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Congratulations, Deb - that is a huge accomplishment!
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Deb, that's wonderful news! Good job & Keep up the great work!!!
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Deb! That is awesome!
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I joined Weight Watchers last Monday with 2 of my friends. I am curious to see how much I lost this first week. I really like the flex points system, I don't feel as boxed into the diet idea. Tomorrow I'm going to the farmer's market to stock up on lots of fruits and veggies.
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I hope that weight watchers works for you.

I have lost 2 pounds since I saw the fertility specialist and that was just with cutting down my carbs and snacking. Now I just have to start exercising.
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Way to go Bren & Ady!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work! By seeing your posts, I thought I better weigh in since I haven't for almost 2 weeks.

I couldn't believe what I just saw...it can't be right, but I'm hoping it is!!!
I'm down to 176!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started at 201! So that's 25 pounds I've lost!

I can't remember the last time I weighed that...it's gotta be close to 8 or 9 years ago! I'm so happy! Just had to share!
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How's everyone else doing on their weight loss? How about that water? Honestly, I've been horrible with the water intake. I really need to cut out soda all together! I can always tell when I don't get enough water for the week...my lips start to get chapped. Now if I can only get my lips permanently away from those soda cans I'll be set! LOL!
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Shell - that is fantastic! That is an amazing job - I hope I can do the same.

I have been good on the water. I have basically cut out the pop (except for the occasional ginger ale - only 83 calories). I drink mostly water with 1 cup of tea every morning. The occasional glass of juice, but those are actually calorie laden for the most part. I picked up to handy little counter books that tell the amount of fat and calories in certain foods. It was brought out by the people who write the "Carbohydrate Addict" books.
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I'm still on Atkins, have now lost 30 pounds!!

I have 15 more to go, and really need to start toning. My pants are all too big, but I'm waiting to get more until I reach my goal. I have a wedding at the end of the month, so hope to be more toned by then. I am going to wait until very close to the wedding to get a dress, so it fits just right...

About a year ago I had given up completely and gave all of my smaller sizes to goodwill - I'm kind of wishing I hadn't now, but it will be fun to shop. I'm telling my husband that I want a shopping spree for Christmas this year!!
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Congratulations on the weight loss!

I've slowed down but am pleased to say I'm at 55 lbs. off since end of February with a new average in sight

Following CALP,
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Pat that's wonderful!!

And Shell, sorry I didn't see the post on the previous page before - way to go!!!

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OK! I had to throw my scale into my husband's trunk because I was getting a wee bit too obsessed with numbers...Now I measure and use the "Pant-o-meter" -- I have officially dropped from a size 22/24 to a size 14....

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OMG Kim that is incredible ! I think I am somewhere between a 12 and a 14 right now...all my pants are 16 and they are all too big (yippee!!)
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Originally posted by Suzy
OMG Kim that is incredible ! I think I am somewhere between a 12 and a 14 right now...all my pants are 16 and they are all too big (yippee!!)
That is fantastic, Suzy! The only problem I am having now is buying new undies and stuff like that... I didn't know what size to buy because I was so used to wearing 2x... wearing real numbers is kind-o' bizarre, LOL!!!!
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Great job Guys! Sounds like you're all doing a wonderful job!

Kim..I know what ya mean with the "Pant-o-Meter"! That's my theory too! I've always dreaded stepping on the scale & still do. My fear is that it starts to creep up! I just happened to have the courage to step on it today.
Wow...22/24 to a size 14! That's impressive Kim! So, when do we get to see some before & after shots?

Right now I'm at a size 14, but all my new pants are starting to get a bit loose. So I'm hoping I can fit into a 12 soon!

Keep it up Ladies! I bet you're looking GOOD!
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LMAO, Shell!! I really need to get BRAVE and post my before and after. I just haven't mustered up the courage yet because I think my pictures look so GROSS!!!!

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I need to join this club - i need to lose about 20 lbs
but it's so hard! i do go walking but i need to drink
more water and less Dr.Pepper
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Kim...don't make me come all the way Florida just to see those pictures! LOL! Come one please...muster up the courage!

I really think it would a great motivator for all of us to see how far you've come in your weight loss mission.

Please? Don't make me beg Kim!
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wow dropping from a 22/24 to a 14 is an incredible change...way to go!
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Originally posted by chelle
I need to join this club - i need to lose about 20 lbs
but it's so hard! i do go walking but i need to drink
more water and less Dr.Pepper
Chelle...welcome to aboard! The most important thing about weight loss is WATER! It really sucks at first, but after a few days it gets alot better. Did you know that you should be drinking up to a gallon of water a day for weight loss? Sounds crazy, huh? But it's pretty easy to do. I try to carry a water bottle every where I go & when ever I'm bored or hungry I drink some water. Plus...look at all the exercize you'll get by running to the bathroom all the time! LOL!
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Although your body gets used to that much water pretty quickly, so you will hopefully only end up running to the bathroom every 1/2 hour for a week or so..

Now if I don't drink water all day long I feel absolutely parched.
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After drinking so much water for so long, your body actually craves it. It's weird to crave water, but it's a lot better than craving sweets or soda.
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I need the toilet attached to me, I'm in the bathroom every 15 minutes it seems LOL!!!
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I know what ya mean! I swear sometime I think I should get a catheter (sp?)...less trips to the John that way! But..damn, that'd hurt!
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Well at first when thep put it on, it does, but then you don't feel anything, I know since I had one on for three days after my son was born LOL! I told the nurse I wanted to keep it LOL.
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WHOOOOOOOOOOOO! Today I thought I'd try on some jeans after I got off work. I really didn't think I'd be able to squeeze these cheeks into a size 12, but to my surprise they fit PERFECTLY! I ran outta the fitting room & grabbed one of my long time friends who was working in the Apparel Dept. I was yelling "Kari...OMG! Check this out!". She gave me a look like "what the hell are you talking about?". I told her that they were a size 12 & she told me "Shell...You suck!"...in a jokingly way though! I can't believe it...I'm actually getting skinny! I still think that I'm fat even though the scale is telling me I'm not AS fat as before. It's just the mentality that I've grown attached to for so many years. It feels wonderful & I can't wait to fit into a size 10! I'm only 6 pounds shy of my first goal, so I'm getting excited to make it to the winning goal of 150 pounds. Wish me luck..cuz I'm on route to making it!
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Way to go Shell!!!! You sexy little size 12 you!
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Thanks Heidi! Maybe once I lose a few more pounds I might feel sexy...but I'm getting there!
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WTG Shell! I am in either a 10 or a 12, as well. I have about 10 pounds to go for my final goal. It was more like 8, but my trip to NY last weekend cost me a pound and a half. It feels good to have a whole new outlook on the style of clothes I am wearing.
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