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Well I went and saw her and hugged her held her and snuggled her for about an hour I took her a blankie and a mouse she rubbed all over me
She looks the same like nothing is wrong, It broke my heart when they came to take her back she has IV in her little leg. She is still not eating or drinking on her own or going potty. They have to force feed her and express her bladder, She said the reason she isn't peeing on her own is because it probably hurts her Plus they are giving her stuff for the acid in her tummy,
Oh man it's hard to imagine hard to see her there. I didn't cry while I was there
I did talk to the Vet she brought the x rays in her kidneys are very large And she showed me all the blood work, She put some vitamins in the IV. I will have to wait till they do the blood work tomorrow and HOPE & PRAY they have came down, I don't know what else she may suggest after that.
I know she's scared but she has been very good to work with. She has to eat & drink but she hasn't. I don't know what else to do if things don't look up some. I made it clear that I do not want to have to put her to sleep if theres something else so I have to wait.. I am so Heart Broken I can't even explain it at all
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Hopefully by tomorrow the meds will do their work and Cammie won't hurt as much. I am keeping you both in my thoughts.
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I am sorry Cammie is having trouble peeing too..I hope she has a comfortable night, that her values are starting to improve. I agree with whoever (sorry don't recall) posted that the pain meds might also be decreasing her appetite, though with the numbers you posted, I think it's because she's feeling punky.

If you'd like the url for the support list I belong to, pm me, you could run everything (lab values, all the issues...crystals, crf) by them.
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Lois, many prayers still coming that way. PLEASE keep us updated.
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More vibes for you and Cammie. {{{{{}}}}}
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for you and Cammie

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Oh This is so sad! We are thinking of you and Cammie!
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Lois Cammie

I hope your girl turns a corner and is doing better soon.
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Sending some more }}vibes{{ for Cammie and
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oh Lois I am just seeing this now. I am so sorry that Cammie isnt well... please know all my thoughts are with you & Cammie right now
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For so many kind words and ask you to please say a Big Prayer for My Girlie to be better today so we can get her to eat and drink and make her feel good for a while longer. I am so lost thinking about her, I want to have her home so I can take care of her. Even Dunkin was looking all over my room last night I know he was looking for her
Its so hard to look at her and think she doesn't even look the least bit ill but I know she is very ill. My Heart goes out to anyone who has been through this I never realized how bad it could be.
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Sending BIG {{{{vibes}}} and prayers your way.

Get better Cammie please

Your meowmie loves you and so do we.
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i am keeping Cammie and you in my prayers.
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Sending lots of prayers and hugs from Mississippi for you and Cammie, I hope she is feeling better today.

I am also doing the pee pee dance for you

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Lois, I've been thinking about you and Cammie. It's sweet that she's trying to put on a brave face for you too. I've got my fingers crossed for good numbers today.
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Lois, I hope you got some sleep.....please know that all our thoughts and prayers are with you and Cammie today.......
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Lois you've got so many people around the world here transporting ((((((((healthy vibes)))))))) for your little girl

Poor Dunkin as well
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Add me in, I am praying from my heart for the sweet girl and hope she recovers well thro all this.
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Hi - just thinking about you and your baby again today. Sending prayers your way..... cats are very resilent, she is in good hands, I hope she starts eating and drinking soon.
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Keeping you and Cammie in my thoughts today.
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I am still keeping you and Cammie in my thoughts and prayers and hoping that she gets better soon.
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Lois still thinking about you and Cammie and keeping you both close in my thoughts and prayers
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Lois, lots and lots of vibes and prayers on their way to sweet Cammie and her Mom
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Checking in on you and Cammie Lois
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Thanks to all of you I will probably hold my breath all day until I hear from the Vet..
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Just came across this thread today. I'm praying as well. And I'm so very sorry you are going through such a difficult time. Please try to stay encouraged.
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Thinking of you and hoping we will get good news soon...
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I'm thinking of you and Cammie and hopefully you'll hear great news soon! Don't give up! Stay positive and strong.
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OMG she's better I am soooooooo Happy I don't care if it's just whatever time it is, the levels went down significantly They are going to keep her today and do the fluids again and I get to bring her home tomorrow Thank You !!! You wonderful people so much for all you Vibes and kind words I am so Glad I have to call DH and tell him
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