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I`m so glad he`s doing better and what a wonderful vet you have! At least you know he`s in very capable, caring hands and good for both of you for not giving up.

Animals have a funny way of comming through things like this. I can`t remember who it was now but someone on here had a dog that was fitting severely and he came good. I think it turned out to be food poisoning.

More vibes for Duke
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I'm about to go see him, hopefully he's doing better!!

I have this hunch that he was drinking the water from my boyfriend's salt water tank.. I've read about salt toxicity and the symptoms somewhat match up. And it somewhat makes sense becasue my boyfriend moved his salt water tank just last weekend, (leaving buckets of salt water on the floor for a litle bit while re arranging his tank). How soon does the salt toxicity take effect?

His sodium level was at 157 (when it is supposed to be between some odd number and 158) So still, that could be high. Those results were from an actual lab.

Now when the vet did their blood test, his number read 177mmol/L whatever that means, and those numbers were supposed to be between 150 - 165) although the vet said that she dosn't trust their reading for electrolytes, and that is why she sent them away to a lab...

Do any of you think that salt toxicity is a possability?
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I think it could be a imbalance of the electrolytes can cause all kinds of problems,including seizures! I think i read somewhere that symptoms of toxicity would start within 24 hours of ingestion,tho.

here's one link,info at the bottom of page
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See, the thing is he's still eating and drinking normally.. and still using his litter box... I don't know if it could be a factor, but it certainly is a possibility. I told the vet tech to mention it to the vet today, and we'll see what she says...

I've gone through everything... I can't seem to find anything that he could have gotten into... And believe me, I've checked over and over!

This is so stressful!
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I'm glad to hear that Duke (Soooo cute, by the way!) is doing better! Hopefully your trip to see him today is just as successful as the last! Fingers crossed that you get to bring him home soon!!
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Maybe if you PM a mod and get this thread moved to the Health and Nutrition forum more people with a knowledge of this kind of thing will see it and be able to give you some info on those results.

Good Luck today!
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Went to see him today!

He's doing okay. He's still very dopey from the high dosages of the Pheno. I just actually found out today that the IV isn't valium, it's just the straight pheno, so that's another great improvement! He's still having a couple episodes, but again, it's just a nose twitch!! I'm so happy my little guy is improving.

He's eating and drinking, and using his litterbox... He's actually using his litterbox to sleep as well! The tech was just finishing up washing a cat bed, and was going to put it in with him to see if he'd sleep in that instead.

The vet didn't take him home with her last night. He was left overnight at the vet, because she says that he is getting more stable by the day! He responds to his name (ears perk up, and he will look up at me).

I'm hoping I get to bring him home soon! I'm so happy that he's getting better!

You are all wonderful, and thank you for the support!!
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awwww duke is such a handsome little man!

I am so glad that he is doing much better. that is always good to hear. still sending lots of good vibes to your boy until he is home again!

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Hey everyone!

The vet said Duke is doing awesome. She said the next 48 hours are very critical for the fact of coming home. She said they;ve lowering his doages of Pheno on the IV every day...

So hopefully, in 48 hours, my little guy will be coming home!!
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Originally Posted by stellarkix09 View Post
Hey everyone!

The vet said Duke is doing awesome. She said the next 48 hours are very critical for the fact of coming home. She said they;ve lowering his doages of Pheno on the IV every day...

So hopefully, in 48 hours, my little guy will be coming home!!

And prayers that he gets to come home soon!
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Thats fantastic!

It`s so nice to hear things are going well for him. Do they have any idea what caused it yet? Whatever he is one tough little cookie

Vibes for such a cute little guy
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Just wondering if Duke made it home yet?
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Hi everyone..

My boyfriend went to visit him today, and he said that he is doing better now! He is lifting his head up to recieve pets under his chin, another vet (part time) had written on his paper that she handled him a lot today, and he didn't have an episode.

We are going to bring him home tomorrow, in hopes that he will be more comfortable and less stressed here. I have read about emergency valium tablets.. something like a suppository? I'm going to ask the vet about them ,jsut incase he has a bad episode.

See, the other problem here at home is, that one of my dog's likes to chase and corner my kitties... Duke is used to it, but it might be a little much for him when he is just getting home, so we're trying to think of something that we can do with my dog for the day...

