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Stand strong,, the cats will adjust to each other.. It took a good week of hissing and few small fights, and they were over it.. The cats will figure out whose boss and be happy.. Don't stress to much over them... They'll get used to each other.
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I switched Baby to the house and Tiny to the bathroom, so Baby would have some company today. Tiny's used to being in the bathroom while I'm at work; he usually sleeps. They really needed a break from each other after yesterday: Tiny wanted to play, and pounced on her; then she hissed and swatted at him. (Glad I clipped her nails. She could've hurt him.) So from now on, time together is supervised and short, and one of them goes back in the bathroom if there's hissing.

Baby is really calming down today. She's been lying on my bed (of course--it's soft!) and gazing at me. I started a policy of "no petting unless she starts it", and apparently that's been giving her a bit of confidence, because she knows she won't be manhandled. Likely she's had to endure a bit of that from the girls, who honestly don't know how to handle a cat (I saw one of the girls carrying her with an arm around her middle, feet dangling in midair... poor thing.) And she has 'started it' a couple of times--I extend my fingers for her to sniff; she headbutts my hand; I scratch her head... No body petting yet, that seems to make her tail twitch. Probably reminds her of the trauma of her thorough flea-combing.

Also, I've been hearing more than just the "please-please-feed-me" and "back-off-or-I'll-scratch-you" sounds from Baby. She's a vocal cat, but I had been troubled because all her sounds seemed defensive... but now I'm hearing a "what are you doing?" mew, and a "Hello" chirp. She's less vocal now that she seems more comfortable--I think the constant crying was more of a defense mechanism than communication. But she's communicating more--tail, posture, whiskers, and sound--than she was while she was in constant mew-mode.

Her posture is more relaxed, too--lying down on her side, rather than crouching. And she played today--chasing a crumpled coffee filter I messed up on putting in the coffee maker, and threw for her. I haven't seen her do that before at all--too nervous to play, even when I dangled something enticingly in front of her. So that's good.

I've been home all day for two days, except to go to the urgent care clinic for my foot (which is feeling better today--sleep does wonders). Neighbors still haven't said anything. If they don't come to ask about Baby before they move, then I'll know they don't want her back. But if they do... Poor girl... I haven't got a legal leg to stand on, and she'll have to go back. Cross your fingers and hope that doesn't happen. (I can't keep her even if they do move and leave her--I'll have to take her to SICSA along with Tiny. I imagine they will allow me to foster her, too.)
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i would first call the humane society in your area or animal control which ever is in your area then i would tell them what is going on and if they decide that this owner can not keep this cat the you should offer to keep him so he doesn't have to go to the pound but make sure you do this all legally
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They wouldn't decide that.

Think about it:

The cat is young and healthy. She lives mostly outdoors. Yeah, she has (had, now) fleas; but lots of cats have fleas. She's thin, but not malnourished, evidenced by her energy level, which is high. And she's a horrible door-darter, so my neighbors can easily make a case it's not their fault she gets out. And because she's supposed to be an indoor cat that "gets out", their not feeding her outside "makes sense".

The humane society isn't going to say anything about that kind of treatment. In Ohio, people don't lose their pets unless they're actually torturing them.

On top of that, if I make waves, all my neighbors have to do is tell my landlord I have pets, and I'm out.
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Clearly this family has no interest in this poor little kitten - I wouldn't bother with them any longer. Call animal control or take the little one in yourself, without another word to them. But! Before you do, take photos of the kitty, and make a log of what's been happening to her (as proof, should they say there's no reaso n to take the cat) Good luck with her, I'm glad she's found someone who cares about her.
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I'm not going to mention her to the neighbors. They may know she's with me, since she cries so much. Less than she does outside; but she does cry...

In any event, my plan now is to wait until they move away, then tell SICSA that my neighbors moved away and left her. They should let me foster her, along with Tiny.

I'm still picking fleas off her. Poor baby. I flea-combed her so thoroughly when I had her last time; but apparently her house is so infested that spending less than a day in the house (before she was let out again) left her with, so far, fifteen fleas I've found and picked off her with the flea comb.

