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Alien Bug

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Stalking the kitten in the mirror:

I didn't do it:

Do Not sniff me!

I can fly:

What's that?
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So where, pray tell, is the cuteness warning???

What a doll! Wonderful pics!
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lol those are cool.
What's that? that one is to cute.
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwww love the sniffing picture
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Awww they are SO cute together! Great pictures
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wow that little guy has an expressive face!! too cute!!
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The little one is adorable! And I just want to give the other guy a big hug!
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The big one is my Moms Persian named Boy. He loves kittens.
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He is adorable!!!
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Awwwww, sooooooo cute!! Seriously, where was the cuteness warning!?!?
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Very cute. Gotta love the kittens.
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