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the Daily Thread Monday March 27

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Morning all.

It's Monday, what else can I say?

How about a holiday for creating your own holiday?

I'll have to think on that one....
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Good morning all. Create your own holiday holiday, hmmmmmmm interesting concept. I like the mental health days personally. Wish i could use that to get a day off though.
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Morning everyone!!! Today is run 2 of your kids to the eye Dr. day for me. I can not stand to have to wait on Drs to come in and do their exams.....makes for a LONG day.
Other than that,not much going on.It's going to be in the low 80s here.
Have a great day all.
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Good morning everyone, coffee is ready
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Gotta get ready to go greet the little rug rats, I hope everyone here has a great day, C U when I get home this evening.

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Morning chicks!! A gorgeous sunny day here, but slightly chilly. Oh but you should see the tulip bulbs sprouting that i planted off Gil

At the dentist tonight to finally starting the whitening procedure then grocery shopping
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Good Morning! Monday Monday. Restarting WW today. That is always fun. Not! But gotta get back with it! Hope everyone has a great day!!
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Yet a sunny and very warm day ahead!! Its already 60F (normal high 43F) its supposed to be 75F. Got a load of laundry ready to hang out in a couple of minutes. We got a little bit of rain last night but we were under a tornado warning for several hours-northwest of here they had 1 1/2" hail and very strong winds.
Gonna work in the yard today-Bobber has a check of her stitches at 2 pm.
Bought a new pruning saw-(found a great website) and won a solar light post with 2 plant hangers off of ebay!!! Enough shopping for the day.

Have a good one!!
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Good morning!

Today is election day here in Quebec. I'm just waiting for voting poll to open so I can go vote for a candidate who doesn't have a chance of ever getting in.
Ah well, at least I'll participate. The race will be a very close one between 3 major parties, but I don't like either of them. One of them I really hate, the other two I don't care.
Quebec politics is usually really pointless and/or annoying (more than most other places, believe me.)

So I get to make up my own holiday for today? I think in my case it would be "idiot" day. Classes are supposed to be cancelled today, but our class agreed to show up anyways.

not smart.
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Morning. Will let you know if it's good after the Aleve kicks in. Back is aching.

Anyway, spring break in our area and I am jealous as it is warm and sunny and it never was when I was in school! The weather would be nice the week before and the week after but never during spring break. *sulk*

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Chocolate Day sounds good, but it seems like it is Idiot Day here

Pouring with rain here - so much for the warm weather we were promised

Other than that, just work and a quiet evening invoicing at home
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I overslept and was late in for work. Now I only start work at 1pm, how on earth is it possible to oversleep that late? I woke up at 20 past 1

So I think my holiday for today should be 'International oversleep and be late for work day'
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Woke up to the sound of thunder this morning. Then got a really nice cuddle from Pushkin.
I think this is my last Monday off for a while. Better make it count by doing all the housework I have planned. Yeah, I think I'll be on here most of the day.
Have a good one, everyone!
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Originally Posted by marie-p View Post
Good morning!
Good morning Wormy! I've been missing you!
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