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I ended up sending it express mail, not Fed Ex. But you should have the pic(s) and story tomorrow (Wednesday) after 3:00pm!

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In the mail - you should get it in 3 to 5 days!
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MaryAnne~I pm'd you Boo's traits since the cat ran away with the mail somehow. Let me know if you got it.
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This next mailing is a big one! Going out tomorrow are the following:


Thanks to all of you for responding so quickly. The stragglers left will get a PM from me encouraging them to respond as well. ALL these cats are gorgeous!
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Any further news regarding the book?!?!
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OMG!!! I just got a sneak preview at three of the cats that will be in this book. The drawings are extraordinary!! They are not painted yet either, let me see if I can get two images together here: The first cat I looked at is Yola's Balie- here he is........I can't wait for this book!

Oh and another Thank you to a second mystery member who allowed this faxing and scanning to take place......welcome to our mystery club! LOL

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Wow, that looks great just as it is!!!
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WOW! That's fabulous. The expression is perfect! I am really excited about this book, and Sam isn't even in it.
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WOW! That is amazing, when will the book be ready?
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Well I just sent her the next to the last mailing this morning. Adymarie's was one I was waiting for, and it finally came. So all that are left to send her are Anne's and Bodlovers! After that- it is up to Nancy, but like she told me in the beginning, she is a quick paint artist! LOL I guess she is!

I will let you know as soon as it is ready though, and will try and post other illustrations as they come down the pike...
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Here is another one, but I don't know whose cat this one is at the moment......

Sorry about the negative background- one of my cats walked across the keyboard while the pic was transferring- I have no idea what Squirrel did! But the illustration is in white not black
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.....and I definately have to have one!!
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Following Mary Anne's PM, I've just seem the picture of my little Balie. I have to say, that beautiful drawing has captured the soul of my kitty to a T.

I've been SOOOOO busy over the past few days I've just been dipping in and out of TCS quickly, and must've missed it.

Thank you to the mysterious Ms Draw, I hope she owns up so we can all say a huge THANK YOU!!!!
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She will quite soon and we will all bow down at her feet and marvel at her talent!
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OMG!!!! Those drawings are awesome!!! can't WAIT to see Merlins!!!!
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WOW! I'm so excited! That's fabulous! I can't believe there's already pics to post! (Think I can get anymore exclamation points in here!?!)
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Oooh! I want to see my Rowdy!
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Wow!!! Like we needed anything more to get us excited about this wonderful project. That drawing does capture Baile purrfectly.

I can't wait to see my Baby Doll Ophelia!!
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bump for the night shift
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Bump again.
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