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Yes and no. I like it sometimes. Its different and I haven't met another person with my name (tho did a search and found a few hundred across the USA). Its NOT in any baby name book or on the net either.

My mom and dad's name began with the same 3 letters and my sister also has a unique name based on the same 3 letters - all of us do

I don't like it because there is no easy way to remember it and people don't remember it at first (some still mis-spell it in my husband's family).

If I could have chosen my name, it would be Amanda - always liked the name and my nickname would be Mandy
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
If I could have chosen my name, it would be Amanda - always liked the name and my nickname would be Mandy
I don't even know what your name is, but I'd be willing to trade
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Helen - howdy from an old lady name too! :wave

I feel ya. My name is Celia...and at least in the U.S., only 80 year old ladies have that name. It is like being name Margaret or Esther.

What I do like about it though - People call me Seal (which I spell Ceal) which I like for some reason.

The advantage too is that it isn't that common. But oh boy do I get annoyed with people stuttering it all the time - even when I pronounce it correctly of course! Argh!
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Mine's Ingrid, and while I used to hate it (or at least dislike it), I'm now fine with it. It used to annoy me greatly because I'd watch the credits at the end of movies, watching for my name (just like everyone else in my school, lol), but my name would never show up and everyone else's would. There'd be 20 Amandas, 12 Jennas, 25 Michaels, etc. But not one Ingrid (I still remember my joy from the first time of finding my name in a movie, which was Born To Be Wild, about a boy and an ape, lol). But now I see my name as a pretty name, of foreign descent (I hear it's Swedish from some people, but someone once told me it's Norweigen). It still wish I had a more common name, though. It'd be cool to do a "Hi, I'm Ingrid." "Oh my gosh, MY name is Ingrid too!" then we'd both be dorks, saying "Hi Ingrid!" to each other. Ah, my childhood dream... lol

My brother is Stefan and my sister is Katrina, so my parents were learning towards European names (mom grew up in Holland, and I think dad has German roots). Too bad I don't have a real reason for my name, like being named after Ingrid Bergman or something (dad told me that was the reason, once, but it is totally a lie, lol)
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I have never liked my name and probley never will! No one can spell it right either. It is Leslye every one tries to put ie or ey.
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I see there are a few Tiffany's here. I don't mind my name and never have. I'm Tiffany Richelle and get called Tiff or Tiffany and that's about it. My grandmother (God rest her soul) would call me Tiffy and I didn't really like that. Sometimes she would confuse me and her other granddaughter, Stephanie and would call me Stiffy. LOL I miss her!!!
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I hate my name, it's one of those horribly popular ones that when I was in elementary school there were a billion other people with the same name as me.
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My name is Lydia Nichole. My family usually calls me Lydia or Nichole and Colin and most of my friends call me Nikki. It's ok. I like my first name- but i also like my middle name too and how it's spelled differently than most people with it. The one thing i HATE about my first name is going to dr. offices/etc and having idiots who can not read call me "Linda" instead of Lydia! Uhhhh it drives me crazy!! Those are two entirely different names not to mention- there is no "n" in my first name Other than that though i like my name. My mom told me when she was pregnant with me i was eithor going to be Amber Nichole or Lydia Nichole....she waited till i was born and Lydia suited me so that's what it was (i think it was the right choice).
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I like my name...Samantha Jo. I used to hate my middle name, but over the years I have grown attached to it. When I got married I dropped my maiden name and kept my middle name, I like it so much!!

I hate the nicknames though... Sam, Sammy, Sammy Jo especially. I prefer to go by Samantha.

Oh, I was named after the character in "Bewitched"!
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I hate my name Paula and middle name Marie. So blah and boring
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I like mine okay. I was the only Jan until I got to high school.

