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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Hey Heidi: I just told my DH your story of Mojo and the ice cream then asked him if Koko was afraid on anything. His response: "Bears?"

Hmmm... could be bears. Maybe you should try an ice cream cone!

Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post

Y'know, I'll bet it's the cold that scared him! Maybe he could feel the chill of it even without touching it...?
I don't think it was the cold because she'll try to dive right into a bowl of ice cream.
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Sho is scared of anything dark that's out of place, say the tv remote fell on the floor. He'll creep up to it with his eyes all big. ...of course it doesn't help that I like to poke him from behind when he does stuff like this.

He's also afraid of tiny kittens. He can hear them meow but they don't even remotely look like a cat to him.
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I have a hilarious story back from Nikita got petrified of underpants I wrote it up on my blog ages ago. Here it is:

Now I had a couple, two friends of mine, crashing at my flat for a few days. Late one night the male half of the relationship went to have a shower. Not really anything to write home about except that there is around an inch gap between the bathroom door and the floor.

Nikita engaged stalker mode pretty much immediately and was trying to follow what was going on behind the door. There were mysterious shadows and sounds coming through the gap.

Then! A ha! Prey!! The subject in the bathroom had apparently dropped his clothes off close to the door when shedding before showering. A nimble cat paw sneaked under the door and managed to claw at a piece of clothing and dragged it half way through the gap under the door. I started giggling because the clothing she'd picked was the poor guy's underpants. I don't think she was expecting any results at all in getting her prey from the other side of the door because she freaked out and ran off into the safety of the living room before then stalking veeeery slowly back to the door, slinking with belly to the ground. Then a safe distance away she reached out one paw (still ready to bolt if there was any movement from the potentially cat eating underpants) and then boxed the underpants madly in a fashion similar to cats trying to kill bees without being stung. She immediately shrunk back after the initial assault to see if the underpants were dead or if she'd just made them angry.

They offending piece of clothing stayed perfectly still. Probably trying to trick her into loosing her guard. So she sneaked back again, one paw stretched out, trying to keep her body as far away as possible and with a herculean effort pulled them all the way through the gap under the door. Oh NO! they were much bigger than she'd thought so she darted off again, hiding behind her cat tree for a short while to assess the situation. Then she went and attacked them yet again (I was giggling madly by now, could barely breathe) and pounced on them and threw them up in the air and they swung in a big majestic arc and landed just beside her scratching post.

This really freaked her out and she ran off into the living room again. I was helpless with laughter now but she'd had enough and just kept a careful eye on the offending underpants. Not daring to go near the weirdly smelling garment.

Then there was further amusement explaining to the poor sod in the shower why his underpants had vanished and exactly what had happend.
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Originally Posted by littleraven7726 View Post
I can't believe I forgot to mention bubbles. I remember buying them thinking it was a great idea, and the cats ran and hid.
Mine, too. They really DON'T like the bubbles. Ended up giving them away. Oh, well...
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Harley is afraid of balloons too! And those catnip bubbles...

Poor Mojo afraid of that terrifying ice cream cone!
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Siggav, that underpants story is hysterical!
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That is soooo funny!!!! Scared of an ice cream cone???

Lets see.......

Kojak- he's scared of my betta fish, Blue Tattoo- he LOVES to sit in the sink in the guest bathroom and put his nose right up to blue tattoo's tank (it's a gallon corner tank). When the fishy gets ticked off - he will flare his fins at Kojak- and it freaks Kojak out He gets out of that sink as fast as he can and he high tails it out of there

Jasmine - i'm not sure what she's scared of....i think she's scared that she's going to starve to death or miss a meal (that doesn't happen)

Isabella- she's scared of everything - she's my little scardie cat we try to make her as comfortable as possible.

