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Yes I do, and my landlord keeps it at lik 7 degrees and I freeze my widdle butt off all day long
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Window unit in bedroom only....
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We have central air, but are in the Southern US, I think its necessity here.
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Yes and thank goodness! It's 88 here right now with 95 heat index and 55% humidity. It feels more humid than that though!
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Yes I do.... Thankfully!!!
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No. but we have had such an awful summer it doesn't matter, it is so
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Central air Mmmmmmmm
Kinda required around here though
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Only in my room. I have to because my chinchilla stays in my room and they need a temp of about 70 degrees all the time. The rest of the family is jealous.
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Yep, we have central air in the home.
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Central air. I don't think I could live in FL without it.

We have central heat too... although I never really saw the point
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No real need here. We do get a little HOT weather, but little enough that opening all doors and windows and running fans in strategic spots to move the air does the trick -- and even when the day is stinky hot, it cools off pretty well at night.
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We have central air.
Thank God, or I'd have melted by now!
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Yes we have a/c! Summers here are getting hotter and hotter, the hottest can be up to 42c (108f)
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It barely gets to 70 F here (21 C) by the shore, so no need for A.C. I've been tempted to turn on the heater during the summer quite a few times, though.
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The home has central air, but the bedroom my fiance & I stay in has an air conditioning unit from like 1980-something and is quite inefficient.
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ABSOLUTELY! The heat index was over 110 yesterday and the humidity makes it hard to breath. No one but no one buys a house here without central heat and air unless they're totally hard core or super-duper short on cash.
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Yes. An airconditioner is a must during the hot humid season of the tropics.
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We have two window units. Here in Maine I only have to use them at the very most 30 days out of the year if that.
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Oh heck yeah. I'm sincerely sorry for the people without it.
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No, we don't really need one.
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Nope, never had one. Would only really use it maybe a month a year - still would be nice
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Nope and I don't think I'd ever really want one. If the climate is THAT stifling, I'd leave. Come to think of it, I did!

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Yep, when you live in central FLorida, you need it unless you will eventually go insane.
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We live in Tennessee....of course we do!!! It's sooo not an option not to have AC around here- it gets soooooooo hot! Today it's supposed to get up to 100, thursday, 101 and friday,101.
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