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Colby....I went to that website, I laready had it bookmarked because Daniela had given it to me also, but I can't find "Foods that keep us OP" I probably just didn't look hard enough...could you post a link for that page here?

Brenda, I would like a copy of that book, too, if that would be alright.

Colby...if you could get me one of those cardboard points calculators I sure would appreciate it!!! Thank you so much for offering! I am getting excited about this!!!!!!!
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I am reading this thread very late, lol.
You look great in the pic of you & Amber! And, you DO NOT look fat! Trust me How much do you weigh?

Wow, you look great in the pic of your road trip with Sandie & Deb. You sure dont look like you wear a size 10.

I weigh 175 and wear a size 16. I would love to wear a size 14, like I did 5 yrs. ago & weigh around 150. I get told by lots of people that they don't belive I wear a 16. I guess it depends on how you carry the weight
I've been cutting back on the soda pop lately, and on the days that I work, I dont eat ANY french fries or hamburgers!

Anyways, all of you can do it!
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What does "OP" mean?
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I'm not really sure what OP means. Thanks for the compliment, Tigger!! You asked what I weigh...I weigh 148 right now...and need to lose 23 lbs to be at 125. (which is the weight I look good at) I am only 5'2, so I definately need to lose some weight, being shorter makes me look even fatter! 2 1/2 months ago right before I had Amber, I was a whopping 180 lbs!!! So I have lost alot since then...of course it helped having the baby! :LOL:
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See, you lost almost half of it! You sure dont look like you weigh 148. Do you wear glasses? I thought you had a pic of you w/ Amber after she was born with glasses on? Anyways, I like you w/o glasses You should pull your sides up, too (on the hair, I mean, lol) ...... Try different things too........ that is what I have found helps too. You have nice long hair & I bet you can do tons of stuff with it! I have hair that goes towards the middle of my back, but it is so heavy
Like when I go to work, I wear pants, but they are form fitting, in a way ......... But I wear a shirt that goes mid-way to the zipper, and I think it makes me look thinner.I can send u a pic of what I look like, if u want
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Okay Debby & Tigger....

Debby knows how much I LOVE to guess at abbreviations so I am going to try. I think it may mean "0 Points". I looked for the Foods that Keeps Us OP also and could not find it. Now, if it does mean 0 Points, then the sentence does not sound quite right but...I may also be wrong.
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Debby, I found it. It's in the Chat section. It's one of the Threads there.
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In the chat section!!!! Okay!!! I didn't look there!!! Thanks!!!!

Good guess by the way..is that what it means then?

Tigger....That picture of me I posted a few pages back was taken on Sept. 29th, so over a month ago...I weighed more then than I do now...I have lost about 10 pounds since then. (mostly from going back to work and not sitting at home) I do wear glasses, but I wear my contacts most of the time. And I do different things with my hair...I wear my bangs curled under alot...like they are in the picture of me in my avator. They were getting pretty long in that picture of me, but I have cut them quite a bit since then, so I can either wear them curled under, or off to the side. I also pull the sides back and up alot, etc. I would LOVE to see a picture of you, by the way!!!!!
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Your hair looks cute in your avatar. Is it pulled back? I'll send a pic tomorrow ...... I have a headache & am probably gonna go watch tv in bed Do you have thick hair or is your hair thin? Does it knot up easily? My hair is so thick, lol.
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No, actually it's not pulled back there..it kinda looks like it though.....if you go to the "Super duper important threads" at the top of the lounge, and then go to the "members gallery" from there...you can see a bigger picture of that same picture, and you can see my hair better....I had it poofed up on top, too! (I need the extra height! :LOL: )
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OP = on point
here's the link~
Foods that keep us OP
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Thanks Colby! I added it to my favorites so I can check it out later!
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For the most part was was really good this weekend with my food. But yesterday was my grandmother's birthday party and their was roast beef, potatoes, fresh vegies, salad, and gravy. That was followed by my mom's home made Black Forest cake. All I will say it was a good thing the hubby and I walked too and from my mom's house for the exercise! We are about a 20 minute walk from them. Today I brought alot of fruit to work - apple, clemintine, grapes, peach, and pomergrante (sp). Chicken spaghetti for dinner with salad. I really have to be good today - so no snacking!

I have lost 2 pounds since we started this thread - Yeah! 2 down and another gazillion to go (I would be happy with 50 total).
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I did pretty good this weekend. I didn't get in my formal in-the-gym exercise, but did go dancing. I'll go to the fitness center tonight and work out for real.