Velvet- she's not scared of anything i don't think- but she sure does enjoy putting the fear of God in Whiskey when he tries to chase here It's like they switch places with they typical "dog chase cat" scenario- and Velvet goes after him when he aggervates her. She keeps them in line
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
What silly things have scared your kitties?
i was putting on my makeup last week, & the kitten reflection in my hand mirror scared Firefox. mind you, she doesn't mind her reflection in the big, full-length mirror in the hall....
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Seriously I could not stop laughing at Mojo tonight!

We got some of those frozen ice-cream sundae cones. I was eating a vanilla one, had eaten all of the chocolate coating off and thought I would share. (Yes, I know where else they lick...don't care. They're cute and that must sanitize them. )

First I offered it to Trent, who does NOT like people food. Well, except for vanilla ice cream, apparently. He was going to town on it! Ssssooooo cute!

Then Mojo comes over. She's a total piglet, and most of the time doesn't even sniff before she starts eating something. If it's not food, she figures it out when she's chewing it and spits it out. Yes, we do have to watch her like hawks. Anyway, she comes over and I offer her the ice cream end of the cone. She flinched. I kid you not. I thought maybe I came at her too fast with it, so I offered it slower for her. She cowered and backed away from it! What the heck is wrong with you, kitty? It's FOOD! I offered it to her one more time and she SMACKED MY ICE CREAM CONE!!! OMG I about fell over I was laughing so hard!

What silly things have scared your kitties?
OMG...... Now that sentence is going in my next sig. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! Too true, that's exactly what I say. I share things bite for bite with them sometimes (not sweets--but approved veggies, fruits, cheeses, and cooked-but-not-seasoned meats are a big hit), let them lick my face, and hold bits of kibble in my lips for Chili to nab.

I found out all my kitties HATE soda.... they are terrified of it. If I open the cans now they go running.
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I brought a dry leaf in once and Popsie sniffed it and took off. I tried to get him to play with it but he was too afraid.
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They're all afraid of the vacuum.. nothing new.

Tiger is scared of soda... when you open it, he freaks out and runs.

The cat brats aren't afraid of much

Tonka used to be afraid of DH's guitar But now he actually likes to hear him playing
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That rocks! I would so torture him whenever I had ice cream cones

A roommate I had in college, her cat was afraid of my leopard print purse. I would chase him all over the apartment with that thing
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Poor little baby! So scared of something so yummy!
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LOL!!!!! Okay my Aunts cat is completly terrified of flip flops. You take them off anywhere near her and she puffs up and hauls rear away from them, it is soooooo funny.

Little kitty just hates my dad. And she does not like little people (kids). . . .She is funny.
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Simon is scared of the snail-shaped rug from IKEA that we have in our dining room! We had it in the bathroom, but our old kitty Wick liked it in the dining room so we moved it out there for her. Simon had never really noticed it before but he was scratching on his post outside the kitchen and I was eating at the table with one foot on the rug and accidentally my foot slipped and the rug shifted toward him. He jumped about 2 feet in the air! I did it a few more times just to see what would happen and he jumped every time! So cute and funny
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I've been reading this thread but haven't had anything to add as Riley doesn't seem to be afraid of anything, lol.

I'm sure something will come along though. The ice cream cone is just too funny
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Amadeus is terrified of the (surprise!) vacuum. When I'm done running it (it's not even that loud, I think it's just the size of it) I have to go in the closet and move the hanging clothes out of the way and pet his wide-eyed cute self and comfort him so he'll come out. Yet he'll lay on it when it's dormant...

Both my guys are afraid of sudden movement and noises. They're not crazy about when I put a new trash bag in the can. They are afraid of sudden "blanket noises." When I adjust my feet or something in bed, they take off. And whenever someone knocks on the door they go running into the bedroom to hide for a moment.

Sebastian is afraid of (or he acts like it) the water bowl. He'll sneak up on it really slowly, stick his paw out really slowly like it's a hot burner, and all of a sudden smack it with all of his might and jump back. It's hilarious.
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These stories are just too funny

Sneaky Pie doesn't like the vaccuum. Nor does she like the coffee grinder. If she is in the kitchen and we put it on, she will RUN out of the room.

