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Tavia is my only cat and she is a girl. And when I was trying to click vote now she stepped on the keyboard and it said you have already voted strange thing is this is my first time seeing this thread.
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2 girls.

Strangely enough I've never had a boy kitty. I tend to take in strays mostly and every stray that I've taken in has been female. The 2 that I adopted from people (1 from a strawberry farm and one from my friend's daughter, were co-incidentally both girls too).
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I used to have one of each but I took in a stray boy in November and since no one has claimed him, I'm going to keep him. So now my count is 2 boys and a girl.
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Just my big handsome boy here!
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We have 4 girls and 4 boys
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one very handsome tabby boy here!
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oh boy lol...I have 13 boys and 9 girls. My first 6 cats were boys then started getting a mix but I like boys better anyway so worked out.
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I have 2 females and 4 males. And 3 males outside right now.
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I have 2 boys and 1 girl.
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2 pretty kitty boys here. they are my first cats ever and it seems like I have had them my whole life. I hope to have a girl cat someday, though.
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All boys here. Even the dog, bird and kids are male.. I'm TOTALLY out numbered
Testosterone is VERY thick in this house
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3 girls and 1 boy!
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I have 3 girls, although strangely enough I intended to get a boy all three times! Delilah and Midget just stole our hearts away from the boys at the shelter, and I was actually told that Blue WAS a boy when we took her in - she was 6-7 weeks old and I wasn't sure by looking. The vet set me straight!
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Two boys, here. We wanted a boy and a girl (so we could be uber-geeks and name them Spike and Drucilla, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), but Spike and Oz chose us and I'm glad they're the kitties we have.
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I cant remember if I posted on this one or not so Im going to now.

I currently have 4 girls and 3 boys.
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1 boy Ansel with behaviorial problems (marking territory)...hence the nickname Mr. P***y Pants.
2 girls Zan & Bella.
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Three boys in my house (well, five if you count the two human boys).
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1st cat, semi feral we took in, is LuckyGirl....a girl.
2nd kitten, an unspayed female housecat got out & got pregnant in our neighborhood and I took one of the kittens, that's Louie D-Boy....a boy.
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There's no section for more then 10!!!!

7 Boys - Stevie, Dumdum, Tuah, Mocha, Grandpa, Lou and Suria
6 Girls - Reecie, TamTam, Dodo, Milo, Bintang and Bulan

If you do a boy/girl/boy/girl until you get to Grandpa & Lou, then the 3 last came together!
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I cant vote because I already did but we went in and with the help of this site and others we went into the ladys house looking at personalitys and such and no preference for gender...funny thing is we ended up with 2 females lol a russian blue I wanna say mix and a purebreed siamese that she just got yesterday!!!! And the male kittens we didnt get to see their personality because they got nuetered today so it was a hard decision adn we were thinking bout 4 different ones we decided right away on the siamese (I fell in love and so my mom said ok) and we went for one and well dad doesnt kno yet but another ones coming so now we have a total of 4 females and 2 males including willie !!!! We got a houseful now...and we are talking my grandma into getting another one there was this gorgeous tabby and she was soo friendly and here the lady already brought blue when we werent decided and so my mom spent some time with her at the clinic and thats all it im trying to get gram to adopt "tabby" !!!! My grandma has a female and a male and my brother has 2 males and 1 female!
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All my kitties are girls. There was this one neighborhood cat that we fed. He is a boy, but for some odd reason my sister named him chloe even thoguh my neighbors and I called him wolf. He was huge and furry like one.
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I have one girl, and will soon have a second girl. I have a thing with female animals, I really dont like male

My two dogs are girls, my cockatiel (rip) was a girl and Ceci is a girl. I believe i've only had one male dog before, and he was a cockapoo.
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