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stay safe!
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Many, Many, and heading your way mi amigo

Stay safe, We're thinking of you from here
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I see it's hit land this morning. Hope your braced for it and we'll see you on the other side. that you and others in it's path, weather this storm safely!
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Babygirl, is that Ft. Lauderdale?
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Good Morning dear friends!!!
believe me, I need at least 4 arms more and 3 PC more to answer to all montain of Mails and post of good wishes from all of you! Thanks a lot my friends for your GREAT and Wonderful Concern to us!

Here´s a bit of the history about it......
Our boss give us the order to put all pc and other stuffs in a safe place of the office.....( at noon).....It took us around 3 hours to acconditinate all and next we have permition to go home........During the way to go at home, I buy some nails and rope for put in a secury way many stuffs from home... Gema was pushed by her boss to work until night that day!......Why? because her boss don´t see a big rain he thinks, , no problem, ...well I went for her lately that night and finish to put all in secury place around 11:30 pm, very tired from that night....the Kitss ( milky and catu ) are behind us meowming and sneaking all the tools and plastic bags to put in all places...


the strong wind and the rain make us to wake up around 8:30 am, we are tired about last night, and the wind don´t stop to hit all house, whistling so hard and sounds soo evil!.......the kitts are hide under the bed, that was around 6 hours, least our area suffer a blackout from those time and we feel heat inside to home....BUT the good new that was the signal of cell phone doesn´t fall, that´s why I could to send Txt messages to Susan!.......around 5:00 pm the strong wind to convert in calm and we can be able to go outside from home!.....thanks to god NOT tree was fall!

Today we begin to put all in their place!... another hard work!

Thank you my dear friends, I have no words to say thank you!
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Rigel what a relief to see you posting. I am so very glad you guys are all ok and managed to get through the hurricane. Its also been a relief to know you were able to give us updates through Susan.
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Glad to hear from you Rigel! And glad to hear everythng is ok for you and your family!
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Hooray....Rigel and family are all OK.
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So glad to see you back and OK, Rigel. Thanks for keeping us posted through Susan -- we were still concerned for you, of course, but it helped to have some idea how things were going for you.
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Rigel I am so glad to hear you are safe!
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Gracias a dios que estas bien.

Originally Posted by Jenny82 View Post
Babygirl, is that Ft. Lauderdale?
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Rigel, I'm so relieved to see your post!! I'm so happy that you and Gema and the kitties are all well. I've been traveling and I just sat in the airport yesterday watching the news reports from Cancun and praying you were all OK. I'm so glad you are.
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Yeah Rigel I am so glad to see that all is safe for you and your family.
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Rigel I'm so glad that you, your family, and your home is okay!!
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All the good vibes everyone sent must have worked.
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Good to see you back Rigel! I'm glad there wasn't any damage. Have the cats calmed down any?
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Glad you`re all ok

So nice of your kitties to help with the work
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I´m overhelmed about your kind concern for us my dear friends of TCS!!!
thank you of Heart in the name of My Wife and Milky & Catu!
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I'm glad you're ok Rigel, and it's good to see you're back!!!
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