Mistoflees doesn't care about the vaccuum. I can run it right next to him and he won't move

Though he doesn't like loud noises and strange people. Last year we replaced the windows on our house. The workers were going around the house taking off the old storm windows, taking old ones out etc. Just making a ton of noise. I couldn't find Mistoflees anywhere, I thought he was hiding in the backyard. I went into our bedroom, and heard this pitiful meow from under the bed. Poor Mistoflees had been hiding under there. And he was scared b/c there were strange people in his house.
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well, I found out what Posedon is afraid of!!! ME!!!! I was outside last night with the dog and I reached up to scratch at the screen because Electra is usually up there yelling at me, but his time Posey appeared. I said "hi Po-Po!!" and scratched the screen again- apparently that freaked him out so bad he leaped off the table in front of the window, knocking over my oscillating fan and half the stuff off my coffee table
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Just an update....

It wasn't a one-off thing. She really is scared of ice cream cones. I had another one last night, and it's a good thing it wasn't a ball of ice cream on the top because she smacked it good! We've GOT to get pictures of this!
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That is too funny. Oreo cracks me up cause she is scared of magnifying glasses. I kid you not. If there is one lying on the floor (because of a kid not putting it up) she gets freaked out and will crotch and run away with her belly scraping the floor. Don't you know that magnifying glasses are dangerous ?
Tosh is afraid of change. He walks into a room and say you put a magazine on the floor, he freaks out and will crotch and try to bap it with his paw. There is something wrong with that cat.
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Oh all these stories are just toooooo funny!

My girls are both afraid of Mylar baloons. Mooch will bat at latex ones, but Noodles doesn't really care for those ones either. Sometimes Mooch will bat at one long enough and then Noodles is ok with it.

Both don't like the vacuum cleaner either. I always try to warn them when I'm getting it out and tell them to go hide in their bathroom, but they seem to want to wait to run till I've started it.

Mooch is afraid of the cat dancer! I think it's because Noodles turns into some crazy wild thing whenever it comes out.
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Just an update....

It wasn't a one-off thing. She really is scared of ice cream cones. I had another one last night, and it's a good thing it wasn't a ball of ice cream on the top because she smacked it good! We've GOT to get pictures of this!

ROFL that is so hysterical! Man I love cats.

My mom's cat Athos is afraid of all food that doesn't magically appear in his food bowl. Absolutely EVERYTHING, even yummy chicken bits or meat nibblets or what have you....we put it on the floor and he gets barely close enough to sniff it before freaking out and running. Food is dangerous!
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Sibohan is affraid that the water in the shower is going to kill me because she sits outside the shower and meows for reassurance I have to keep saying "it's okay honey" thoughout my shower.
She is also terrified of the noise the katsup bottle makes when it's almost empty, you know that *PPPpptttttssss* or farting noise.
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Originally Posted by Sibohan2005 View Post
Sibohan is affraid that the water in the shower is going to kill me because she sits outside the shower and meows for reassurance I have to keep saying "it's okay honey" thoughout my shower.
Petunia actually got so scared when she was in the bathroom while i took a shower, that she peed on the floor. I talked to her throughout the whole shower and she still peed. Since then, the shower seems to be ok. She's very strange. I found out yesterday that Pepper is afraid of the repairman. He loves everyone else that comes to my aparment, but the repairman is apparently terrifying.
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Plastic grocery bags -- or more particularly the act of rolling them up for storage. They hate the noise, and I have to remember not to do it in their presence, unless I want cats squirting all over the place.
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Chynna isn't scared of anything that I can think of. Not even the vacuum or getting stuck in a crinkly plastic bag! She's a very easy going cat and takes things as they come without panicking

Abby on the other hand... well! I think the list would be shorter if you had asked "What aren't your cats afraid of!"
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