Baby seems happier. She doesn't cry as much as she used to; now she chirps and mews, and I've felt her throat vibrating with a very soft purr. She also tolerates Tiny's presence, though they don't interact much yet. She lets me pet her head, and sometimes doesn't even "warn" me with a growly mew when I pick her up. (I wouldn't pick her up if I didn't have to--but sometimes I have to.)

She plays... she loves paper wads, just like Tiny. When she sleeps, she doesn't curl herself into a corner anymore. She's still gulping her food, and any appearance of the kitty treat container has her mewing as though she's starved. But she's eating well, and using the litter box competently. She lies out in the center of the room now, on her side, belly showing a little, instead of crouched into a wary bundle.

All in all, I think Baby's feeling more comfortable every day.

Somebody send "Nobody come for this cat!!" vibes, please...
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That sounds great.. Baby is starting to get familiar.. Time will always do the trick...

My girls are pigs,, they act like they never get fed either.. Chessy literally screams with meows when I have treats or wet food.. The piggy pie,, she eats way more then Angel.. I don't get how 9 lbs animals can eat soo much.. It's probably in Baby's nature to eat and eat, since she was so used to not eating,, that or she's just a pig like my Chessy...

lots of vibes they don't come get her....
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from Arizona to you that noone comes to get her. She deserves a better life.

Thank you for caring!
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Still no neighbors. Baby and Tiny are having hissing-and-spitting contests, but they haven't hurt each other, and are spending more time in the house together. They have separate feeding stations and litter boxes.

Tiny has taken to "guarding" Baby: She sits on a chair; he sits on the floor and looks up at her. Naturally she doesn't like this and starts growling... Enter another hiss-and-spit match. Tiny has also tried to play with her--pouncing on her as he does with me--and gotten hissing-and-spitting for his trouble. I think he's learned his lesson with that one. I'm using the same strategy now--when he pounces on me, I hiss at him! He seems to be getting it; he's pouncing less on me and more on his toys.

Tiny's SO socially clueless sometimes, really! (Like me. Heh.)

I think I may finally have gotten rid of Baby Girl's last few fleas (*fingercross*). I found at least 30 more the second time--that makes a total of about 100 fleas on one cat!!

Poor baby--I'm really surprised she wasn't severely anemic. I feel sorry for the girls that have to live in such a flea-infested environment, not to mention the two other cats (who never go out) and little Peanut-dog...

When Baby hears the neighbors outside, she goes to the window and mews... I find it so sad, like a foster child begging to go back to abusive parents. I have taken to putting her in the bathroom when the neighbors are outside, though I would not be surprised if they had already seen her at my window, and simply haven't said anything.
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Yes, Baby is still at my house. However, the neighbors definitely know now that I have her.

I was out putting my trash on the curb today. The neighbor's little girl came out, chasing after Peanut, their little chihuahua/Jack Russel mix. Peanut is a 4 year old dog with a lot of energy; and their mother calls Peanut her "baby"--peanut is her favorite animal of all.

I looked at Peanut today and saw that she had huge bald patches all over her fur. I called over to the girl, "Hey, what happened to Peanut? Did somebody shave her?"

"Nope," the girl replied. "She's just got fleas really bad, and she's been scratching, so she hasn't got any fur right now."

I cannot believe they just let this poor little dog scratch herself bare, rather than doing anything about the fleas--which, I know, are all over the house; but honestly, that is just no way for a dog to live, let alone two girls! (This girl has been known to be mistaken or exaggerating before. So it could have been shaving, in an attempt to get rid of fleas. If so, it was an unenlightened attempt at flea control, since fleas will happily bite bare skin and live in carpet. And, anyway, most of the fur was still there.)

The neighbor's girl at this point looked at my door, where door-darting Baby Girl was standing at the door and mewing. "Which cat is this?" she asked, and I replied that it was Baby. (Tiny and Baby look very much alike. I can easily tell them apart, but this girl is eight years old.) The girl followed me inside and picked up Baby, as usual letting her hind end dangle, until Baby started to squirm. I took Baby from her and told her I really, really had to do things, and that she should go home. This she did--leaving Baby behind.

