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I understand that sometimes too much damage has been done to ever go back. I have a relationship (or should I say a PAST relationship) that I wish more than anything I could mend, but sadly it's not possible. sigh. so is life.
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Thank you for your understanding! I'm sorry it's happened to you, too. It's amazing how powerful a sense of loss can be.

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Mr. Cat....

Thank you for telling us your story....I am also sad to hear that Tonya did not realize the true friend she had in you, but I can understand with all the backstabing that she had to put up with, and the horid medias attacks, it was probably difficult for her to weed out who was and wasnt her true friend.

I pray someday she realizes it.
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Thank you, for your kind remarks. I'm leaving The Cat Site, by the way. I shall miss you and many of the board members here; but I cannot abide the discourtesy and rudeness which was leveled against a person (on another thread) who came here seeking help. I shall not be responding to further posts, but please know you and many others from The Cat Site will be in my thoughts. Say good-bye to them for me. Bless you!

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Mr. Cat,

I hope I am not the reason you are leaving the catsite. If it is PLEASE stay. I would hate to think I that I was the cause. I have been very depressed and "anxious" lately, to the point of having an anxiety attack in my car this morning. Sometimes it is out of my control and I feel helpless. If I offended anyone I sincerely apologize. I do have a tendency to get "heated" when it comes to issues such as declawing and I know there is a more polite way to discuss these issues. But when you're in cat rescue as I am (as well as Sandie and Rene) the ignorance of some people grate on one's nerves like nails on a chalkboard. I will avoid such issues in the future if it'll make you change your mind.

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Originally posted by Mr. Cat
I'm leaving The Cat Site, by the way. I cannot abide the discourtesy and rudeness which was leveled against a person (on another thread) who came here seeking help. I shall not be responding to further posts.


first off, i have not seen this thread you are referring to
nor do i know which person(s) participated, but, i must say,
whatever happened, it will happen wherever it is you choose
to go on-line, or in life, will it not? why not try talking
with that person or persons instead of this (in my opinion)
dramatic goodbye - you have 200 posts here, you have been
here since i invited you to take a look at this site, and
we have all enjoyed your posts and company, and you decide
despite all of that, you are just going to leave, leave
without even responding to other peoples goodbyes! i think
that surely isnt fair, nor courteous.

...and i must add TheCatSite forums, and the people here are
a beautiful community, everyone here, that i have "met" has
been kind and made time for me, but they arent perfect. we
all have bad days, and bad moods, and moments of rudeness,
or just plain honesty despite other's feelings.

if you wish to leave this place, that is your decision,
though i do hope you give it further consideration, one incident,
in my own opinion, would not merit me leaving this kind, and generous group.

like i said, i dont know what you are referring to, but, i
do hope you give it more thought. whatever happened, and
with whomever it was, i hope you can get over it, i'm sure
it isnt worth it.

[Edited by blue on 05-03-2001 at 08:45 PM]
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Okay, I walked off (so to speak) over the way the above-mentioned matter was handled. But I'm back. And the reason I'm back is that Blue, Donna and Three-Legged Kat convinced me (though you diplomatically avoided putting it in so many words) I'd be a big jerk to just stomp off over this disagreement. They're right! I'm sorry to have abandoned ship in the midst of a stormy sea, but I couldn't stay away. Silly me. I'm here for the duration.


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Well gee.... did I even have a little part in convincing you to stay with us???

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Yes, you did! Thank you!

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Thank God, you are back, Joe. I read an e-mail from you this am and responded before I read this post. I would have missed you terribly and am glad you have decided to give us "gals" (PMS and all) another chance. . . . . . . . . I look forward to more conversations with you, but I was not going to beg you to come back because that is not who I am and I hope all Site members will take anything I say, or have said, as "of the moment" for I know I say some off the wall things sometimes......Love you, Mr. Cat as well as Michaelena and Tonya.
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i'm so glad you have decided to stick around!

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Thank you!

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I read the stories and WOW they blew me away, I must confess I cried

I would live to write something to add to this but last night I broke up with a man whom I love very very much. It was a very had decision to make but I believe it is for the best.

So I will give myself a few weeks of healing and hopefullt this thread will still bwe going and I will come back to it
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I'm sorry Amanda - I know it will take awhile but you will heal. Before I met my wonderful husband I left the love of my life for various reasons and it just about killed me - but happiness does await if you just stop looking for it.

One of my most important moments of my life (although not the most) was when I earned my black belt in Tae Kwon Do! I started martial arts at the age of 40 and earned my black belt when I was 44 - the test was 10 hours long, grueling on my poor tired body and I had a dislocated jaw at the end of the test in a sparring match - but I was very proud of myself because I had done it. It was very important to me because of the discipline and help that martial arts gave me and my two daughters when I was a single mother. I became an instructor for children and I still judge tournaments for my instructor. I quit smoking because of martial arts, which really was an accomplishment.
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