I'm very excited about him coming home... I'm hoping that it will be good for him... and his fur brother will finally stop yowling!! (Driving me nuts)

The vet also said that they had never really gotten his seizures under control... but he's having less.. and I think it's because of the steroids? I don't know...
I would like them to do blood work again.

You know, I was thinking. What effect does deoderant have on cats? I mean if they ingest it... do you know anything?

Anywyas, I'm happy he's coming home.. hopefully things will be okay... or during that time, I can take him to a different vet...

Thanks again,

p.s here is a picture we took of him today when we went to visit... he looks like he's smiling!! He must be happy because he knows he's coming home!!

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Deodorant? Do you have reason to think he got hold of some and ingested it? Doesn't sound like something most cats would be interested in... You'd be better off though, to ask the vet re the major ingredients listed on the stick or bottle - it's a chemist's question, not one I think for guessing at.
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I am so happy for you that he is coming home! What a miracle!
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Is Duke home? Hows he doing now?

Perhaps you could keep him in one room until he`s feeling better and so the other animals don`t overwhelm him? I would expect he needs to be kept quiet untill he`s 100% so may be best for him.

Sounds like he`s doing great though! Get well soon Duke!
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Hey everyone!

He's home and seems to be doing fine!!

He's been pooping himself though, but I think that's just a side effect from all the drugs he's had.

So far this morning, he hasn't had an episode, and I've been handling him. (Giving him his 3 pills, and I even gave him a bath, in which he just sat there and looked kind of like he enjoyed it)

I've been putting him in the window, which is his absolute favourite place to be, and he loves it.

I even got a few meows out of him today, and they're good meows!!

Now the thing I'm a little concerned about is I "Think" he's peeing some blood. I Don't know weither this is something to be overly concerned about or not.. but it's only happened once...

And also, his hind legs are very weak.. he can't walk yet.. but I don't know if that's from the drugs and not walking for a week...

Other than those 2 issues, he's amazing.

He even meows at me when I open his canned food, which he used to do before all of this.. he actually tried to get up and come and get it, but I just put it in front of him for now!

This is some hard work, but I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Thanks guys!

Oh and I forgot to mention that after all of this, I'm definately taking pet insurance for him!!!
Our vet bill was originally $1154, but the vet cut it down to $854. They are wonderful!
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Go Duke!

I`m guessing he has to go back for follow ups? But I would ring them about his wee and see what they think. If he`s been so immobile and drugged up and stressed I would think it`s quite possible he may have a UTI but only the vet can tell you that.
And I guess he`s going to be feeling pretty weak and zoned out so hopefully he will start walking soon.

That`s great the vets have reduced the billSound like pretty good vets you have there.

Glad to hear he is home and looking perky.
I hope he continues to get better.
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He's got to go back in 3 weeks to check the level of pheno in his blood... I will call up the vet tomorrow, because there is no one there today, and they'll just refer me to an emergency vet, which I am not paying 100 for, when I'm already in debt to my vet lol

I will have it checked out definately.

I am hoping he'll be up and mobile soon!!
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Hey everyone,

Just thought I would update you on my little Duke.

I had to take him back to the vet, due to the swelling in his tummy. He was blocked, and they had to put a catheter in. I'm hoping that tomrrow he will come home, if he's peeing on his own.

His seizures have subsided quite a bit, they're down to a druel now. Not bad. I think the Pheno is finally kicking in.

His back legs aren't as bad as they were, and I went to visit him this afternoon and he was actually walking! Something he hasn't done in over 2 weeks!!

Now, I'm thinking that it is something liver related. They did blood work again, and his liver enzymes are quite high...

ALT (5-110) and his are at 205!

The vet said they are a little high... a little? That's almost 100 beyond the range...

I looked up liver problems in cats, and this matches up... and I read that liver problems can cause electrolyte imbalances in the brain, thus causing the seizures. I've asked for them to do a liver bile acid test, so hopefully we'll see what's going on there. The other symptoms match up too...lethargy, abnormal swelling of the tummy... etc etc...

He's doing wonderful and hopefully he'll be home for good tomorrow.

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I'm happy to hear that Duke is doing well.
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I'm glad he's doing better! Keep us posted please! Still sending lots of good vibes your way.
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