I should count my blessings. She didn't insist on taking Baby "home". But to see that poor dog!--and the girl, dirty and unkempt, her ankles covered in flea bites--I can't believe people treat the innocent that way.

Now to see whether the girl will tell her mom.

I'm scared for Baby, and for me, too, honestly. If her mom comes over here and demands that I return Baby Girl... WHAT DO I DO?!!
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The plot thickens.

Turns out, the neighbor girl told Big Sister. Big Sister is about 16 years old.

They both came over today, and demanded entry. I let them in only after making them promise to stay only five minutes, because I have a calculus final tomorrow. The younger girl had told the older about how Baby was at my house and wearing a red collar I put on her.

I had a talk with them and found out the following:
Little Sister and Big Sister have been away lately, visiting their aunt. Otherwise, I imagine, they would've come over to see about Baby.

They live with their stepfather, a man we'll call John. I've seen him; he's just as dirty as the rest of the family. (I don't blame the girls; they don't know any better; but the adults should.) They tell me that he doesn't like Baby Girl because, when she was a kitten, she did her business on his carpet. (Baby Girl's used the litter box perfectly while she's been here.)

So when I told them about Baby mewing outside the house, they said that it was probably because John doesn't like Baby, and didn't bother to let her in. (Mom was also home; I saw her.)

I also mentioned that I had found over a hundred fleas on Baby when she'd first come here; and that she was skinny, and had been left out in 90-degree heat. While they were gone, nobody had taken good care of Baby. (They don't take good care of her while the girls are home, either; but at least the girls let her in sometimes.)

I said that, if they moved away and left Baby behind, I would make sure she was never put on the street or in a shelter.

They left without taking Baby with them.

I'm expecting Big Sister to tell Mom, and the whole family at my door next...
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No neighbors yet.

I'm still finding flea dirt on Baby; so, much as she hates it, she's getting a daily flea combing. Other than that, she's becoming much more comfortable and--I think--happier. She hardly "cries" at all now; she mews for attention, chirps hello, purrs, and unfortunately still hisses at Tiny--though that's calming down, as they get used to each other.

I bought a laser pointer; Tiny and Baby both love it. Tails lashing, pouncing, running, the whole nine yards... It even serves to distract Tiny when he's getting on Baby's nerves. Generally, Tiny has been getting the point that randomly pouncing on Baby is Not a Good Idea; and now that he's got the laser pointer to entertain him, it seems Baby isn't as attractive a target anymore.

Baby and Tiny both had their first catnip yesterday. They reacted in such similar ways that it was fun to see: rolling, rubbing their faces in it, purring, and then collapsing in a happy stupor. I shall have to schedule catnip into their days in the future; it really seems to help them relax.

I have bought a proper safety collar for Baby. It's red with little rhinestones on it... Tiny's is a plain red collar; they look like twins, with their identical coloring! Such cuteness... Though Tiny would rather be referred to as "handsome"; he's a very dignified creature, except when he's high on catnip! No dignity for Baby; she's all mew and purr and rolling over to have her stomach rubbed (yes, she lets me dow that!).

Baby has started not to want to go outside so much, too. And I've given her the idea that door-darting is Not Allowed. Usually when I leave and she goes for the door, I look her straight in the eye. Then if she still heads for the door, I hiss. She backs straight up. "Oops! Didn't mean to! Really!" I'm trying to give her the idea that the door is my territory, and she's not to touch it... So far, it's at least enough for me to get out the door myself, though I still have to put her in the bathroom if I want to pull my bike out.

Also: In the weeks I've had her, Baby has gotten out the door only once. Proof enough that it was the neighbors' carelessness and not her bad behavior that landed her outside so often.

Tiny and Baby are still separated while I'm away; but they're occupying the same house now. Still won't touch each other, though. (That's probably good, given Baby's possibly still having a flea or two hiding out.)
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