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He looks so tiny in comparison with Rosie! She looks like she's really taking him under wing, though, Susan, so you don't need to worry on her account. Sophie isn't being aggressive towards him, either, so things are going well.
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Looks like everything is going well, the photos are lovely
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I gave Jack his bedtime wet food then but him in his bed and off to bed i went. Rosie jumped up on the bed, followed by Sophie, then when the lights went out Sophie started purring like she usually does and climbed onto my lap where she got extra long scritches and loving from mum

Rosie follows him everywhere, and Jack chases after Rosie, but if he catches her unaware she'll give him a hiss and a bop to calm him down

There was no growling from Sophie this morning but she stayed out of site, so the Rescue Remedy and the Feliway look like they've really kicked in. My vet was really interested about the Rescue Remedy because they hadn't heard of it, but said their always interested in hearing anything like this

Sophie was hiding under the bed when i left this morning and as i carried Jack downstairs to put in the kitchen i lowered him down to Rosie and said "Say bye bye Rosie!", and they touched noses again, awwwwwwwwww

The vet gave me a plastic file with Jacks health record and leaflets in, and as i looked through them i discovered i have a little furry shredder on my hands!!

Note to self : Don't leave any papers lying around, especially toilet rolls!

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Didn't he like what they said about him?
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
Didn't he like what they said about him?
He's a lovable little thing, but he's a feisty little boy The girls were never like that but i know they all have a different nature which is what i love about cats

He growls a lot when he plays with his toys just like Sophie does, and i know Liz said he likes to climb curtains

I'm just pleased i didn't put the cat tree next to them
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Maybe you can hire Jack at your office as a document shredder?
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Poor boy doesn't like his press clippings!!

He is just lovely.
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Now I am all caught up on the new member of Sophie and Rosie's family!
He is adorable!! I hope in time they all become good friends, I suspect those little ladies are just seeing if they can fuss their way into having Jack go bye byes LOL
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Too cute! And he's security-conscious too!
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Dexter is a shredder...
never got over it.
Keep all important papers tucked safely away.

Have you had any sleep yet Susan?
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Awww, what a little love! LOL-looks like he doesn't like the vet much, or at least papers FROM the vet! =)
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
Have you had any sleep yet Susan?
A little, but if i so much as get up to go to the bathroom through the night he can hear and starts crying

He'll only cry for a few minutes then settle back down, but this morning he started at 4.40.a.m

Seeing as Sophie wasn't growling as much, and that she'd giving him a good sniff yesterday i went down and brought him up with us just so i could have some more rest until my alarm went off at 6.25.a.m

I'm pleased it's the weekend though, because they can spend the whole time getting to know each other better with me being there

I think the girls have done marvellous with Jack, and i've told them how proud i am of them because it hasn't been a week yet
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Rosie, Sophie and Susan are doing a wonderful job of welcoming little Jack into his new family.

As for sleep Susan....
You woke up at 4:40AM?
Why so late.
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
As for sleep Susan....
You woke up at 4:40AM?
Why so late.
It's great though because as soon as i see his little face

It's nearly 1.30.p.m here now and this is when the tiredness really kicks in
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Let Mommy get some sleep Jack.
She is suffering from kitten lag.
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You're little guy is gorgeous, Susan! and it seems as if things are going pretty well. That's great!
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He is a beautiful kitten, and he is going to be a VERY handsome adult cat!!! His markings are going to be goregous!!! I love the pics too!
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Time for an update Susan.
How are your 3 sweetie pies doing?
Rosie, Sophie and of course little Jack.
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Great thread!
I'm glad to hear little Jack is settling in so well. Sophie will come round fairly soon by the sounds of it.
Jack is a total cutie-pie. I insist that you kiss that adorable little spotted tummy for me! What a little love munchkin!!
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