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Christmas Party Pics

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Laurie had this great idea. She suggested a Christmas Party Pics Thread so, I am starting it. At the same time, you can view my extensions!!!

Here goes....and, keep them coming!!!!!
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And one last one:
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Ghyslaine - THANK YOU! First of all, the pics are wonderful! You look glamorous and gorgeous! And BTW - your hair looks great! I love the style you chose, and it looks so good on you. It really does look natural. And it looks like you were having lots of fun!

...if I were you I wouldn't be too disappointed if there aren't other pics yet... isn't it a little bit early for Xmas parties? I guess here in the States we're used to thinking of them being after our Thanksgiving...which isn't until this Thursday. It's really late this year. (So of course all the retailers are crying because there are six less shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas).

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...but of course, there's nothing preventing anyone from scanning and posting previous year's Christmas Party pics.... (hint, hint)

(I don't have any or I would...)

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Thread Starter definately is early. believe it or not, I've already been to 2. One on friday night and the other on sat. I have one last one on Dec. 7 (hubby's firemen party). And then, that's it! relax time for me.
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Ghys - your hair looks beautiful! Seriously glamourous! Are those nail extensions I see also, or are you one of those lucky girls who is able to grow her nails?

I won't be going to any Christmas parties this year, but I might be able to find some old pics to photograph and post up here - I'll have a look later today.
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Wowee!!! Love the hair!! You look FAB!!!
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VA-VA-VA-VOOM! The gal in the background is looking DAGGERS at you! Guess you surprised a lot of people.
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Thanks guys! nail extensions! But, I do get the gel overlay to strengthen my nails.

Hope other post pics too! Can't wait to see everyone else all decked out!
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You look simply M-A-R-V-E-L-O-U-S!

I'm sure it felt wonderful to have long flowing hair! I'll think about doing that for next year!
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Eat your heart out, Britney!
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Ghys parties down! Looks like you had a great time & I think you looked beautiful!
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Wow!!! You look awesome!! I love the extensions!!!
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I didn't want Ghys to think she was the only one brave enough to post Christmas Party Pics, so I had Earl take this of me before I went. He couldn't go with me because he had to work. We went to dinner and a play, like a dinner playhouse thing. It was a lot of fun.

So here I am!
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Heidi, you look fabulous! Is that dress crushed velvet? I think that there is nothing more elgant than black velvet. (as sit here in my new black velvet jeans).
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Yay! I'm so glad Ghys wasn't the only one to post! Thanks Heidi - and you look FABULOUS by they way! I agree about crushed velvet - it's so elegant! I can't tell from the pic if your dress is black or green (Christmasy!), but either way, the dress is gorgeous too!

Sorry Earl couldn't join you, but glad you had fun anyway!

I WANT MORE CHRISTMAS PARTY PICS! We don't have one to go too, so I have to get my fix through you guys!
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WOW!! You both look great! Very glamorous!
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Heidi and Ghyslaine, You both look great! It's so much fun to get dressed up like that once in a while. Love the dresses!
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I'm not working and Bill's company doesn't have a party. We ARE going out to dinner, Christmas Eve, with Bill's sisters and brothers-in-law. I'll take some pix of that.
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Thanks Cindy - looking forward to it!!!
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What a great picture, Heidi!!! You look SO lovely!!!! I also love that dress!!!!!!
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It's black crushed velvet. I love velvet, and being a former club-going-Goth, I have a LOT of black velvet and crushed velvet dresses.
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Heidi, you look lovely. I'm partial to velvet too - the blacker the better (being an ex-goth also . . .)

I've searched everywhere for crushed black velvet, but it's obviously not 'in' this year in the UK. Drat!!
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Ummm... I would post photos! But THANK GOODNESS none were taken!!!
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Both of you look really good

I don't thing there are any photos of me from our christmas do, which is a good job as knowing my look I would have had my picture taken next to the 2 dollys :tounge2: (2 nice girls but leggy blondes in skimpy santa outfits) which probably wouldn't have done much for my self esteem

I decided not to dress up to much, and just wore black trousers with a low scooped neck black top with glittery diagonal stripes on it. At least with trousers I didn't have to worry about embarrasing myself if I got drunk and fell over.

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You know what's funny...Earl and I were downtown shopping and a couple decked out Goths walked past us. I looked at Earl and said "We used to look like that. We used to be cool like that, what happened to us?" LOL I SO wish I could dress like that again. This real life stuff sucks!
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