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You are right. I'll pm her. And you know...... I might make Flower's food myself. Maybe a raw diet might help her. I just need to find a good recipe. I could freeze and thaw.. It's a thought.
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That's great that she's doing so much better.

The grain free Wellness canned flavors average about 200 cal/5.5oz can. Again, not as much as Iams but like you said maybe better nonetheless, like EVO.

Wellness kitten has 280 per 6oz (140/3oz), I think. The numbers are at www.omhpet.com

Hope it might help.

I think some vets might have that Eukanuba high calorie food.

As far as raw goes, several of my cats are on this food:

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for her fish try sardines in olive oil... my vet recommended that for Zoey the 3 yr old I eat kitten food to keep wt on
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I'll get her some sardines today..... She will probably like that. I'll head out in a minute and get some. That is a great idea. Thank you Shaky.

Now a question... What about the barf diet and taurine? I have decided against making raw food myself due to the nature of the processed meats and hormones in Walmart. But I am not again buying a raw diet for her if it would benefit her. I am gong to check your link out beandip.

And I might end up getting the Evo..... I am just having a little trouble figuring out what is best. She is eating a huge amt of food and then sleeping for several hrs afterwards so she is preserving her calories right now. She is watching the others play at times but not playing yet so she doesn't have her strength back yet. I saw her swat at one cats tail yesterday so that is a beginning.
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ahhhh, so hearts have taurine......... Interesting...
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I really like that recipe beandip and really want to try it......... Do you use organic meat or plain from the store???
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I'm heading to the store now. I talked to a lady at a herb shop in Branson West which is only 16 miles from me and they have Smart Chicken, no hormones and no antibiotics added.

I'm going to get my ingredients for Bean Dips recipe. Hopefully Flower will have her first raw diet tonight... I am going going to walmart to get the other stuff plus some sardines.

I'll let ya know how it goes tonight.........
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Walmart now carries I think Tyson which is a BIG company that uses NO anitbiotics ... Hormones and additives are NOT allowed in USA grown poultry... So you could get the muscle meat and hearts there ( saving $$ ... here organic chicken( many times more likely to have e coli or salmonella ) is 6 $ a lb when I get "natural" ie no antibiotics and feed no animal by products for 1-2$ a lb.. I would go organic for the liver s thou
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I use the Tyson thighs. I buy them by the case at Sam's, works out to .76/lb. Like Sharky said, they are free of antibiotics or hormones.

I tried a few different sources for chicken. I tried whole chickens but after I removed the breasts (for human consumption ) there was too much bone and not enough meat...and a lot of work. The thighs work out well as far as the ratio of meat to bone goes.

For the moment I get the hearts and livers from a local ranch. I'll keep doing that if they don't cut me off. I guess they're having trouble justifying those parts, cost-wise.
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I just read this entire thread about Flower and her amazing recovery. She seems to be improving quickly now. You did such a wonderful job taking care of her. It's fortunate that you knew how to give the shots to rehydrate her. Healthy vibes to Flower and hugs to both of you.
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Ok, my kitties have had their first raw meal. Pics are uploading to photobucket right now.

But you know I have 25 baggies or so in the freezer with approx 6 oz in each bag.. Not all the cats like this. Some smelled it and walked away even though they were begging for the meat while it was going through the processor. Juan is going to buy me a grinder for the bones. Today I used bone meal.

Now, as far as Flower I put her out a measured 6 oz in a saucer in her crate. Or actually I had Juan do it as I was still bagging it up. 15 minutes pass and I hear her crying so I am thinking she didn't like it. As it turned out, she cleaned her plate and then went in the kitchen and ate for an additonal 30 minutes. She ate with more gusto the raw diet than any other cat I have. I couldn't believe it. She does't just like it......she loves it. It might be because her body is so needy right now and the others are not. They are all still on the Felidae and love it. She does not.

I also bought some cranberry capsules for urinary track health. I put extra taurine and also added some additional fish oil that I have for more of the "omega 3 oils". Plus I put a little extra salmon oil. And extra bone beal. And extra kelp. I also split the bones and scraped the "innerds" out and put that in it as well. I went to two stores and could not find chicken hearts so I bought gizzards and added extra Taurine. Another 1000 mgs.

Ah, the last pic is done uploading. Let me post.

Oh, and I like the idea of cases of chicken. I bet since we have a Tyson's factory in the town where I work and since I have many friends who work there and since my husband works with one of the managers at the sheriff's office, I bet we could get a real deal. I'll have him check on it. He buys cases of smoked port for 5.00... Chicken might be cheaper than that.

It's mostly just takes time to do this and after you have all the extra stuff you need, you dont' need to keep buying the vits all the time. So, I might slowly migrate them all. We'll just have to see. Some of them did not like it. Jimmy hated it. He smelled it and walked away. Star and Flower loved it. JJ loved it. Felix loved it as did Festus. Kissy like it. I'd say half liked it.

This is Flowers second helping. I didn't get a photo of her first helping but she licked the platter clean.

This is after her two meals. She has to be very very full...

Kissy likes it.

Star loved it.

Thank you so much. I have never seen little flower eat the way she did tonight. She ate as much as three of the other put together. There is something in it that she senses she needs.

With appreciation,

p.s. I tasted the liquid before I put any raw meat in it. It tasted horrible to me.... Yuck.. Is that kelp?........ooooooowe

I am also going to have to get some stainless steel pans for them to eat in. The tin just won't cut it with moisture food. The use stainless or plastic now for their water and the dogs eat out of stainless. Guess I need it for the cats too.
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I'm so happy that the cats...especially Flower likes the raw food.
But bless your heart, Jenn you have a stronger stomach than I do.
Just looking at that stuff turns my stomach.
It's not the raw food itself, it's seeing the cats eat it
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Well, we have decided not to feed them all raw. Flower and Star loved it the most. Flower went nuts over it. But as far as the others, it is just not feasible to do so since they don't like it very much. They like their Felidae. They also like Nature's Variety. I bought that last time to give them something new.

