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Radio question of the day: 02/21/07

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If you were going to be proposed to, would you want your soon to be fiance to have the ring already or would you like him to propose and then go pick out the rings together?
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i picked mine out....
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already have it, my ex took his daughter and picked out the ring all by themselves, and that meant more than getting "the perfect" ring, he got exactly what I wanted anyway!
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Ummm... I designed mine. I don't have a traditional wedding ring at all, so I don't like diamonds.
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I got my M.I.L.'s engagement ring. Then I lost it. Then I got to design a new one with our house insurance money. I got it designed for the job I was doing but now I want something that will display the diamond more
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I would want him to pick it out and surprise me..I am hoping he would know my taste
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I'd like him to pick it out. I'd prefer something simple, and I'm sure he'd choose something nice.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I would want him to pick it out and surprise me..I am hoping he would know my taste
same here
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If I cought wind that my boyfriend was going to ask me to marry him I would be all about picking out the ring only because I hate surprises! but it would be sooo darn sweet if he picked one out on his own and he came outta no where with a proposal

Dan and i did some ring shopping so he knows what I like..the rest is on him now
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Hubby had it already picked out for me.(But I showed him what I liked) He's such an attentive listener.
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Mine picked it out for me and I love it!
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HIm to pick it out.
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I let Epona choose her engagement ring- it would have been awful if she had said she would marry me but wanted to return the ring I had chosen
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I would want him to have the ring already and surprise me.
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It's up to the guy. If he would prefer to go ring shopping with me, that's fine. If he would like to surprise me, I'd trust his judgement!
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I would want him to surprise me, like Nat said, he should know my extravagant taste.
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Well what I did was after my best friend's bridal shower we went to the mall to exchange some leingerie that she didn't like. We had to go into the jewelry store with another friend who needed to make a payemnt. That friend's mother is an old friend of the jewelry store's assistant manager.

So we all got chatting and the jewelry lady gave me their bridal booklet that talked all about diamonds and I tried on some rings I liked. So we circled the ones I liked. Then I circled the one I loved the most like a few dozen times. Then I gave the booklet to DH.

About a month or so later DH proposed, with the ring I'd circled so enthusiastically! I still love it! DH did a good job picking the stones too. The jewelry lady later told me he'd refused one wrap (my ring is a solitair with a wrap) because the stones didn't match the solitair right or something like that.
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Surprise me!
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I think I would want to be surprised.

My son-in-law picked out my daughters ring, they had talked about getting married, but that was it. He went and picked out the ring and everything, then after he bought it, he lost it But then he found it.
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DH & I were on vacation with his friends who just got engaged. She kept going on and on about how HUGE her diamond was. DH said he knew what to get me and when he described the ring, it was the opposite of what I wanted. Day after we came home we went shopping for ideas. The second day we found the perfect diamond and setting. He asked me to step aside, called his dad & checked his CC balances. Next thing I knew he made a down payment. Of course I slapped him for doing it in front of me. LoL
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My Dh and I looked at rings before he asked, but I just said a few styles that I liked and then he picked from would have been a surprise, but 3 days before he planned on proposing, his mother phoned and asked "Did he pop the question yet?"
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I would prefer if he picked it... by then I hope he would know my tastes and my ethical concerns regarding diamonds and pick something appropriate.
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I would want him to pick out the perfect ring - the one he spends time and effort looking for- the one that he truely wants to give me from his heart and then suprise me with it. I'm really traditional- so for me, i would like that (he already knows i hate yellow gold and i'm allergic to some silvers- so he knows if he gets me anything it has to be white gold- so the rest is up to him if and when he ever pops the question.
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If anyone proposed and was serious never mind the ring call an ambulance because I just fainted!

On a serious note...if I did get engaged and or married I would like to choose my ring because it would have to be something different and really special.
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Well, I think my DH might get mad if someone else was going to propose!! Me and DH actually didn't get the ring until after we were married... so I don't know what I would like. (p.s. got a great deal by waiting until valentines that year and got it 60% off!!)
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We went last summer and picked out rings- he knows exactly what I want. He's got really good taste in jewlery- so he knows what to get
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly View Post
Me and DH actually didn't get the ring until after we were married
Same here, took me a while to pick a set out.
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