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Yep. It finally happened. I'm the only one from this office, but that's just because my Mother quit on Monday. The rest of my co-workers are being put in a new program that they've been working on getting. But they only have enough space for 3 people, which is what they have left after me. I was basically told that though I've been here longer than one co-worker, he's more experienced (translation: older) they are putting them in that. That's kind of ok because I'm not sure I want to work in the other program.

My last day was going to be this Friday with 2 weeks severence pay, but because of my students (who are disabled in some manner) I said I thought it would be better if I stay till the end of the month, which is when they will close my program. They said they appreicated that, so that's that.

I'm not shocked. I'm not happy. But I don't know what else just yet. I just had to tell somebody. Oh did I mention today is my first day back from vacation???
Well that was a nice welcome back from you vacation. I hope you find a much better job, one you will like even better, good luck to you.