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Please send vibes for Rambo...

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I just dropped my baby off at the vet for observations. I was away all day yesterday and when i got home there was signs that Rambo had been sick all over the house. He is vomitting up bright yellow (bile?) liquid and isn't eating. I'm so worried right now, and on top of that my contract at work is up this friday with no signs of extension (so I don't know how I'll pay if it is something serious).

Please pray for my baby.
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Ooo, poor Rambo! I'll keep him in my thoughts today and send out vibes that he'll be ok!
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lots of vibes for you and Rambo! I hope he is ok
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Poor Rambo. Sending lots of vibes for both of you.
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You and Rambo will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Thank you everyone. This waiting is nerve-wracking. I'm trying to figure out what he could have possible gotten into that made him this sick. It's driving me nuts.

I have great faith in TCS vibes and prays...they are a great comfort to me right now.
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Of course I will pray!
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Poor Rambo! Sending lots of good vibes his way.
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Oh Rambo....
what did you get into?
Lots of vibes on the way that your boy will recover quickly because whatever it was got out of his system fast.
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Oh, poor sweet Rambo! What did you get into? I hope you're feeling much better real soon. Lotsa vibes and prayers on their way!
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I hope your baby is ok.
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Good luck for him. It is so worrying when they are sick.
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You and your sweet boy are in my thoughts and prayers
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Update: Just talked to the vet and she's not sure what is going on with him. Of course he hasn't vomited since getting to the vet (he's actually purring at all the vet techs too! my little romeo!). He won't eat for them, but his blood tests show normal liver values. She figures he must have eaten something...but I can't figure out for the life of me what! She's going to try to give him something for the nausea, and to relax his imflammed tummy. Then she's going to try and peak his appetite. He's going on about 30 hours without eating now.

Thanks for the vibes everyone....the stress is really wearing me out.
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Poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon!
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Oh NO! Poor little man I hope he gets his appetite back and it turns out that he's ok!!! I'll be thinking of you guys for sure!!
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Oh poor Rambo! Sending tons of {{{vibes}}}
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Oh dear God. You get hungry real quick headbuts and eat, eat, eat licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Update: Just talked to the vet tech and after giving him the anti-nausea and the other meds, they were able to get him to eat about 15 minutes ago. He only ate about 1/4 of a can of wet...but it's a start.

I should be ecstatic but I can't help wondering still what the heck started all of this....and if I don't know what caused it, how do I prevent it next time.

Here's hoping he keeps that food down, they are going to offer him a bit more in about an hour, and then I will find out before I leave work if I get to go and get him or not.

Thank you for the prayers and vibes! Hopefully they will only be needed for a little while longer!
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Thats wonderful he ate something..........I will continue to keep you both in my thoughts and prayers!
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The vibes are continuing for sweet Rambo.
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I hope your sweet boy continues to improve.
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Sending Get Well Soon vibes to little Rambo ... hopefully he will continue to improve and can come home with you soon!
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Originally Posted by gayef View Post
Sending Get Well Soon vibes to little Rambo ... hopefully he will continue to improve and can come home with you soon!
& that's coming from another who's worrying over a furbaby i'm also praying for you & Rambo.
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Hope Rambo is feeling better and at home again soon! Poor guy!

Could it be a hairball? One time Prego had a hairball and threw it up, but then kept throwing up bile again and again. My vet did x-rays and couldn't find anything, so they gave him pepcid and special stomach food, and he was fine. My vet said the hairball must've irritated his tummy.
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Any updates? I hope sweet Rambo is doing better!
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Update: I picked Rambo up at the vet. He kept all his food down at the vet no problem...acting like he was feeling fine there. I brought him home, gave him some medication to relax his tummy, waited the 30 minutes and fed him again a bit. I went out for dinner, came back and he had vomited at least twice more. She doesn't think it's a hairball, she also doesn't think he's obstructed, but he's inflammed his intestine enough that he's vomiting bile. I'll have to call the vet again in the morning. He's now following me around wanting to snuggle. I think his tummy is hurting him alot.

If I could beg for the vibes to continue...my poor sensitive baby.
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Awwwww poor Baby I will continue to keep that sweetpea in my thoughts and prayers. Many vibes headed to you .........
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what is the matter little one?
More vibes are on the way.
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Thanks everyone. I just got the mess cleaned up (found 5 separate messes from him). I gave him some valium to relax him so he would get some rest and we'll try again with some bland food tomorrow. I think I may try feeding him his wet separately tomorrow, and in small amounts and see what happens. I'm going to put some electrolytes in their water too...i'm worried he'll get dehydrated.

I'm not sure what else to do....any ideas anyone?
Any thoughts on getting bile out of white carpet either??
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