Parents chose it because it can't be shortened like their names. Unfortunately, I had long battle with one new teacher who kept insisting it had to be Jane or Janet or Janice.
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When I was a kid, I absolutely hated it. Libby is short for Elizabeth, which happens to be my middle name. Every year when school started, I'd have to train a new teacher--they called me by my first name (which I didn't know was my legal name until I was about 35!), and I never understood why. Then they'd try to figure out what shortened form of Elizabeth they would call me--Beth, Betty, Liz, etc. There were very few Libbys in the world back then; I still can't find anything personalized in stores.
After I started working on my family history, I discovered I was named for my paternal great grandmother, at the request of her son (my grandfather). Now, I feel honored to have been named for the woman I never knew (even if she didn't go by "Libby").
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I HATE my name! My mother forgot that there were other names out there, and named all 3 of her daughters Maria. She even gave us long ugly middle names.
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My name's ok, I don't feel very strongly for or against it.

My parents named me Marie and my middle name is Anne. They chose that for practical reasons... so I could later have the choice of being Marie, Anne, Marie-Anne or Anne-Marie (all pretty common names around here).

Now being mostly around English-speaking people (and especially when I lived in Ontario), people have mis-pronounced my name all the time and called me Mary, Maria or Murray (ok, that was just my ex, and he did that to bug me). Mary and Maria I don't mind.
My nephew also calls me Mayi

When I was a kid, there were a lot of other girls named Marie-Anne, Marie-Claude, Marie-.... and people would always call them Marie for short. It kind of bugged me cause it was so confusing.
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
I know I always have to double check the spelling. I've always wondered though... how do you say your name?
Eth as in Ethel and Ne as in Never

and don't even get me started on my middle names, they couldn't go with one they had to make the family happy and give me 3 dumb middle names, but at least they are all pronounceable
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My name is "Linda" and I like it just fine. My parent's gave it to me and it's been part of my identity for 45 years. I wouldn't change it.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Ugh when what seems like 60% of the female population is named "Jennifer" or "Jennie/y/i/ey" like gets annoying. I walk into any store and if someone calls out "Jen" 5 heads turn.

I've always been in class where there are at least 3 Jennifers (except my Masters-THANK GOD).
You know what's weird is that there is an extremely high concentration of Jennifers in the flute-player world...higher, in my anecdotal experience, than the general population. We have 2 teachers (out of 4) and 3 students (out of 16) named Jen/Jennifer/Jenny! And I've never been to a masterclass or festival where there has not been at least 2 Jennifers.

My first name is Allie, which short for Allison, and I like neither. I was almost Amanda, which I also dislike. Allie makes me sound as though I'm a junior-high age cheerleader, and Allison like I'm a stripper or high-maintenence b(rat) or something. Neither are very "me" and I wish I had an "older" sounding name so that people would sort of take me more seriously. It's just not very take-charge sounding to answer the phone "This is Allie".

My middle name is Lia, which I love. It's actually my Grandma's maiden name...the whole girls getting mom's maiden name is big in my family, but my mom's maiden name (well, actually her current name since she didn't change it) is Heck, so she didn't want to bestow that...It's pronounced the same as "Leah"....I wish I would have known as a child that people could go by their middle names...I've always preferred Lia to Allie/Allison
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Ugh when what seems like 60% of the female population is named "Jennifer" or "Jennie/y/i/ey" like gets annoying. I walk into any store and if someone calls out "Jen" 5 heads turn.

I've always been in class where there are at least 3 Jennifers (except my Masters-THANK GOD).

Then when Forrest Gump came out, I had so many people doing the one liners from that movie that at first it was funny...then it got old. Especially if someone does it now. :rollseyes:
I have 4 cousins on my Fathe's side named "Jennifer" and 3 on my Mother's side.
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Mine is Kelli Jo. It was okay when I was younger, but I don't feel like it grew up with me. Now I'm a middle aged (ouch) woman with a child's name. Of course, nobody ever spells Kelli correctly. They always spell it with a y or ie at the end. When my friends and I go out to the bars, my alias is Mona. Actually, I've come to like Mona (my evil twin!)
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Since my father was career Army, we moved a lot when I was a kid... and on one move when I was nine, I decided to go by a different name when I arrived at my new school. The idea was that I would be a different person, and things would go better this time.

It didn't work -- I was still the same old me. But next time we moved, I changed my name again, and it stuck. I was still using it when I arrived in Austin right after high school, so it ended up sticking for another fifteen years. When I moved to Dallas, I took the opportunity to go back to my real name, which I was finally mature enough to accept.

