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Is this normal for a neuter fee??? Im actually shocked I think... - Page 3

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Originally Posted by rugthugs View Post
I am always astonished at the folks who are still getting neuters/spays for under a 100 bucks. I think those prices are on their way out-almost every vet in town is either completely flooded with doing low-cost spay/neuters for rescue groups or has gone corporate and has no room at all for setting reasonable pricing. their goal now is for you to purchase health insurance on your pets and if rountine surgery is affordable, fewer pet owners will buy the insurance.
I am thinking pretty much the same thing if you actually look at the past 20 years or so on animal health care. Just like human health care, the insurance companies will soon rule. (Ew!)
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Anyone have pet insurance? Is it worth it?
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When I called around for Daphne's spay, the vet closest to me charged $275 to start! They only did two spays per day, used laser and basically treated the entire experience as a trip to a day spa Would be lovely if I could afford it.

I went with our regular vet who is a lot more inconvient to get to, but ended up paying around $100 for all of it. It really does pay to shop around.
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It's been almost four years since I got a cat altered but I still have sticker shock from the annual visit for my two this week. It came to $187.00 for two and I'm not completely finished. I have to take them back in three weeks for boosters for the vaccine for the new calcivirus. I don't have to pay for office calls again, the boosters are $8.50 each, but one of my cats has to have a shot of Benadryl first and that is $21.00. That puts the total cost over $200.00. I don't remember what I paid last year but I know that is a big jump in just a year.
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INFLATION.... Kandie was spayed nearly 19 yrs ago in heat( she came at 14 -15 weeks) and it was under 75$

I looked at the insurence from ASPCA at my vet ... while the basic plan was an affordable 6.99 $ a month it only covered BIG stuff with a fair deductable ... and the more costly plans focused on SHOTS and I found not very affordable for what it covered .... AND since my vet and I agree no more shots cept rabies for my girls it would ba a waste of over 1000$ a yr for me ... and that was the best insurence I had seen thus far ...
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Thanks for breaking that down for me Sharky... Of course I could have checked into it myself I suppose (next time at the pet store) because they offer pamplets on it... It sounds like it has some benefits but Im not ready to spare 1k when all my kiddos are up-to-date on their shots as is, cept the little one who I get TODAY and he will have to go in next week to get some testing and whatever vaccines we can do.... I am glad that I checked around before going with my VCA vet... I think Im going to seek vet assistance elsewhere (not that they are bad at all, some of the desk staff is not so nice... but the vets are really kind... they better be, Im payin em ) they just charge way too much for everything.... I feel like Im being had sometimes.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
My cats/dog are not microchipped and I don't intend to do so. I grew up with dogs/cats and showed/bred cats and NONE of them were ever microchipped. No one ran away or got lost. While it could happen to anyone, the liklihood of it happening is NOT worth the $200+ it would cost. And if you have more then one cat/dog, the money can add up very quickly.
That's an insane price. The price of microchipping and registering just went up here, to €20. That's $27.34, and it's a "universal"/international chip, which I understand the U.S. is going to be switching to.
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micro chipping here is about 20 for the actual chipping and 18 for the registering of the chip
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