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You are doing so well! You're a natural I just LOVED your descriptions of the kittens They are all perfect Thank you for all you are doing and for providing good homes.
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I am in the process of weaning my own little kittens. They didn't really want anything to do with solid food, so a friend told me to try using Gerber's lamb-flavored baby food (but only use Gerbers or Beechnut, because other brands have a certain ingredient in them that are bad for kitties). I mixed a little bit of the baby food in with their milk formula (I use KMR) very thoroughly so it was like a very thin milkshake. They drank it up eagerly. And at each meal, I've added a little bit more of the lamb-flavored food to each one. Now we are up to a thick, smooth milkshake consistency. Now they will nibble at the dry, solid kitten chow a bit, and eat a little bit.

The baby food has a strong smell, and that helps, I think. This is working great for my little ones, so I would recommend trying to use baby food mixed in with their milk formula. But again, if you do, be sure only to buy either Gerbers or Beechnut brands. If you can't find those, you'll definitely want to stick to wet kitten food.
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Oh, and to kind of add to what wookie130 said, by week four they definitely should be able to learn how to go to the liter box on their own. I use a paper-based kitty liter, so that way I don't have to be afraid of them eating the clay clumps in normal liter.
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Kittens started eating on their own.

I put their 'milk' in a shallow bowl yesterday, and they rolled into it, wetting themselves from nose to tail, but somehow realized it's eatable. First they started sucking on it, but after few tries they started licking.
I got them Friskies Junoir dry food (soaked it in milk over night), and this morning i only added more milk over it. It looks like they like it.

We are not using the syringe anymore, and every day we are becoming more and more independent kitties.

Now my only job is to clean their box, put some heaters in it (i use plastic bottles filled with hot water, wrapped in old socks), and of course, to dry kitties after meal. They all climb to my lap after eating, then we dry ourselves with towels and clothes, then play around a bit, and after that we fall asleep.

Now we walk on the floor. The bunny was sniffing around a bit, and I tried introducing them, but he's not very enthusiast about it. We'll try again, when kitties grow up a bit more.

Here are some yesterday's

Am i not cute? See, I've got the Look!! See? Do you see? Are you looking? Look at me....

I found something interesting there, i am not sure what is it, is it a bird, a plane, or the wall? I am not sure...

It's time for me to feed on my own. One day I will even learn to open it, just you wait...

Mommy? Milk? what? What? WHAT? what is that thing there?? I will call someone to help me solve the mystery...

Oh, brother, you silly cat, it's just the camera. It won't bite you. See how brave i am, coming towards it. Follow me...

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how cute!!! im so glad everything is going well , you have done a wonderfull job with these babys.
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They are beautiful and you have done a wonderful job being these babies mommy.
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aww those babies are so adorable

You are doing a marvelous job, when you think from your 1st post to where you are today - as said before you are certainly a natural You have got something to feel really proud of

Well, give all those little cherubs a gentle tummy rub from us and thanks for all the update & photos
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They Are Sooo Cute!
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OMG, they are so cute! Thank you so much for taking care of them.

This thread should help me, since I just got 4 little babies.
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If we managed to come to this level, without any experience in raising cats whatsoever, and without any presence of their mommy, i'm sure you will succeed! Good luck!

just be patient, gentle but firm, and everything will be allright. Please send some pics of your kitties a.s.a.p.

greetz from this little zoo!

p.s. wet T-shirt competition pics arriving soon
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Your a wonderful person,Keep up the good work.

And dont be shy on the pics
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Originally Posted by Lacy's Mommy View Post
And dont be shy on the pics
We are sorry for few days' silence, we had some really important business here: to learn how to play, how to purr every time we are in her hands, how to poo and pee all by ourselves, and how to stay out of that horrible box (ha! we tricked her, now we only stay there for night)

Anyway, for all cat lovers, we have prepared a little surprise! We were working really hard, every day and every night, all day and night long, and now we are ready to show our achievements!!

Click carefully, so you wouldn't miss something!!

Be sure to revisit from time to time, since we are still putting so much effort in this


p.s. we are sorry, but we speak only our language, so far, so comments might be unrecognizable to most
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Oh they are adorable!
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Marina, you have done an amazing job with these little ones! I remember my first orphan litter, I was so scared and at the same time so proud as they grew. You will find, that those needing you will find you throughout your life.

They are beautiful babies and you are a wonderful person for taking such good care of them.

I love your updates.

PS. your bunny is darling too.
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The little ones are looking great.

What does the bunny think of the kittens and what do the kittens think of the bunny?
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Thank you for kind words, I am giving my best, and it seems to pay off.
I was teriffied at first, afraid I couldn't even keep them alive. They were so little and fragile. I've never had a cat, or had a close contact with kitties.

And now, while I'm typing this, Chubby Gray is sitting in my lap (he climbed here himself!), Tiger is looking at me, Tunja and Shadow are rolling around, playing, and I am so happy and so proud....t

The bunny is mostly ignoring them, and when they bug him, he's calm and patient. He's a bit jealous, I must admit, because I'm spending some of his time with them, but we make it up before sleep (he sleeps on my pillow) and when we wake up in the morning. We still have our little rituals. Bunnies are very smart animals, trust me on that one.

Kitties are using a part of his litter to do their 'job', and I'm amazed how fast they have learnt that, noone showed them...

I have to give kitties away, before 12. of MAYl

I'll convince my bf to take at least one of them

Best wishes 2 u all!
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