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Taylor has been diagnosed with a weak esophagus and milk and possibly soy allergies. The flap to the windpipe does not close as fast as necessary, and if he cannot hold down his food-for whatever reason, he aspirates the fluid. That's why he couldn't breathe. His parents will be trained in CPR, and he will be put on a sleep apnea monitor, which will awaken them if he stops breathing. He will be in the hospital until the doctors are sure they have covered all the bases. I fear this will be an on-going problem. Please remember him in your prayers. Thank all of you for your care.
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Keeping little Taylor in our prayers. It does sound like it's going to be work for all, but love will see this through! We know someone a duodenum that doesn't work. They were able to correct that problem with surgery. It sounds like something that might fix itself as he grows, or once he's larger surgery might be an option. Either way, he's a special little guy with lots of people who love him and many people praying for him! :tounge2:
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Jeanie with people around the world praying for him, he just has to be alright!
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I'm sorry to hear that little Taylor isn't doing good again. I will say a prayer for him that he recovers soon.
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Your prayers and kindness are really appreciated. Thank you so much.
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Continued prayers....keep us posted.
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Jeanie: I'm so sorry to hear that Taylor has had a relapse... sending prayers your way and extra ones for you and your family to give you the stamina to deal with all the stress!
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I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Maybe with a diagnosis, the doctors will be able to help Taylor get better soon.
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Since Taylor has been diagnosed and his parents have had a bit of training in CPR, the baby is being sent home with the Apnea Monitor, and his parents are supposed to take the full course in CPR. The doctor said it will probably happen again, but they will have the training to deal with it and save his life. It's not very reassuring, but he can't stay in the hospital until he grows out of it, if he does, or until he gets surgery if he doesn't. It's frightening, but the hospital can't justify keeping him now that the test results are back. I thank all of you for your prayers and your kindness. It's been a rough time, and most of the people at the Site have been so supportive and kind. Believe me, I appreciate it, and so do his parents. We won't forget! Remember him in your prayers, please.
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I'm so glad he is going home. I'm sure your son and daughter-in-law must be scared to bring him home, but it will feel good to be able to hold him and cuddle him in their own home.

My thoughts continue to be with you, Taylor, and your family.
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I'm so glad to hear he is going home. I hope he recovers fully, and grows up to be a happy and healthy little boy!!

By the way, my nephew had an apnea monitor. It was always kind of alarming ( no pun intended ) when it rang out, but it turned out to save his life!! Modern technology is great, ain't it??
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Jeanie, sending love and good thoughts to you Taylor and his mum and dad. Although it will be scary for them the first few times he has an episode, it's great that Taylor will be going home. One piece of advice for you, make sure you're up-to-date on your CPR in case he or his parents ever need you to help him. You can even do special courses designed to deal with small babies.
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Jeanie, I'm sooooo sorry I missed out on the news of little Taylor's relapse. My email notification isn't working and I thought Taylor was doing well. It's really sad that such a tiny baby has to go through so much, and I know that it has to be extemely hard on you and his parents. I am glad Taylor will be going home again, and I will continue to pray for his full recovery.
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I'm so glad to hear he is going home! He will continue to be in my prayers! Keep us posted!
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