetos, Mozzerella & Cheddar cheese. They eat potato chips and saltine crackers. But, won't eat chicken, tuna, salmon or liver. My oldest cat really loves beef & gravy.
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scrambled eggs (I know that's not too good for her...)
pizza crusts
kernal corn
and in the summer when we have corn on the cob, she tries to eat the husks.
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