So I was born Carol Marie... became Diana... then Julie... and finally back to Carol again. And now I love my real name -- it means music!
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My name is Pamela Diane. I dont have a problem with it, but everyone changes it to Pam. Pam is just so short and blah. My family calls me Pammy or Poomie ....... and a tiny few call me Pamela and everyone else calls me Pam. What can you do.

Originally Posted by MuttigreeMom View Post
And of course, I was always called Mandie.. which is not a bad nickname, except for the Barry Manilow song. You see the first time my mom played that song, I was very little and started crying hysterically when he got to the "So I sent you away..." part. When she asked why I was crying I said "But I don't want to go away!" She thought this was so funny, that every time relatives came over she'd play the song, I'd cry and relatives would think it was hilarious.
Im so sorry but this is so funny!

Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
I hate my name, no one can say it or spell it

I would change it but I have no idea what I would change it to and now that everyone knows me as Eithne they probably wouldn't use it anyway
I love your name!
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
I hate my name, no one can say it or spell it

I would change it but I have no idea what I would change it to and now that everyone knows me as Eithne they probably wouldn't use it anyway

I can spell it Eithne Eithne
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I don't mind mine..... It's Alycia... Pronounced Ah-lee-sha.. I've never seen it spelled the same way.
My middle name is Rina....pronounced Renea

Both my sisters have uniquly spelled names.. Tammie and Traci.... Thanks Dad!

My boys are Justice Christofer..with and f, not a ph.... And Deacon Leonard
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Well mom and dad had the name Sharon picked out however....when they found out yes in the delivery room that there were going to be twins another name had to be thought of. I think mom thought of Sharon and Karen-YIKES!! Thank goodness Dad had a cousin named Karen so that was out-so I was named Gail.
BUT I was the firstborn should I have been names Karen??? But noooooo.
Anyhow my name is a pain as most people spell it wrong. My middle name is Lynn-I thought of Gailynn but that would probably be worse!!
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I've gone by my first name, I've changed my first name, and I've been called my middle name. I've had three different last names, too. My favorite name is SwampWitch.
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My name is Bonnie Sue. Mom was considering Bonita Suzanna but even I agree that is too much for a little girl from small town Missouri According to my father and his mother, I was supposed to be named Florence Ethel after his mother. Thank god my mom changed it at the last minute. Father wasn't there when I was born so she used the name she liked. His mother was so angry she hated us all. She wasn't a good person. So glad I wasn't named after her!

Things I don't like about it: Boys calling me suey suey, like they were calling pigs in for dinner. Being called Bonnie Sue instead of just Bonnie. At least it isn't too common and easy enough to spell. Although people often misunderstand it so I have to say, "Bonnie as in Clyde" or "Bonnie as in lies over the ocean". We really need more noteworthy Bonnies in the world! Always wanted a classy name (in my eyes) such as Elizabeth.

I have an old friend whose mother named the kids: Brandi Lynn, Brian Lynn and Brenda Lynn. I have never understood the reasoning behind naming kids such similar names. Only my sister and I even share one initial.

I named my sister, she is almost 13 years younger than I am. Mom wanted to name her Amy Colleen which is very pretty. I chose the name Larissa Star. Too much ssssss action going on there, but hey, I was 12! She goes by Larissa (la-REE-sa not la-RISS-a) but we call her Star___ often. Such as Starbrat or Starlove Turns out Larissa is a very common name in some areas of the world.

My brothers have regular names such as Dennis Edward, Russell James and William Gale.
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Oh something funny i just thought about- hehe and he can NEVER know i told ya'll:

Colin's middle name is: WINGATE i named one of my bettas that just to tease him once- it was funny
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I love my given names When translated it means "fair and just princess of the sun"
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My mother wanted to name me Amberlynn Marie Hanks but my dad didn't like it so they dropped the marie(my mothers middle name) and separated the amber and lynn so i am Amber Lynn Hanks(possibly Self in the future ) the stupid doctor said i was male and she had a name picked out but i don't remember it. i like my name. if i wanted to change it i would change it to something like elisabeth, a long name that sounds cool.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Im so sorry but this is so funny!
No need to be sorry. When my mom first told me the story I was so horrified that she would do such a thing. Now I think it's absolutely hilarious
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