With Sharkey's help and advise, and Flowers input as well, Flower and I have decided to give her one raw meal a day, and one Iams a day supplemented by raw liver and sardines in oil... I am going to get some hard kitten kibbles as well... But I am going to wait a couple weeks on that. Right now she turns her nose up at kibbles of any kind. I have bought several different brands and she wants canned food, sauted fish and now she likes raw. She is a little stink kitty with a mind of her own. All the kibbles I bought her, the other cats are eating. They love it with their regular food so they have a mix.....hehe

I got to get to bed. I am working a 12 hr shift tomrrow. 8am to 12pm.... But the next day I don't go in till 4pm. So I will be able to rest afterwards.

Nite miss Gracie.....

I told Juan I could make him a chicken patty. Yummy......!!! he said NO..... I think it might be good cooked, but right now I am not eating meat. I have been strickly eating raw food myself for two weeks. No meat, milk, processed sugar, no salt and no bread.. I am so healthy it makes me sick..... hahaha
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Have fun at work...I need to get to bed myself.
The kids think they have to get up at the crack of dawn

Tell Juan I don't blame him
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Am so glad that she liked her raw, fingers crossed it helps her gain some much needed weight.
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I got up a bit ago to get ready for my long day today. Juan is in charge of her today. She has already pooped a really nice poop and had her morning antibiotic.

Here's an early pic..... I'll send another msg about 1:30am... Juan is giving her the evening dose of meds. I have a packet of raw out thrawing for her supper in the fridge. She'll be ok with him. I showed him how I give her pills this morning.

I also let her sleep with us last night. She sure was glad to be back in our bed. It was her first uncrated night.

We both feel her hair coat is much improved. She is very soft and she also has more meat up and down her backbone. She is gaining.
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You can see the improvement in her every day.
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It's 1:49am and I just got home from my 16 hr shift...

Juan is asleep right now but he called me at work and told me she ate 12 oz of raw for supper. TWO BAGGIES. He sauted her fish for her lunch.......hehe And she ate iams for breakfast.

I went to walmart after work and got her some more of her little cans of Iams plus 12 cans of fancy feast. We've never tried that before. I got her a variety pack of flavors. She is eating a liver one now and seems to really like it. It is chunky. If she eats it all I'll keep buy some so she can have alternating canned food.

And yeah Gracie, I also can see the improvement in her every day. She seems to be gaining pretty fast.

She is going to turn out to be a pig kitty and that's ok...... I would have rather have a pig kitty than have one malnourished.
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Am glad she is doing well.
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Day 7
She has eaten 12oz of raw for breakfast plus a little canned Iams. She has turned into a bottomless pit...

She looks better, acts like she feels good, and is following us in case we drop something else....

Here's from today and I am going back to bed before I have to get to work. I am tired tired tired from yesterday.

These are from her pill area. This is where I put her EACH TIME before she gets her antibiotic. She knows what to expect when I place her here. I open her mouth, chunck her pill in by hand and she swollows. She knows the routine and does it beautifully.

Before I leave for work today, I am going to give her the first helping of sardines.. I got them in soy oil.
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Wonderful pics, so glad she is doing well.
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She's looking good, Jenn.
I see someone hiding out there in the corner of the first picture.
Is that Mr. Jimmy?
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What a difference a week makes. She looks a lot better!
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Day 9

She looks very very good....... Her backbone is not as prominate and her little ribs have some covering now.... I am amazed at the speed of her recovery as well...

She has done much better than I expected. Here are her before and after pics from this week......

It shows what a little tender loving care can do..... Even when the cat has given up....... She is my little bitty miracle kitty and she knows it too... She has two more days on her antibiotics. Also , she eats one meal a day of her raw food [12 ounces]. That is her breakfast. For lunch she eats Iams. For supper she gets 6oz of raw again and some other type of canned cat food. She has either the iams or the Fancy Feast.

Sharky ... she hates sardines. Have you ever heard of a cat that won't eat sardines?? She is sooooo picky. She only eats fish if it is sauted.. So, I am eating the sardines... hehe I share with the others. Most of them like anything. But Flower knows I will give her exactly what she wants so she holds back waiting on her favorites.....Glad she likes her raw. It cost a lot get all the vitamins and stuff to put in it. She absolutely gobbles it up. The raw pushed her over the top and is speeding things along is making her very healthy. The change since she has started eating it is nothing short of miraculous...... It is giving her exactly what her little body needs and we are feeding her more of the raw than anything else. She, like I said, eats 18 oz raw a day plus 6 oz cat food. I am sure she will slow down as she feels better and better. Today I actually believe she ate a little less. So she is leveling out...
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Jenn, you've done a wonderful job.
Flower doens't even look like the same cat, she looks wonderful!

Think about it, Jenn.
Would you eat sardines if you KNEW your Mommy would saute you other fish?
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She is very very rotten...... She has her mommy trained very well.......
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Yes actually my Kandie wasnt much for sardines ... I found out my girls like the whole ones
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Wow, what a wonderful change!!
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The other cats loved the sardines. They ate Flowers'.... She just turned her nose up at them. She took about two bites before she made her decision of not liking them.

She is my raw girl..... I'm going to buy her some liver tonight..
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CAREFUL with liver... too much and youll have other issues ... 4-6 oz a week is enough ... 4 is safer
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