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LDG, I read your idea about the donation. I think its a good idea, but some of our members may feel more financially comfortable if they aren't obligated to make a donation. So lets go ahead and make that optional for those who participate. I think a donation is a great thought though, and I for one will do it. Anyone else have any thoughts on this ??
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I've sent a PM with my address. Please count me in!
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I think a donation to the local animal shelter would be great!!!
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As of 9/15/02 this is who I have signed up:

Jin & Spawn
Whiskers' Mom
Whisky's Dad

2 weeks left to sign up guys and gals!!!!!! Keep the PM's coming.
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So would the rules of the "game" then be that if a donation is made on behalf of our secret-Santa-receiver, a note or something in the card says to what organization, but we're not allowed to say how much was donated? That might be the best idea.
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Yes, I think what LDG had in mind ( correct me if I am wrong LDG ) was that you make a donation, and in your card put the name of what you donated to, but not necessarily the amount.

Of course, you can just put the momento in if you can't afford a donation. Or at the least, just send a card along. No pressure here from anyone, its the thought that counts.
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Exactly! As I understand what all the suggestions glom into, it would work like this????

The Secret Holiday Exchange is a card, from anonymous (?), store bought or homemade, sent to the person who gets assigned to us by Daniela.

Optional Are:

A memento-type present, like a bookmark or other small envelope-sized inexpensive item included in card;

AND/OR, also optional, a donation made to giver's local shelter in the name of the card recipient, no amount indicated in "gift-card", but the name of Shelter/Rescue Org or whatever, or its business card, would be included in the Holiday card.

Sound about right?
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That sounds perfect! Everyone else understand and are in agreement??

Also, other than the initial rush to sign up, I only have about 13 people so far signed up. C'mon guys and gals, this is an inexpensive and fun way to have a "hands on" exchange. Sign on up!!!!!!!!!!!! We only have a couple of weeks till I have to close it and start assigning people!!

Let the PM's come!!!!!!!!!
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Sounds like we love the idea, but how do we sign up? Is there anything I can do to help?

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To sign up, just PM Dtolle with your address in the PM and let her know you want to participate. At the bottom of any of her posts is a little button, "pm", next to "profile" (second from the left). Just click the button and write your message like any other post.

I think this is a great idea for a Christmas Exchange, especially for those of us who are financially challeged right now. I already have an idea in mind for something to include, just have to get the stuff to make it.

Daniela, I know in the past Anne has been included for everyone to show their appreciation for starting this wonderful site. Is this the plan for this exchange as well? (I need to know how many gifts to make.)
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Dtolle; Count me in. . . .

I like the card idea

PM with new address is on the way.

I have to start nesxt month making catnip meeces. .. ..Sent out over 75 last year. Better make 100 for starters this year.

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I'm in! PM is on it's way. Is it ok for those not in the USA to participate?
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It HAS to be - right? Daniela will probably try to match up people within the same country to be Secret Santas/Holiday Card givers, but I'm volunteering to send something out of the USA. :tounge2:
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Its open to all...whether you are in the US or not. Although if you'd prefer to have someone "non US" assigned to you just let me know.

As far as Anne, obviously I'd love to include her. As of right now she hasn't officially signed up to be in the list, but if she gives me her address then I can give it to anyone who would like to send her an additional card. Each person will have one person they have to send to, but I think for those of you who would like to thank anne and send her one too that would be fine!

I'll check in the moderators lounge to be sure that will work and post back here later.
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There has been some confusion as to the push for the Secret Santa sign up. For those of you who already know, under the important threads at the top is a link directly to this thread. We aren't starting another "sign up" thread or anything else. I know some are concerned that the thread will get lost and people won't sign up, or that people who visit other boards like health and nutrition won't see it.

As of right now, this thread is the only sign up one, and a PM is necessary. That is where I'll make my list from.

I appreciate everone's concern and willingness to help me, but this is a one person job if you know what I mean. I'm getting bombarded with PM's addressing question as well as to the process for the card mailing....please post here in this thread instead of PM'ing so everyone can read the answers!!

Thanks to all who have signed up so far!!
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This is such a great idea.

I am so excited!!
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I've been getting PM's asking "how" you will be paired up.

I'm actually not going to pair anyone up, because then you'll know who is mailing to you. The idea of Secret Santa is that you are to be surprised when you get your card in the mail.

So when I notify you, I will send you the persons name and address who you are to mail to, but I won't tell you who got you. This also works well because I don't need to have an even number of people participating, it can be any number and nobody will have to take 2.

I am already compiling my list, and I'll be ready to forward your person on the 1st of October.

Thanks again.
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So what happens to us Aussies????? do we get to do it to???? I love this idea.
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Absolutely!! Anyone can join in! So send me a PM w/ your address and full name and I'll add you to the ever growing list!
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Here's a thought, since we certainly do want our non-Americans to be included in this, too. It would probably only cost a couple bucks to send a card overseas, so it won't be too taxing on the wallet. But to make it easier on Daniela, just let her know if you do NOT want to send overseas. Less for her to keep track of that way. Soes that sound OK?
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I would like to join in too! Am I right in assuming Holiday is what I know as Christmas?

I live in Nottingham, UK and would love to receive a bookmark from the States, Australia, Israel or wherever!


PM on the way
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You are correct Diana. Here in the US, we (meaning the public sentiment in general) are so concerned about not offending anyone who may not celebrate Christmas, that we just refer to it as the Holiday Season so it can mean Yule, Hannakuh, Kwaanza, etc. Of course, that would be confusing to other countries where you refer to holidays as time off work and vacations. Ah, the joys of semantics.
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I use the term "Holiday" card because I'm jewish. I don't mind getting Christmas cards per se, it's the spirit of the season that's important to me.

In the 9/11 "discussions," there was a big tendency to assume that a prayer at a memorial implied Christian. There is a tendency in the "Western" world to be Christian-centric, but not only Christians celebrate holidays with gifts and cards, and not only Christians pray! But it IS called a "Secret Santa", this process, so I guess Santa will be delivering to all, regardless of race or creed!

O.K. Getting off my soapbox now....
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This is a holiday card exchange. Not aimed for any particular religion.
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Daniela, see what you got yourself into? Just kidding!
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LOL Debby. Yep, its getting hectic, but thats ok. I can handle it, and I know in the end everyone will be so happy to get their Secret Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Count me in. It sounds like fun.
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Count me in, too!
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Daniela, this might be too hard but would it be possible for you to make sure that those of us not in the USA don't get someone in our own country? That way, people can receive a card from a 'land far away'.
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Damn *rips up card she got for Tania*
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