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I swear alot and would make a sailor blush.
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I have to admit that, although I'm not much of a swearer myself, I do appreciate the "colorful tapestry of displeasure" (great phrase!) some people can weave. My best friend (who is also my ex) and my brother are both very creative cussers, and I bow to them as true artists of the outrageous.

Anybody else remember George Carlin's "Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television?" My friend/ex has a poster that expands upon that list. It's a huge compilation that includes hundreds of double entendres and metaphors... appalling, but hilarious. And quite an achievement in research, considering that it was produced prior to the internet!
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
I'm with you, Betsy. But I know we know when NOT to.
Yeah what Neet said
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Originally Posted by Quill_luv View Post
Yes and no. I do drop the F Word occasionally but otherwise I just say subs, like "Shitaki Mushrooms"
OMG!!! I thought I was the only one that would say that.My nieces laughed at me the first time they heard me say that.
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I definately come with a "rating M for mature language". I *can* tone it down in polite company, but if left to my own devices, I will use the S-word seven times in a sentance, in a variety of parts of speech. The S-word is my personal favourite; less shock value than the F-word, but versatle in its own right, and more fun to say.

You do have to be careful, though. We were coming back from a long road trip with a friend, and got stuck in a traffic jam. From the back of the car, my (formerly) angellic little 4-year-old daughter yelled "Get outta the way, ***holes!". O.o
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I also swear alot. But it really depends on the company, as someone else said.
My 3 year old prety much knows them all, and I really have to say I'm not ashamed of that. She's gonna tell some bully off someday. And I've only heard her said one outloud, and I thought I would be mad about it, but I really am not. I think it's ok.
You just kinda have to learn where and when to use them. And when not too. Pretty simple.
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