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Showbath pics!!

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Well, tomorrow goes to his second show. He got his bath tonight. He seemed to not be as mad about it as last time. He even did well with the blow-drying. Sofia is not being shown, but I'm taking her and gave her a bath too.

Tobie in the tub:

Action shot (I love how his fur moves like Pantene hair after a bath):

Sitting pretty, he better get used to this pose, he's getting his pro pic done tomorrow!

Sofia... she's not all the way dry, but hopefully you can see the lack of tarnish, Goldenkitty.

Look at those butterfly markings on her back/shoulderblades... do they have a name?
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My husband wants me to post this pic. He likes to show off his Big Zig... he is kinda long and lanky. My husband definitely has a favorite!:P

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They are both beautiful
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Awww All clean and pretty!
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Wow! he really is a chocolate ticked tabby or ticked lynx point. And yes the butterfly markings are great (that is what they are called)

I hope to see Toby in person one day. He almost reminds me of having some somali in him (tail and ticking).
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OK - my 2 cents on Toby's colour...

Chocolate ticked tabby!!!!

Love them both Shannon!
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That's what I said at the beginning. Chocolate ticked tabby when we were trying to figure him out. But he seems to have the stripes on the head/legs rather then the body.

Carol Barbee (ACFA judge and very good genetic person) and I agreed on his color after Godiva talked to her at the first show
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o my such cuties and well we all know I tobie but omy they are all such cuties...i am so excited that there was new Tobie photos how did I miss them before such cuties tho
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Tobie is absolutely stunning! What a gorgeous boy Of course Sofia is beatiful too, can't leave her out!
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Awww, they look absolutely stunning!
Wish them luck for me!!

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