I understand what you all are saying about just jumping into it, but to be honest I think I would fail doing that. Perhaps that would be a self fulfilling prophesy, but I know myself. These baby steps are great for me, and I know it will take longer than if I went in full bore. It is about changing my lifestyle to be healthier, but in manageable increments. Just my 2 cents on it. Perhaps we could modify the "goals" to "things we need to work on"? Something that everyone can still benefit from, something just to concentrate on for that week, that would work for both the baby steppers and programmers (as in being on some kind of program)?
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Happy Monday...

I think it's okay to eat leftover halloween candy on Monday mornings!

Have a great week!
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I did good today! Every month we get birthday cake for the office, and I didn't have one piece today. It's the little things in life...
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Way to go Heidi! I'm with you all the way. You know....I can always work on whatever you need to at the same time as you. That would be great for me too! So far, I am doing 'okay' going 'all the way' I'll see if I can stick to it but at the same time, I can still do one thing at a time with you.

This week, actually tomorrow morning at 6:30am to be precise, I am beginning my 1 day of cardio. I feel better so it should be okay. That is my change for the week. I'll let you all know how I fared out and most of all....if my alarm clock survives the 5:45am wake-up call I'm requesting. Yikes!

P.S. Heidi, what is this monthly birthday cake? It sounds interesting and maybe a good idea for me to incorporate at work. I already creat a Happy Birthday banner for all the monthly birthday celebrations but this sounds like fun!
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Heidi - I am with you on the baby steps thing! Hubby and I went for a walk after dinner last night around the block. Our block is just over 1 mile long so it is a good start!

Don't forget all of you couples out their that sex is great exercise *wink, wink*
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I went and worked out last night too. Went to the fitness center and spent 35 minutes on the treadmill, walked 1.3 miles. It was a little less distance than last time, but I did a cardio program that takes you up to your target heart rate, then recovery, then back up, etc. I felt like I got a better workout than when I just set the speed and went. AND I didn't snack at all last night. Yeah!

I'm glad the baby steps or progress goals is still OK with you guys. Like I said, I know going all the way into it is the best option, I just know I can't do it. I've tried. But what we are doing here is actually working for me, which is better than anything else I've tried. I know it will take longer, but I figure changing a little at a time for the rest of my life is better than going whole hog and not being able to keep up with it.

Ghys, the birthday cake thing works really well for our office. We get a cake from the local grocery store bakery that says Happy Birthday Matt, Don and Steve (or whoever has a birthday for that month). For our office of about 20 people we get a quarter sheet, which still lasts 2 days, and costs about $13.00. Much better than getting a cake for every employee, and we still get cake. I alternate flavors of the cake each month so it's not the same (not that anyone remembers...they used to get the same thing every month).

OH, one more thing! I talked at length with a friend of mine who is doing the Atkins diet, who has lost 90 pounds so far. She said that the rule of thumb for water is 1/2 of your body weight in ounces per day. So if you weigh 200 pounds, you should drink 100 ounces of water. (Just picked that number at random, the math was easy ).
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I see the 'turmoil' about jumping in w/ both feet. Let me say this:

If you jump in with both feet and fail, then you weren't really committed to begin with. I think Colby mentioned this earlier but I'll say it again. You have to want it badly enough. I'm not saying that you all don't want it, just that you CAN jump in with both feet and you CAN succeed. As long as you want it with your heart and soul. There have been so many times that I have had to choose between another helping of dinner, or knowing that I can wear my size 9 jeans and feel good. The size 9 jeans win everytime! I just have to make that decision, and I have to think first. If you want a cookie, before you just shove it in your mouth, think to yourself first if you really want it. Most of the time you will choose something healthier, as long as think first.

Well enough about that.
Hey, I 'm going to list here some of my favorite OP foods for you guys. I don't know if its available everywhere, but its a start for you guys for the next time you go grocery shopping.

Gardenburgers soy patties
Quaker mini rice cakes
Egg Beaters
Boca Burgers
Splenda for tea and coffee
I can't believe its not butter spray
Pam Spray, olive oil flavor
Molly McButter
Kashi Cereal
Quaker Oatmeal
Barbara's Puffins cereal
LF oscar meyer hot dogs
Ovaltine ( 4 TBSP is only 1 pt )
Baked Tostitos w/ salsa

Those are just a few.......I know I'll think of more. If you keep this stuff in the house then when you do want to snack at least you have healthy choices to choose from.
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From Ady:
Don't forget all of you couples out their that sex is great exercise *wink, wink*
Ady....I can't believe you said that!!:LOL: You sound soooooo much like my husband. Has he been talking to you??????

