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You have every right to be !!! I wish you had been there & given the paramedics & dr a piece of your mind!

I just hope your mom gets better soon.
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Oh Leto I just saw this thread!
That's ridiculous! How can they make an assumption it is the cats, when she is sitting there saying this was the way it was when there were not any around?

And is that good health care to just make wild assumptions and discharge patients? I'm mad with you sweetie! Please keep us posted.
I'm sending prayers and hugs your way to you and your mom.
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I'd be furious too. What an ignorant assumption. Typical - see some cats and jump to conclusions. Of course they must be right and your mum just waffling.
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Many good thoughts are coming for you mom. Hope to hear good new from you.
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Ah, sweety, I know exactly how you feel! My allergies have been just horrendous the past week, and my mom keeps blaming the cats. Never mind that when I'm allergic to cats, its swelling throat/shortness of breath symptoms that my boys don't give me.

Well, I hope you guys find someone that will listen and not just make assumptions. Its certainly warm enough down here for the plants and flowers to be blooming like crazy, so I wouldn't doubt it for you too. Continued vibes and prayers for your mom!
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She said it was also the weather.. because it had been raining, and that seems to bother her a bit.

The paramedic had also mentioned the dogs to the DR, even though he never mentioned them to my mum before.. and my mum said, "One of them is HAIRLESS." But they didn't make the same hub bub about the dogs as they did the cats.

Yeah.. years and years ago mum had a really bad attack. Sent her to the ER one night. My grandparents came to stay with us.. I was only about 8 or 9 at that time.. and I woke up the next morning to my dog gone, and one of my cats.
But that wasn't the problem, and I lost two of my babies because of someone wild assumption.

Thanks guys.

She's doing alot better now than she was when she came home this afternoon. she says it's because she's been talking, that it helps clear it up. Sometimes it makes it worse, sometimes it's helps. Weird that way.

Anyway... thanks guys for everything.
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Leto how is your mom doing today? Sending her some prayers and vibes that she is feeling better, and that you are doing better with all of this too.
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I hope your mom continues to improve.

That's horrible that she was discharged because they assumed it was "just the cats".
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