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What does this sound like to you (kid ?)

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Ok so the school called me yesterday to pick my mind son up from school. He is 5 yrs old. He had a low grade fever 100.3 and was complaining of very bad stomach cramps. Come to think of it he had them that previous night but I thought it was just gas. Anyways I get to the school and he was sound asleep on the cot. So I get him home and he was in so much pain. He could not lay in one place. Kicking crying everything. So I made a appt for his doctor for that day (1 1/2 hrs after we got home was the appt time). Get there he had no fever, throat was not red or swollen, and ears look fine, still tired acting, and still in pain. Doctor goes to tapping on his tummy and he said there was a lot of air in there. But that was it. Sent us home with liquid Zantac and another medicine for the cramps.

Today he is still in a lot of pain even though he still taking Zantac 3 times a day. And he has one swollen lymph node (left side) and poops are fine. Also no vomitting.

I already see a trip back to the doctors tomorrow. I can not handle seeing him in so much pain. And bless his heart he has been through a lot and now has to deal with this.

Anyone have any ideas.
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I have no idea but I hope he feels better soon.
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Did the doctor check his appendix?

If it is gas only, this sounds weird, but have him squat, bend over, lie down and bring his knees to his chin, etc. different positions to help get the gas out.

I'm glad you are going back tomorrow, sending good thoughts to you and your little guy.

Cheers, from
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I hope he is feeling better soon.
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I know there are alot of stomach bugs and things going around right now. Hopefull that's all that it is. Poor little guy, I hope he gets well soon
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When it gets real bad he does crawl into the fetal position but I am guessing he is in to much pain to stay that way. When we were there yesterday they tapped on his belly and pushed on it but he didn't wench away in pain or make any kind of odd face. At first I thought maybe it was a stomach bug or something but after 24 hrs (on the low side) he is not vomiting or having diarrhea. Then I thought maybe constipated but he did that just fine a bit ago and he is still in pain.
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That sounds miserable...poor little guy!

Don't have any clue as to what that could be...
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I was thinking apendix too... or possibly an ulser? (I wouldn't think so at his age) I would want a second opinion from another doctor.
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Originally Posted by Sibohan2005 View Post
I was thinking apendix too... or possibly an ulser? (I wouldn't think so at his age) I would want a second opinion from another doctor.
I did think about ulcers but after talking with the hubby I don't think thats it. He has ulcers and said he has never had those type symptoms.
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In any case, I sure hope he feels better soon. There's nothing worse than knowing your little one is hurting!
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Prayers coming that way for health!! Poor little guy.
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Right now he is rolling around the floor hurting. I so do not know what to do right now. I feel so bad for him. He had a dose of ZanTac an hour ago and still in pain. Just gave him a dose of the other medicine. Should I call the after hour number?
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If he's in that much pain, I would!!!
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I would call the after hours number at least to talk to somone and let them hear how much pain he is in
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Hrmmmm, sounds a lot like irritable bowel to me ... talk to your pediatrician about introducing a bland diet to reduce the symptoms ... I would want to see if it isn't some sensitivity to a recently ingested food.
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Ok so I called and all he said I can do for tonight is give him a TUMS because that will dissolve the acid or something. That all the ZanTac does is stop any acids from producing. He said for tonight this is all I can do. And I told him if when he wakes feeling like he does right now except a a visit from me the moment his doors open. Something just does not jive with me over this. If this was a bug I would certainly assume the vomiting or diarrhea would have started by now. Its been over 24 hrs since this started. Plus he has no fever at all just lots of pain. Which does seem to come and go but on part is frequent and long and painful.
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I don't know what to tell you.....Try to get him comfortable for the night, maybe as she said the TUMS will aleviate the gas and he'll be fine in the morning. I certainly hope so. <<<Little guy feel better VIBES>>>
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Just hold him for a little while, sometimes little ones just feel a little better with their mama holding them. At least maybe then he can go to sleep for the night.

I hope he is feeling better soon.
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You said his poops are normal.But, is he going as much as he normally does? Maybe he is a bit constipated?
Try wrapping him up in a warm blanket like you do an infant and hopefully that will ease some of the pain.Or a heating pad.
Maybe give him some Tylenol for pain.
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How is your son????
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I hope your lil' one is better today.

When our kids were young like that, I'd always keep some chamomile tea to give them. Now I know I've been recommending it here lately and it didn't help Nikki...but what she has is something else The chamomile (or manzanilla as we call it en espanol) reeeeally helps to soothe hurty tummies. Heck, my hubby still takes it whenever his digestive system is giving him troubles...and it really helps. Celestial Seasoning's Sleepy Time is wonderful cuz it has all sorts of good stuff like (goes to get the box from her pantry):

Ingredients: Chamomile, spearmint, lemon grass, tilia flowers, blackberry leaves, orange blossoms, hawthorn berries & rosebuds.

Not only does this help hurty tummies feel better but it also helps you sleep well. I know it won't ''heal'' whatever is wrong but at least it might make your lil' one a bit more comfortable...helps with hurty gas too.

Hoping he's feeling much better today...
Hilda >^..^<
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That gives me an Idea Fennel Teagets rid of gas - that is what I drink when I get gassy, It really helps and tastes like liquorish..
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Personally, I my child was in that much pain, we would be at the Urgent Care or the emergency room.
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If it's still happening, I probably would take him in to urgent care of the's just been going on too long without any "by-products" (diarrhea, vomit)...

Good luck, and I hope he feels better soon!
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He went back to the doctor today. We are still in the inknown of whats causing this. He takes growth hormone shots so there is a chance it could be a reaction to that, so no meds for 2 weeks. It could be his kidney's because there is a close family of kidney issues. So we are getting an U.S. done to check them. Plus they have added another medicine to help with the pain. So we are working to figure out the issue.
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Hope the little guy gets better soon. Its no fun to have a hurting tummy.

{{sending get well vibes from the girls and me}}
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