Daniela, What about the Quaker Spudz???? I really like the nacho one. I eat about 10 of them and put the bag away. I haven't checked online to see what the point value is.

Well.....I have joined WW online. For myself, I think it is the right decision. I am really ready for this life change. I have spent the past couple of weeks preparing my mind and now...I am working on both my mind and body.

I woke up early as I said I would and went to the gym. Was only able to walk for 15 minutes on the treadmill (still having difficulties catching my breath) but then I did some weights. Nothing too heavy. Just to tone the jiggly part under my arms.

In two weeks, I begin working with one of the trainers there. She will meet me every tuesday morning at 7:30am and we are going to work on different programs for me. This way....I have to go because she said she'd conme looking for em if I didn't!!! And, I am going to continue my Yoga. I just love it.

It's taking me a while but....I'm getting there.

Had a fruit smoothie for breakfast this morning. First time ever. It was sooooooo yummy! Made it with pineapple juice (unsweetened), one banana, a handful of frozen strawberries and some ice cubes. What a way to start the day!
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Happy Tuesday...

I think it's okay to eat leftover halloween candy on Tuesday mornings! (wink)
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If any of you have a trader joes store near by, they have a lot of GREAT stuff there.

I get~

Kashi TLC crackers (taste like wheat thins YUM)

chicken sausages that look like big italian sausages, they only have 90 calories and 3 grams of fat. on WW they are 2pts. A real deal

fat free black bean dip. Only 30 calories for 2 Tbsp and LOTS of fiber. another really good deal.

Heavens Bistros pizzas. a great low fat alternative.

TJ soy crisps or 'crack' as I affectionatly refer to them. They are a great alternative to chips. Satisfy that urge for 'crunch'

frozen stir fry kits for quick and low fat meals.

there are so many great things there. I urge anyone with one near by to check it out.

Ghys, I LOVE smoothies! I think the WW chocolate and vanilla ones are good. I add fruit to my vanilla ones and 1 Tbs peanut butter to the chocolate ones!

they now have 'garden variety' and 'southwestern' style eggbeaters so you don't even have to go to the trouble of adding your own veggies or seasonings!
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I really wanted a chocolate snack today. Instead, I had pretzels and Swiss Miss diet hot chocolate--0 points, and a full serving of calcium. It fills my chocolate hunger, kind of.
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Well, it's that time of the week again. Time to choose our "Thing to Work On", formerly known as "goal".

I have a couple of suggestions: smaller portions of a more balanced meal, healthy/low fat snacks, renew the water thing to really get up to 1 gallon. Any other suggestions?

I was sick yesterday, so I did real good on not eating much, but not so good on everything else. We said you get a "free" day if you're sick, right?
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I thought you must be sick, Heidi. When you're sick you should get chicken noodle soup, breakfast in bed, and a rose on your tray. Well--it would be nice, anyway.....
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Um, are we still doing this? I know we had a bit of a debate about whether to go all the way or not, but this has really helped me. Anyone else still in?
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I'm still in. I haven't posted too much because I've been bad this week-PMS and bronchitis are not good for keeping the diet or adding exercise (I cough walking around the lab). I have been snacking on dried fruits and drinking lots of water (my cough syrup really dries me out). Smaller portions sound like a good "TTWO". I plan on making spaghetti (which will last for almost two weeks) so I'll concentrate on measuring the servings instead of just filling up my Tupperware.

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I am in - for any of the suggestions. I just don't feel like eating now so I haven't posted - I try to post here when I am hungry to avoid eating. I nervous now because i have a test in an hour.
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Whew! I was hoping that the few days without any other posts was just because everyone is busy or something.

Ady - you will do good on your test. We have faith in you! We're rooting for you!

Christy, we all have bad days, weeks, etc. Being sick will do that to you, and PMS, well we all understand that. I've had a real up and down week myself. I was sick (stomach flu) Wed. & yesterday, so I pretty much ate whatever I could handle. Exercise was out of the question, so I'm planning on doing more of that this weekend and next week. I can't believe how easy it is to do bad on the water. I was in bed sick all day on Wed. and drank maybe 6 glasses of water. Right now I'm working on getting the water back up to the same level as before.
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